A number of items have transpired since our last meeting that are of significant importance to the Regional Board. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with the Board and the public the direction the Board is taking in relation to these items.


Item #1: Cusack/Cornwallis/Lakevale Schools:

Senior Management, in consultation with school administration of Cusack-Cornwallis - Lakevale, have agreed on a consolidation of the complex to better serve the children from that catchment area. It was agreed to have the school administration meet with the School Advisory Council and following that meeting, a public meeting was to be planned for the parents of Cusack, Cornwallis and Lakevale. The initial consideration is the closure of the Lakevale site while reconfiguring the grades for the students attending Cusack and Cornwallis. The most desirable configuration would be the Grades 4 - 6's at Cusack and the Grades P - 3's at Cornwallis. The meeting with the School Advisory Committee from the Lakevale, Cusack, Cornwallis Complex was positive, while the meeting with the public had raised a number of questions. The board administration will have another meeting with the School Advisory Council in order to address these questions. Further consultation with the parents will determine the impact and implications on these recommendations before a final decision is made.


Item #2: The New Sydney Elementary School:

The new Sydney Elementary School which was slated for September, 2003 is now on track for September, 2004. The Department of Education was successful in receiving the permission from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to start demolition of the old Colby School. As you are aware, the Colby children have been transferred to the former St. Anthony Daniel School. The children and the staff will remain there until the new Sydney Elementary is completed. The negotiations between the Department of Education and the Parish Council of St. Joseph’s have not been completed at this point in time. Our hope is that the negotiations will be successful and that the closure of Cabot Street would be finalized and the land acquired for our soccer field would allow us to have the comparative amenities that the rest of newly built schools in Nova Scotia enjoy.


Item #3: MacDonald Complex:

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has completed its report on the future of the MacDonald Complex in Dominion. The Board, after consultation with the Dominion Steering Committee, filed its report with the Hon. Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Education. The major concerns that the Board brought forward was the immediate enrichment of the Dominion Elementary School (P - 6) and the recommendation that a P - 9 building be built in Dominion which would contain all the amenities that the children enjoyed at the MacDonald Complex. It was comforting for the Board to see that the Dominion Steering Committee has thrown its support behind the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board for a P - 9 structure. We met with the Minister of Education to receive his reply to our requests. We invited the Dominion Steering Committee to the board meeting to hear first hand the Minister’s reply. While we were unsuccessful in getting emergency money for a new school, we did get a promise from the Department of Education that they would agree to receive a proposal from the Board on its next list of priorities. They also agreed to refurbish the existing MacDonald Elementary School and to consider funding some of the transportation costs. Lastly, the Department of Education indicated that the demolition of the Grades 7 - 12 Complex would be targeted for the immediate future. Dates and tenders will be made public as soon as they are received by the Board.


Item #4: Testing & Accountability:

Standardized tests are a part of every child’s school experience. They include intelligence, achievement, and interest tests of many types. The public disclosure law ensures that a student and his or her parents have access to the student’s test results. When interpreted correctly, these results can help educators, the parents, and the students to assess more accurately the student’s academic progress and areas of weakness.

Standardized tests are helpful tools, but they are by no means the final word on what a student will achieve. Scores indicate present performance, not future capability. Also, test results must be considered in conjunction with other factors, such as teachers’ observations and the student’s in-class performance, to be meaningful. We must remember that certain gifts, such as creativity, artistic, musical, or athletic aptitude, are not measured by these tests at all. Therefore, standardized test scores should never be used to dictate what a student can or can’t do with his or her life.

While an infinite variety of tests are used in schools, most are of three types: intelligence, achievement and special interest. The intelligence test simply tries to provide an estimate of how able a student is to do school work. It is largely

based upon the ability to read or, at least, to demonstrate a good vocabulary. It’s usually given to individual students for diagnostic purposes. This is why educators are reluctant to pass out “IQ” scores based upon this test. The “IQ” is merely an arbitrary score worked out for the test. Most students average around the 100 mark, although an individual’s score will vary each time he or she takes the test.

The achievement test measures school performance. Like the intelligence test, it’s dependent upon reading. However, it covers broad skills and general knowledge which are common in schools across the country. Scores are usually translated into grade levels of percentiles, which simply means that most children who take the test are expected to perform at or near their grade level, or at the 50th percentile. These tests can be very helpful for teachers in diagnosing the needs of both individuals and groups. If the test shows that a skill is below grade level, it may mean that some remedial teaching should

take place, the student should work harder, or both.

