Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board

Memorial High School
Sydney Mines, NS.
March 29, 2004

(1)               CALL TO ORDER:


A Special meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School board was called to order today beginning at 5:15 p.m.


(2)             RECORD OF ATTENDANCE:


Present:                 Elizabeth MacPhee, Chair           Keith Bain, Vice-Chair

Wes Stubbert                                    Stan MacKinnon

Darlene Morrison                      George MacDonald          

Kevin Ruelland                                    Phil Best

Adrian Bates                                       Sandra Margettie

Myrtle Campbell             


Absent:               Gary Fraser                              Pam Nicholson


Also Present:            Ed Davis, Superintendent of Schools

Douglas Peach, Director of Finance

Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services

Don Matheson, Director of Operations

George Boudreau, Coordinator of Finance

Charles Sheppard, Coordinator of RCH/Human Resource Services

Jim Burton, Regional Education Officer

Michelle MacLeod, Recording Secretary




Chair, Mrs. Elizabeth MacPhee began the meeting with introductions around the table.  Superintendent Davis reviewed with the Members of the Legislative Assembly the challenges which the Board has previously faced and continue to face with regards to declining enrollment and the balancing of the budget. Mr. Peach further stressed the negative impact a change in any budget formula would have on our Board.


Chair MacPhee requested that an investigation take place into an expanded Education Program at the University College of Cape Breton.  The program which exists at this time provides training in the Junior/Senior High level.  Commissioner Campbell expressed her interest in an extended transition program for the Special needs students of our Board.  The issue of Vocational programs at Memorial High School was also discussed by Commissioner Stubbert.


Commissioner Best questioned funding which was committed to the BLAC Report.  He wished to see the funding allocated fairly.


Commissioner Ruelland reiterated his request for a new Primary to Nine school in the Dominion area.  If this goal is un-achievable he would like to see a new elementary school in the community.


Mrs. MacIsaac requested that the issue of servicing Special Needs students on a limited budget to be addressed.  Mr. Matheson felt the issue of capital funds pertaining to the maintenance of our schools should be reviewed He noted that the funds for various projects has been diminishing on a yearly basis.


Mr. Jim Burton, Regional Education Officer entered the meeting. . .





(4)    Meeting adjourned. . .


The meeting adjourned at 6:44 p.m.









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