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  Saturday, May 30, 2015 
Out & About
Village of Baddeck
Baddeck Academy: Overlooking the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes.

Beautiful Baddeck Academy

Baddeck Academy Giant Interview - May 19, 2015

Today, our students Lara Fraser (President) and Bryan Berk (Vice-President) had the opportunity to speak on air with The Big Breakfast Program on The Giant 101.9 radio station. They represented our school extremely well and did their best to help spread the message of distracted driving (#LeaveThePhoneAlone).

You can click here to hear their on air interview.

Well done Lara and Brian!!!

#LeaveThePhoneAlone Campaign - Ends June 12, 2015


Help us spread the message of distracted driving, by signing up for the #LeaveThePhoneAlone campaign on The Giant website.

Tell your neighbours, friends, relatives or anyone else you spreak with during the day. Put it on Facebook, call your friends, and help us spread the message to #LeaveThePhoneAlone.

You only need a valid email address, an internet connection (to go to The Giant webpage) and 30 seconds of your time. By selecting Baddeck Academy from the list of schools, you are giving us your vote and spreading the message.

People can vote from anywhere in Canada or the world. One one vote per email address will count.
The Giant also does not share your information or send you any spam emails when you register.

The school with the most amount of votes by June 12 will receive $2000 for their school. 
Thank you to everyone who has already signed up and supported this important cause and keep spreading the message for us!

Help us by signing up to help keep our communities and roads safe.

Spread the message to #LeaveThePhoneAlone!

Host Families-International Student Program

The Bring the World Home Campaign was officially launched on Tuesday January 13. The goal of this campaign is to create more awareness about the NSISP and the opportunity to host international students. In doing so this is beneficial to your school and community. Please visit the link below for more information regarding becoming a host family.

Thank you for your interest in the International Student Program.


At 9:00am, all entrance doors will be locked. All visitors to the school are required to check-in at the main office. Students, parents, and visitors are asked to use the main entrance when entering the school.

Parents are welcome at all times; we ask, however, that you do not proceed to or interrupt a teacher’s class and that you adhere to the School Board policy regarding the non-use of electronic devices and more specifically, smartphone usage. The office can arrange that you see a teacher when the need arises. Appointments are preferred.

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  10th Jun
Grade 3 - Learn to Swim
  11th Jun
Awards Night
  11th Jun
Grade 3 - Learn to Swim
  12th Jun
Grade 3 - Learn to Swim