 Special interest tests suggest areas of current interest and aptitude. They can be useful in counseling individual students about career choices. However, they do not measure motivation or future interests.

Standardized tests are improved constantly. Nevertheless, none of these tests are completely accurate. Testmakers state this clearly in their instructions. Of course, the fact that thousands of children take such tests and score at certain levels does provide a standard against which teachers can measure student progress - and refine school programs accordingly. Though standardized tests cannot honestly be used as the sole standard for evaluating either students or teachers, they can be important educational tools - if teachers and parents understand the benefits and limitations of their use.


More and more emphasis is placed on “accountability reports” that are supposed to inform the public about how schools are performing. The quality of these reports varies greatly. We have the Department of Education report card on education in Nova Scotia, we have reports on ranking of schools by AIMS, we have the regular testing for N.S. Tests for Grade X11, we have the Grade V & V1 program assessment tests, Math and Language Arts, we have the piloting of accreditation for schools and we have the ongoing teacher testing strategies for students in our schools. Many accountability systems rely heavily on the results of some form of standardized tests. From the public’s perspective, these systems may be putting too much weight on test scores. I agree that a single score makes no sense if it is the only criteria as the main measure to hold schools accountable. The report card on Atlantic Canadian High Schools released Wednesday, March 5th, by the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies (AIMS), was supported by single standardized tests for Grade 1X and Grades X11 students who were not from the same cohort. We do welcome arms-length agencies who can perform reliable reporting mechanism but we insist that the research methodology and the relevant information is accurate.


Item #5: Learning for Life - Planning for Student Success:

The Minister’s document presents specific actions to address particular issues.

I have been dealing with these issues over the past number of months. The focus of my report tonight will deal with safe schools, healthy students. The Department of Education has projected 177 million dollars to build and renovate schools over the next two years. The Department of Education indicates that it will continue to invest in new school construction and major renovations. Over the span of six years, a number of schools and over a hundred renovation projects have been and will be completed. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board have received seven (7) new schools and numerous renovation projects over the past six years. According to the report, students deserve to feel safe, and be safe, when they go to school. That means having clean schools that are in good repair. It also means feeling safe in schools that provide a respectful, caring environment, with a code of conduct that sets clear standards for expected behavior and the consequences for misbehavior. In 2001, a provincial code of conduct was introduced based on the principles that will establish for teachers, students and support staff a code of conduct which will promote mutual respect, responsibility and discipline. We are fortunate to have Marvin Harvey, our Co-ordinator of Operations, on the provincial committee and are very pleased that Mr. Harvey has completed most of the inservicing with our schools. I feel we are well ahead of any other Board in respect to the implementation of the guidelines for the provincial Code of Conduct.

Further to these initiatives, we will be introducing a third document, “Meeting Behavioral Challenges” - Creating Safe & Caring Learning Environments, an A.P.E.F. professional development resource for teachers. Lastly, we have introduced, through the program’s division, the booklet, “Brighter Futures” authored by the Island Community Society. Our commitment to a safe learning environment has always been founded on the interventions and support by school-based data and with parental involvement.

I am attaching a report of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board that was forwarded to the Minister of Education re the MacDonald Complex - “Report to the Minister of Education on the Options for Educational Services for the Children of the MacDonald Complex”. [Appendix “A”]


Again, I direct your attention to the attachments that are part of my report. School awards and celebrations are always a delight to read. [Appendix “B”]



Appendix "B":   SCHOOL REPORTS



Baddeck Academy:


Baddeck Academy has been really busy since the last time we checked in with you. The two days prior to March break saw our Junior and Senior High students involved with their Winter Carnival while Elementary
students were enjoying winter activities of their own. In recent years the last school day before March break has been informally named by students net working across the country as "National Skip Day." We are proud to report over eighty percent of our students opted to attend instead of deciding to skip.

Over the past three and a half months, students and staff have organized and hosted four significant sports tournaments including three N.S.S.A.F. Provincial Championship Tournaments in Volleyball, basketball and Hockey. Three student athletes from Baddeck Academy: Tyler Germani, Josh McNeil and Grace Mac Intyre have recently returned from competing in the Canada games. Our grade two class have begun the process of hatching baby chicks in their incubators, while next door in grade three seven hundred trout eggs are being cared for by the class.

On March 28th the Elementary section of our school will be hosting Mr. Jim Dalling and the Singin' Fish Theatricals production of the great Recycling Circus. This production focuses on Environmental Concerns
along with the need for and positive results of recycling. Also in the Elementary area final details are being completed for the workshop on Bullying scheduled on Friday,April 11th.

