Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board

Central Office

Sydney, N.S.

Nov 12, 2004


(1)                 CALL TO ORDER:


A Special meeting of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School board was called to order today beginning at 9:00 a.m.


(2)             RECORD OF ATTENDANCE:


Present:    Keith Bain                        Fred Tilley                      Myrtle Campbell

Lorne Green                     Dr. Andrew Lynk             Charlie Keagan

Darlene Morrison             George MacDonald                    

Joan Currie                     Stan MacKinnon


Absent:       Sandra Margettie   George Marshall

Kevin Ruelland                 Gary Fraser


Also Present:      Archie MacEachern, Acting Superintendent

Beth MacIsaac, Director of Human Resource Services

Don Matheson, Director of Operational Services

Doug Peach, Director of Financial Services

Jim Burton, Regional Education Officer

Michelle MacLeod, Recording Secretary


(3)                 Welcome - Board Chair, Commissioner Darlene Morrison:


Board Chair Darlene Morrison welcomed Board members and thanked them for their support.


Board Chair Morrison reminded everyone of the Retirement dinner and NSSBA orientation session. 


a.                  Introduction of Staff - Acting Superintendent MacEachern:


Acting Superintendent Mr. MacEachern asked for introductions at this time.  All coordinators and managers were introduced to the Board members. 


b.                 Board Meetings’ Schedule:


The Board meeting schedule and the Committee member schedule were distributed.  Discussions ensued over the Committee schedule.  It was noted that the Board will accept the schedule as presented for Board meetings and that the schedule will be followed as presented for November’s Committee meeting. After the November meeting, proposed changes will be considered.


c.                  Committee Structure - Management & Education Committee:


Board Chair Morrison called upon Mr. Peach, Director of Financial Services and Acting Superintendent MacEachern to describe the duties of the above mentioned committees.


d.                  Update on Vandalism:


Acting Superintendent MacEachern reviewed the increase of vandalism which is taking place in our schools.  A report was received from Mr. Matheson, Director of Operational Services.  The Board were informed that St. Joseph, Sydney Mines would open on Monday, November 15, 2004.


Commissioner MacKinnon entered the meeting at 9:51 a.m.


The Board expressed their concern over the increase in vandalism. 


e.                  Meeting with the Minister & Deputy Minister:


Notification has been received that the Minister and Deputy Minister wish to meet with the Board.  Acting Superintendent MacEachern was asked to contact the Department suggesting November 22nd or 29th as meeting dates. 


f.                  Meeting with the NSSBA President:


Commissioner MacDonald presented a request from Mr. Ron Marks, President of the NSSBA, to meet with the Board.  Mr. Marks will be invited to attend the Education/Management Committee Meeting scheduled to be held on November 22/04.



g.                  Reminder - Mailboxes:


The Board Chair reminded everyone of the mailboxes downstairs for each Board member.


h.                  Board Committees:


The Chair listed the committees which the Board members could serve on, such as; Audit Committee, Board/Teacher Committee, Drug Awareness Committee, Education Week Committee, Interview Committee, Nutrition Committee and Technology Committee.  Board members would also indicate their preference for either the Education or Management Committee.


(4)        Orientation Workshop - Mr. Archie MacEachern, Acting Superintendent:


Acting Superintendent MacEachern began the orientation session with a review of the agenda for the Workshop.  Some issues discussed were the history of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, Role of the School Board which described under Section 64.1-4 of the Education Act, Key Board Issues, Senior Management and Organizational Charts. Each Board member were given a binder outlining pertinent information.


Regional Education Officer,  Mr. Jim Burton entered the meeting at 11:25 a.m.


Each Director was then called upon to review their areas. 


a.                  Mr. Doug Peach - Director of Financial Services:


Mr. Peach reviewed his role and responsibilities as Director of Financial Services and as Board secretary.  Issues discussed were under the Education Act and also issues pertaining to the By-laws. Mr. Peach also reviewed the roles and responsibilities of members of his staff.


b.                 Mrs. Beth MacIsaac - Director of Human Resource Services:


Mrs. MacIsaac reviewed her role and responsibilities as Director of Human Resources.  Mrs. MacIsaac reviewed the roles and responsibilities which pertain to her position and to members of her staff.


c.                  Mr. Don Matheson - Director of Operational Services:


Mr. Matheson reviewed his role and responsibilities as Director of Operational Services.  Mr. Matheson reviewed the roles and responsibilities which pertain to his position and to members of his staff.


d.                Mr. Archie MacEachern - Director of Programs & Student Services.


Mr. MacEachern reviewed his role and responsibilities as Director of Operational Services.  Mr. MacEachern reviewed the roles and responsibilities which pertain to his position and to members of his staff. He also identified the various programs which are offered under his designate. 


(5)        Introduction of Administrative Support staff:


The administrative support staff of Central office were called in for introductions.





The Board meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m. . . .





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