Central Office

275 George Street,

Sydney, N.S.


October 9, 2003


(1)        CALL TO ORDER:

A Special meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board was called to order today beginning at 4:40 p.m.




Present:                        Elizabeth MacPhee, Chair                                    Keith Bain, Vice-Chair

                                      Darlene Morrison                                                  Wes Stubbert

                                      Gary Fraser                                                          Adrian Bates

                                      George MacDonald                                              Myrtle Campbell

                                      Sandra Margettie                                                  Phil Best 


Absent:                         Kevin Ruelland                                                     Stan MacKinnon

                                      Pam Nicholson 


Also Present:               Ed Davis, Superintendent of Schools

                                      Archie MacEachern, Director of Programs & Operations

                                      Bernie MacKinnon, Coordinator of Human Resources

                                      Jim Burton, Regional Education Officer

                                      Michelle MacLeod, Recording Secretary



Chair Elizabeth MacPhee thanked Ms. Helen MacDonald for her hard work and diligence with regards to the Lead & Achieve forums. She also took the time to thank Commissioner MacDonald who had attended all four forums and had worked hard towards the success of the Forums.

Ms. Helen MacDonald distributed to those in attendance a summation of the Forums. This included an overview of the discussions. She felt that the public sees our Board as doing a good job. Suggestions which were brought forward through the Forum were brought forward in a constructive way.

Programs which were noted for their strengths were Programs for Students at Risk, Modified Curriculum, Breakfast programs, Literacy programs, Staff approachable and helpful, Technology, Zero Tolerance Policy and elected School Boards.

Ms. MacDonald noted the minimal list of weaknesses which were identified through the forums. It was noted through all of the discussions, that our communities do have expectations of a quality system.

Commissioner Best entered the meeting at 5:00 p.m.


Upon completion of Ms. MacDonald’s presentation questions were asked for various board members with regards to her presentation.

Ms. MacDonald was once again thanked for her hard work.



            (Presented by Mr. Bernie MacKinnon, Coordinator of Human Resources)

Noted that the NSTU membership will be voting on this tentative agreement at the end of October, 2003. Mr. MacKinnon briefly went through a verbal report to those in attendance.

Superintendent Davis took the time to thank Mr. Bernie MacKinnon and Mrs. Beth MacIsaac on behalf of management and the Board for their diligent work towards reaching a tentative agreement.



Commissioner Bain informed the Board of discussions which took place during the Board/Teacher meeting which took place on Wednesday, October 8, 2003.


(6)        Motion to adjourn the meeting. . .

Moved by Commissioner Margettie

Seconded by Commissioner Morrison

to adjourn the meeting at 6:19p.m.

Motion carried




__________________________________          _____________________________

            ELIZABETH MACPHEE                                      J. DOUGLAS PEACH

            BOARD CHAIR                                                    BOARD SECRETARY