Rehearsals are now underway for our annual Spring musical: ThePhantom of the Opera. During the week of May 4th, grade 9 students will travel to Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa-for our annual educational tour.

School Events and Activities

Sept. 2002 Comprehensive Guidance Committee Formed following student Need Assessment. Career Education and Drugs & Alcohol Issues top two priorities. UCCB Business Stimulation Teams (students per team) formed for Baddeck Academy and Rankin Memorial.

Students trained in marketing a product, setting weekly prices, hiring & releasing employees, establishing a budget, competing with other companies from other high schools across Cape Breton. Program lasted
11 weeks (Sept.-Nov.). Two Saturdays at UCCB and weekly meetings in the high schools required.

Peer Mediation Training (all grade6's at Baddeck Academy & MiddleRiver Elementary, grades 5 & 6's at Rankin) one full day of training held at Baddeck. Students learned skills in effective listening,
non-judgemental thinking, problem solving for solutions. Follow-up training held in individual classrooms.

Oct. 7,2002. University/College Visitation Program. Representatives from 30 Atlantic Province institutions of higher learning, students from Rankin (grades 9-12) and from Baddeck attended. Invitations sent to
parents. Students gained valuable knowledge of program offerings, criteria for acceptance, scholarship opportunities, possible part-time work, career direction.

Nov. 7, 2002. Take Your Kids To Work: All grades 9's from Baddeck Academy participated.

Peer Academic Tutor Program. Baddeck Academy consists of 5 grade 12 students and one grade 9 student. Providing ongoing volunteer academic help at noon hours and after school. Requests received from
parents, teachers, students and self-referrals. Meetings held in guidance office to preview progress with individual students, meetings with junior high teachers and peer tutors facilitated by guidance counselor.

Youth Advisory Tobacco Committee: Cape Breton District Health Authority. Two students from Baddeck Academy placed on the Committee. Meetings take place in Sydney. Next meeting is Thursday March 27, 6:00pm.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. One Baddeck Academy student going for gold achievement recognition.

Terry Fox Encounters With Canada Student Leadership Program: five students from Baddeck attended this year.

November, 2003 Youth Health and Adolescent Issues Conference: Organized by Baddeck Academy Comprehensive Guidance Student Committee, 23 presenters including keynote presenters Mr. Marvin
Harvey, Cape Breton's very first Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Group. Attended by Rankin, Baddeck, and Waycobah students.

Self Directed Search Interest Inventory completed by all grade 12's. This inventory assists all students with their career exploratory behavior, building knowledge of occupations and post-secondary program awareness. Multi-Dimensional Aptitude battery completed on 40% of grade 12's Rankin and Baddeck. This instrument links abilities and aptitudes to various occupational fields.

Shad Valley: Two Baddeck students have been accepted. One student Alex McGrath ranked in the top of the selections and is being considered for scholarship. The Shad programs are held at 10 different Canadian University campuses and one United Kingdom (England) campus. Students study for 4 weeks in Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to work for a sponsorship employer for 4 weeks. Groups of students in grade 12 have participated in school led Community College and University campus (Strait Campus, Marconi Campus, UCCB, St. F.X.U.) visits.

Resume writing and cover Letter sessions held.

Dec.6,2002. Dating Abuse, Violence in Relationship Workshop held at Rankin Memorial. 5 grade 12 females(10 from Rankin, 5 from Baddeck Academy) attended. Workshop presenter Karen Read, Atlantic Regional Coordinator for National Kids Help Phone.

Introduction to breaking down Occupational Field using the National Occupation Classification System with grade 9's at Baddeck academy(6 sessions involved.)

May 9-11, 2003 John Peters Humphrey Model United Nations. Two student groups involving four delegations of three students each will be attending the St. Thomas University second annual Model UN program. All students are Social Studies interest students and all are grade 12. Program is in honor of Dr. John P. Humphrey, a prominent Canadian human rights scholar and member of the U.N. secretariat who wrote the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All students in the grade 12 History classes will recognize his name. Fund raising is needed, funding help required to offset costs associated with transportation. 12 students two chaperones.

April 21-29, 2003. Golden Boys Hockey Tourney: Junior High Boys and Girls from Baddeck Academy.


Ball's Creek School:


Ball's Creek Consolidated School Highlights

March 4/03

A tasty Pancake Brunch was prepared and served to students in grades primary to six by parent volunteers.

School Advisory Council meeting took place at 6:30 p.m.

