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 After-School Physical Activity Programs


Grant funding will allow participating schools to access up to $5,000 per site/per annum for year-roundafter-school hours physical activity programming targeted toward children and youth who are inactive. After-School Physical Activity Programs ·         Programs will involve a maximum of 25 participants per leader.·        

All after-school program leaders are required to complete First Aid/CPR training.·     

   In allocating funding, Board senior staff will give preference to after-school programs that are offered a minimum of two (2) days per week.·        

All programs are free for the students (i.e., at no cost to their families).·       

  In allocating funding, Board senior staff will give preference to after-school programs that are offered for three sessions a year, each of six to eight weeks in duration. The goal is to offer programs 24 weeks of the year (when fully operational), e.g., eight week blocks:, March Break–End of School Year, September–Christmas, and January–March Break.


Programs should be targeted at children and youth who are currently inactive.·    

Programs should be designed to be effective in engaging inactive children and adolescents (not gym-based traditional basketball programs and the like—rather programs such as Hip-Hop, bicycling, snowshoeing).·        

Programs should be inclusive, accessible programs that create opportunities for every student toparticipate and that promote participants’ physical and mental/emotional health.·     Consideration should be given to program components that increase opportunities for students with special needs.·        

Program options should include unstructured opportunities for spontaneous forms of physical activity (active free play time) as well as some structured non-competitive physical activity and non-traditional activities.·       

 Programs should invite input from participants re options for physical activities.·         Programs should include options to attract target groups, e.g., students’ ages 10–14, female students.·       

  Program providers should be encouraged to provide a nutritional snack to participants.·         It is strongly recommended that the school have at least one partner (e.g., the municipality which currently has a recreation director and funded Municipal Physical Activity Leadership (MPAL) positions). Strengthening existing partnerships and building new partnerships will support program sustainability.·        

After-school programs may be offered to students at any grade level. (Boards may wish to target grades 6–9 as a priority.)·        

After-school program leaders will be hired by the board according to HR policies, requirements, and screening procedures (Criminal Record checks, Child Abuse Registry checks). It is suggested that $12 per hour would be appropriate ($15.00 maximum).

Community Use of Schools By Community Groups and Organizations 

The Community Use of Schools Grant Program is to provide Nova Scotians with improved access to school facilities and to promote healthy, active living. The program may be used to help support non-profit community groups and organizations by reducing associated costs for use of school facilities for physical activity, cultural and educational purposes. Your organization or group may apply for a refund of associated costs by completing the following information and table: 

Name of Organization/Group:  _____________________________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _______________________ Email: _______________________________________

Number and age of Participants: ___________________________________________________ 



Cancelled cheques, paid invoices or receipts should be forwarded to


Mary Lou Andrea

Active Healthy Living Consultant

Staff Development Centre

33 Napoleon Street

North Sydney, NS

B2A 3G6

902 794-4873


 Funds are limited and will be reviewed on a first come basis.


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