March Break: March 10-14

March 27
Debra Giebelhaus-Maloney from Calgary conducted an in-school demonstration workshop with students in grades P-6. Her workshop focused on early childhood and upper elementary music education through
Orff methodology which integrates music, drama, and language arts.

The students in grades P-6 participated in their final skating session for the 2002-2003 academic year at the UCCB Canada Games Complex.


Bridgeport School:

  1. School Recognition



  1. Staff Recognition




  1. Student Recognition




Cabot High School:


On December 20, 2003 five lucky Grade 7 students who won tickets to the world Junior Hockey match up between Team Canada and Team Slovakia were in awe of how much they enjoyed being a part of history at Centre 200. Both Grade 7 classes submitted a poster to Events Coordinator, Bill MacNeil,
to a contest sponsored by Esso for a chance for a class to attend the game on December 20th. So Lynn Gorman, Junior High social Studies Teacher felt that this project would enhance her student’s knowledge of other countries and give students North of Smokey to experience the world first hand. The Grade 7P class won honorable mention by the committee and was awarded 10 tickets. Random draws of 5 pairs of tickets were taken in front of the class. Barb Costelo, Vice-Principal did the honors and drew the following names: Kale Donovan, Trena McEvoy, Christina Powers, Cameron Barron, and Jillian Fraser. All of the comments were quote “totally awesome” and one of the best experiences of their young lives. Also through a random
draw of schools the 7P class won 10 World Junior Hockey T-shirts and the opportunity to write to Team Russia and to have those letters delivered personally to the team. Ironically Team Russia won the gold medal over Team Canada but the interest created by doing this project will forever be a part of these
young students’ education. They continued to research the 10 countries involved in the World Junior Hockey Tournament by producing well designed and attractive fact sheets. Educators can obtain more information and lesson plans which uses the great hook of hockey to get the attention of young people.

January 6, 2003 the Computer Mentorship Program started at Cabot Junior Senior High School under the leadership of Lynn Gorman. This is the 3rd year for the program, which has proved to be a very valuable asset to the staff and students of Cabot High. When integrating technology in the classroom it is always
great to have a second pair of hands to help guide both teachers and students to make the experience one that will become more comfortable as time goes on. Web Quests, Inspiration, Power Point, Word Processing, Grade 11 History, etc. are but a few of the many areas covered.

January 31, 2003 George (Bucko) Hussey retired from Cabot Junior High School after 33 years of teaching. He will be remembered as the Senior High English Teacher who instilled a love of reading and his love of the area North of Smokey. Enjoy the long walks, reading, and life in general.

Student Council sponsored Winter Carnival, which began on February 14th and ran until February 20th to the delight of students. Survivor was the theme for the week and all students enjoyed the daily themes along with the activities planned during lunch breaks. Everyone had a great time with the dance on
February 20th capping off an end to a fun filled week.

Cabot Junior Senior High took part in celebrating Flag Day. Linda Burton and Merne Ann Fitzgerald, CWL members from Dingwall went into the Grade 9 classes to present a valuable lesson on the significance of our flag and country. The students enjoyed the 50-minute presentation and were eager to participate in a Question and Answer Quiz about their knowledge of Canada. Jonathan Lawley and Grant Hatcher came out on top as winners of this quiz. Everyone enjoyed receiving pins, bookmarks, and information booklet provided by the ladies. To top off the presentation the ladies served cake, which had been decorated with the Canadian Flag.

During February Chris Gorey local Ingonish artist attended Grade 10 Art classes for 3 instructional periods on perspective, shape, portrait, etc. through the PAINTS program sponsored by Visual Arts Nova Scotia. The students were very fortunate to have such a talented artist give them lessons to enhance their art
program. His lessons always leave students feeling better about their abilities and stir their creative urges to attempt beyond their own scope or vision.

Constable Kal George provided High School students with a very informative and timely message using the Fatal Vision goggles as an aid to help put the message across to young people about the dangers of impaired driving. The students found the presentation to be of great interest. Constable George
showed 2 short videos and then demonstrated how the goggles gave the impaired feeling from .06 to .200. Many of the students volunteered to see if they could walk the yellow line. To the enjoyment and amazement of all no one could walk the yellow line with the goggles. Constable George also fielded
many intelligent and thought provoking questions. Highly recommend this program for all Junior and Senior High Students.

February saw the beginnings of a fundraiser for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation to help with the MRI funds. We obtained 4 complimentary tickets to the March 16th Screaming Eagles game and a night’s accommodation at the Delta Inn, Sydney to sell tickets on a March Retreat In Sydney. We had
good support from the people North of Smokey and we were able to send a cheque in the amount of $625.00 from the sale of tickets. Mr. Wayne Budge, Principal of Cabot Junior Senior High was the lucky winner and he and his wife enjoyed the last home game of the regular season of the Screaming Eagles.

Over March Break 16 Cabot High Students were busy taking part in the production of Annie Jr. which was performed at St. Peter’s Parish Hall in Ingonish for 3 sold out performances. Thirteen young people gave up their March Break to be a very integral part of the success of Annie Jr. Timmy MacDonald, Courtney Whitty and Lindsay Doyle worked on the lights and sound giving the production that added class that gave the
audience an unbelievable Broadway production. The quality of acting, commitment, and determination was noted in the appreciation of the crowds in attendance. Jordan Hardy, Nicole Gorman, Lacey Robinson, Mary Katherine Robinson, Bethany Grover, Kathyrn Bridgland, Brittany Doyle, Carissa Whitty, Alison Williams, Matthew Whitty, Sarah Reynolds, Michael Bridgland, Kelic MacDonald, Lindsay Doyle, Courtney Whitty,
and Timmy MacDonald.

March 31, 2003 Mr. Wayne Budge Principal of Cabot Junior Senior High School will be retiring after 29 years of teaching. Barb Costelo will take over his duties till the end of June with Gilles Poirier as Vice-Principal.

Friday April 11, 2003 Staff Development Day

Wednesday April 23, 2003 3rd Term Report Cards

Thursday April 24, 2003 Parent-Teacher 6:30 to 8:30p.m.

Thursday May 1, 2003 Technology Display 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Thursday May 8, 2003 Honors Banquet

Thursday May 22, 2003 Awards Night


Florence Elementary School:



 Glace Bay Elementary:

  1. May 2, 2003-Cape Breton’s Mosiac Ms. Gloria Farmakoulas is organizing a full multi-cultural day
    for all students and parents. Fifteen - twenty of Cape Breton’s cultural groups will be set up in the gym - displays and demonstrations will be held throughout the day.
  2. Journey North Project A joint environmental weather project involving Mrs. Trudy MacPherson’s grade four class and Glace Bay High School (grade 10).
  3. Safety Presentation Glace Bay Fire Dept. have been holding safety sessions over
    the past few weeks with all of our students (P - 6).
  4. Basketball Closing Tournament Closing tournaments for all four of our teams (male & female)
    at Glace Bay Elementary. As has been the case over the past few years, GBE has hosted all tournaments, as well as the Mae Peach Tournament - a girls tournament with teams from schools throughout industrial Cape Breton.
  5. The Great Municipal Recycling Circus Students in grades four - six were entertained by Jim Dalling on
    March 26th - a forty-five minute presentation called “THE GREAT MUNICIPAL RECYCLING CIRCUS”.



Glace Bay High:


1.             School-Based Activities:


• Apr. 2/03 – 7PM Information session for MacDonald High Parents and students. Orientation.

• Apr.8/03 Visitation by the MacDonald High Students to introduce them to the school.

• Apr.10, 7-9pm Parent-Teacher Night.

• Apr11/03, 12:30 – 3pm parent –teacher afternoon.

• Apr. 25/03, Senior high dance.

• Mar. 28,29,and 30 – Vince Ryan tournament. 


2.              Educational Tours:


·        Mar. 6-mar.18/03 – The Glace Bay High School History Travel group traveled to Italy and Greece .


3.             Sports Highlights/Field Days:


·        Mar.1-Mar.7 – Girls’ hockey team visited Toronto, Ontario to participate in a tournament.

·        Mar.19,20 and 21- The Glace Bay High School Boy’s Hockey Team went to Provincials in Antigonish.


4.             Concerts/Visiting Drama Productions/Festivals,etc.:


·       Apr.9-12/03. The GBHS band will be participating in a Music Fest at the Savoy Theatre.


5.             Special Awards ( Student/Teacher/School ) :


·       May 6/03 – Academic Awards Night at GBHS starting at 7 pm.


6.             Presentations/Other:


·        Mar.19/03 – Constable Norbet Georget put on a Safe Driving Presentation in the Gym to all Grades.

·        May2/03 Kara Johnson will be at the school to give a presentation to the student body on Self-esteem.

·        Apr.2/03 : 2-3pm – Jigsaw will be at the school to give a motivational session to interested students.





Parenting Opportunities: Every Monday Evening from 6pm-8 pm in our school library. Coffee and Conversation about the successes and challenges of being a parent. Bring a friend, everyone is welcome.

Winter Carnival: "A WINTER SLIDE AT HARBOURSIDE". This year our Winter Carnival will run during the week of March 3rd to 7th. This will be a week of fun filled activities for the students. Watch for the schedule. We require some volunteers to help run events and sell tickets- anyone interested and available is asked to call either Helen Barrington at 567-9899 or Jocelyn Campbell at 567-0181 after 6:00 P.M.

Canadian Tire Money: Unfortunately, our collections of Canadian Tire money has fallen off considerably. If the parents do not want to start participating in this project it will cancelled. With the support of our parents, we will be able to continue issuing two bikes each year to two lucky students whose name are drawn from a list of the student body. If each parents sent in ONLY $1.00 in Canadian Tire money, we would have plenty to buy the bikes.

Spring Break : This year, the March Break will run from March 10-14. Please remember that the first day back is March 17th and the academic day will be Day 3. We hope all will have a safe and enjoyable March

Valentine Day Basket: The Valentine Day basket sponsored by the Debating Club was drawn on March 14th, and the winner was Dana Mac Donald. Thanks to all for your support.

Other significant Dates: February 25th - Report cards issued
February 26th - Skating - Gr. 5C, 5D, all Gr. 6's
February 27th - Parent-Teacher Meeting, 6:30-8:00 P.M.
February 28th - NO SCHOOL - Parent-Teacher Meeting, 10:00-12:00A.M.
March 3 - Early Monday - Dismissal P-2 -1:15 p.m. Dismissal 3-6 - 1:45 p.m.
March 10 - March Break Begins
March 17 - First day back to school after March Break
March 21 - International Day for the Elimination of Racism

Fees: (band&sport teams) There are still a number of students who have yet to paid their fees for the year. Please send this in ASAP or phone Mr. Beaton to make payment arrangements.

School Advisory Council: The parent and staff representatives have been elected to the School Advisory Council. Soon, the community representatives will be in place and work will begin on the agreement
with the Department of Education.

School Events: In the event that school is cancelled for any reason during the day, any and all school related activities are automatically cancelled.

Credit Union Day: Credit Union collections at the school will be every second week from now on. The Next Credit Union Day for the students will be March 6th.


Holy Angels High:

1.             School-Based Activities:

•  We held our Annual Winter Carnival in February. Events included “Back-in-the-Day” dress up; Survivor Day; Mentoring Class Challenge (including teachers); Scavenger Hunt; Theme Days; Trivia Challenge; Variety Show; Teacher-Student Hockey Game; School Skating; Pancake Breakfast (prepared for students by teachers); Student-Teacher Debate; Door Decorating Contest; Winter Carnival Ball.


·        Library displays were set up for African Heritage Month and for International Women’s Day.


2.             Educational Tours:


·        Groups of students attended tours sponsored by U.C.C.B. and by N.S.C.C. Marconi Campus


3.             Sports Highlights/Field Days:


·        We hosted the opening cheerleading competition on Feb.18th.

·        Our cheerleaders attended the competition at Riverview High School.

·        Our Hockey team competed in the Board Championship Tournament.

·        The Hockey team will compete in the Regional Tournament the week of March 24th.

·        Our badminton team competed in the Sydney Academy Tournament.

·        Our Black Learners participated in a number of off-site events to celebrate their culture.


5.             Special Awards ( Student/Teacher/School ) :


·        One of our school debaters, Allison Gallant, was selected to the Nova Scotia Team for an upcoming tournament to be held in Newfoundland.


6.             Presentations/Other:

·        Norbert Georgette presented a program to a general assembly about the impact of drinking and/or drug use while driving.


·        Ms. Pamela Kachafanas spoke to Ms. D. MacKinnon’s Law 12 classes on the topic of family law.


·        Teacher Anita MacDougall spoke to Vincent Massey IODE about her ‘Baby Think It Over Program” used in her Child Studies 11 course.


·        Our school Debating team competed at the Provincial Championships.


·        Guest Tai Kwon Do instructors visited our Phys. Ed. Classes.


·        Guest Dietitians visited our Pal/Clm classes.



J.B. Croak:

Students and Guests of John Bernard Croak School enjoyed a "Pancake Breakfast" on Tuesday, March 4th thanks to the generousity of local businesses. Special thanks go to these merchants and also to Nancy
McMullen and Francie Gilbert of our staff who did all the work of asking for and collecting all the donations, Thanks to those staff members who cooked the pancakes. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast.


MacLennan Jr. High:


1.     Clarica Scholars Program: The team of 2 teachers, Theresa MacKenzie, MacLennan, and Barbara Morrison, Sherwood Park, and students Karen MacPherson and Shannon MacKenzie from Holy Angels were chosen to be one of eight teams from across Canada to travel to university of Waterloo to participate in a one-week program. During this time the team learned to use new technology to produce an interactive learning object that is part of a unit of study on Municipal Government. This is available to all teachers via the Internet and can be accessed from MacLennan Junior High’s homepage. The students at the upcoming Technology Expo at Centre 200 will showcase the program in May.

2.     MacLennan Junior High’s Boys A Basketball team has won the Cape Breton Regional Championships for this season’s play. They have also traveled to Newfoundland to compete successfully in a tournament bringing home a Silver medal.

3.     MacLennan Junior High school students won the Best Junior High entry in the Sydney Santa Claus Parade.

4.     The Recycling/Decorating Committee at MacLennan Junior High has taken charge of all recyclables in the school and is doing a great job! The monies raised will be used by them to pay for art supplies for school decorating projects.

5.     All students at MacLennan were treated to a Pancake Breakfast on Shrove Tuesday. School staff members: Bill Sidney, Sandra Morrison, Greta Reid, Pearl Gaslard, Rudy Skalla, Pam Mouland and Theresa MacKenzie.

6.     The Music students at MacLennan will be traveling to Quebec in early May to participate in the Classics Festival.  They will present a Spring Concert in early June at the school.

7.     MacLennan Drama Club will be performing a short play entitled Midsummer’s Dream at the UCCB festival of Plays. The group is under the direction of Ken Chisholm, assisted by Marilyn MacDonald.

8.     Every month, a student from each class is chosen Student of The Month. Students are presented with a Certificate and small prize. Students of the Month of February are:

7A Matthew Larade
7B Katelyn Morris
7C Evan MacDonald
8A Susan Gallant
8B Christina Hawley
8C Liam Devereaux
9A Chris Young
9B Robin Bushell
9C Robert Bushell

9.     The Breakfast Program at MacLennan is in its second year and is a big success as well as a valuable program. It is a proven fact that eating a good breakfast helps improve concentration and the ability to learn while reducing behavioral and discipline problems. We run our program daily from 8 to 8:40 AM. Teams of students volunteer to work daily as well as parent volunteers who graciously give of their time. We serve bagels, English muffins, toast, muffins (freshly made by our students!), grilled cheese sandwiches, juice and hot chocolate. The program is open to all students and staff and makes a great way to start the day.

10.     School Advisory Council: Denise MacKenzie is the Chairperson for MacLennan School Advisory Council. Verna MacLeod and Stuart Mac Neil are the student representatives on the Council. The main focus of the Council at this time is addressing the safety issue of having a curb and a bus-loading ramp installed where buses drop off and pick up students.

11.     Student Council: MacLennan has a very active student council made up of 10 representatives and 10 alternates. Students elect a grade 9 student to be President and a grade 8 student for vice-president. The Council performs such duties as hosts for special school events and fund raising for special activities. From September to December the focus was Adopt –a- Family and monies were raised from events like theme days, ice cream sales, school dances, hat day, pajama day, movie, etc. In the present campaign, MacLennan is challenging other junior highs to meet or surpass their goal of $1000 towards the MRI and Bone Densitometer.

12.     The Comprehensive Guidance Committee is continuing in its efforts to provide sessions for parents that will assist them in their interactions with their teenagers. . Identified as priorities by a needs assessment completed by parents, students and teachers, sessions will be offered on adolescent suicide and adolescent addictions. Two parent information evenings were scheduled in the school library beginning at 7 PM.

    On Feb. 4th at 7 PM, Susan Ferguson of Adult and Adolescent Services discussed facts about teen suicide, signs and warnings, behavior, prevention and services available to teens and their parents/guardians.
    On March 4th at 7 PM, Karen Shea and Dianna MacDonald of Addiction Services of Sydney discussed drug, alcohol, smoking and gambling addictions in adolescents. Topics included: drugs commonly chosen, drug terms, when experimentation leads to addiction, how to communicate with your teen, and what services are available.
    On February 11th. Sergeant Rolf of the Municipal Police made a presentation on Bullying to all grade 7, 8 and 9 students.
    Grade 9 students attended a Trade show at Memorial High School in Sydney Mines on Feb. 26th. This exposed the students to the various career choices available to them.
    Mr. Blair Cameron of the YMCA Career Center will in-service all Grade 9 students on Resume Writing at a date to be arranged.


Sacred Heart School:


1. Skate -A-Thon went well

2. Concerns for the new school continue to be front row and center.

3. Colby School will be taken down A.S.A.P.

4. Joint meeting of the School Advisory Committee and the School


Planning Committee will take place at our school on Thursday, March 27th at 6pm.


Sherwood Park:


The following events took place at Sherwood Park Education Centre.


The Boy’s Hockey Team won the Jr. High School Provincial Championship for the 2002/2003 school year;


Eight of our grade 9 students went to Shipyard Elementary to help the students use technology;


Island Community Justice made a presentation for one of our grade 7 classes in February;


On March 18, 2003, JAG personnel were at Sherwood Park to review the Clean Up Options with 34 of our Grade 9 students.  These students, in six different groups, will research the pros and cons of each option and present their findings to all the other grade 9 students in the school;


Mrs. Elizabeth Vincent, Art Teacher at Sherwood Park, presently has her works on display at the UCCB Art Gallery.  We are very proud of Mrs. Vincent and wish her the best of lunch.


Thompson Junior High School:


We are preparing a celebration to mark Patsy Evan’s first visit to our school since her tragic accident on September 30/2002.  She was released mid March from the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre and is living with her parents in Margaree until she buys a home.  We are all very excited planning for her visit.


We are very pleased to have had our proposal accepted for this year’s Grassroots Project; our topic, Spinal Cord Injuries & Spinal Cord Injury Research, will create a very informative web site.  Students and staff are busy preparing the material for this site.


We recently had a presentation to our grade seven students by EHS, describing the procedures followed when attending to a motor vehicle accident with injuries.  This effective presentation supports the Grassroots Project our school is preparing on Spinal Cord Injuries & Spinal Cord Injury Research.


We are having several presentations over the next month on the dangers of prescription drugs, bullying, human sexuality, setting priorities in our lives, to name a few.


We are presently conducting an Anger Management program for teens; this program is conducted by a trained facilitator, substitute teacher James MacLeod.


 Tompkins Memorial Elementary School:


Since our last media release, I would like to report on the following happenings and events at Tompkins Memorial Elementary School.

1.     On February 17, representatives from our school board’s transportation department came to our school to do a presentation on bus safety with all classes. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Mr. Leonard MacLellan in organizing this presentation.

2.     On Tuesday, February 25, our school held a “pajama day” for the students and staff as a kick-off for several planned activity days later in the week. The staff of Tompkins strongly encourages our students to lead a physically active lifestyle. To support this belief, all classes from grades primary - six were treated by the school, to a trip to the Heather Bowling Lanes in Glace Bay to enjoy a string of bowling on January 26 (Gr. primary - three) and January 27 (Gr. four - six).
A planned outing to the Two Rivers Wildlife Park for a sleigh ride and a visit to the animals
on February 26 & 27, had to be cancelled due to snow accumulation and severe windchill factors. The trip has since been rescheduled. However, all classes will visit Two Rivers on June 9 & 10, for a hayride, visit with the park animals and other outdoor activities at that venue.

3.     During the morning of Friday, February 28, Reading Recovery Teacher, Michelle Sallazzo, did an excellent presentation on Running Records and Levelled Books with our teaching staff.
Our second term parent-teacher interviews were held during the afternoon session on February 28th. A previous parent-teacher session took place during the evening of Thursday, February 27th.

4.     On March 6, our grade primary - three classes enjoyed a skating party at the U.C.C.B. rink, complements of the school. Volunteers served hot chocolate and Tim Bits to the students and chaperones upon their arrival back at the school.

5.     During the morning of Wednesday, March 19, our students from grades three - six thoroughly enjoyed a musical presentation called Rhythms of the World. This presentation included a history on the use of various types of drums and other musical instruments. The children were invited to participate in “joining the beat” of the music created by the precentors and student participants. A wonderful time was had by both the students and teachers from these classes.

6.     On Thursday, March 20, our grades four - six classes had a skating part at the U.C.C.B. rink, complements of the school. Hot chocolate and Tim Bits were served to the students and adult supervisors by volunteers upon their arrival back at the school.

7.     March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Sgt. Barry Gordon of the C.B. Regional Police gave an excellent presentation on the topic of racism to all out students. A representative from the C.B. Post came to the school and took pictures to record this well received presentation.

8.     Following the March break, we have had a teacher intern return for the second phase of her practice teaching in the grade primary class of Mrs. Linda Rennie.

9.     A student from the co-op program at Glace Bay High began her 100 hours of practical experience on March 18th with Mrs. McPhee’s grade two class.