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  Thursday, December 18, 2014 
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Village of Baddeck
Baddeck Academy: Overlooking the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes.

Beautiful Baddeck Academy


At 9:00am, all entrance doors will be locked. All visitors to the school are required to check-in at the main office. Students, parents, and visitors are asked to use the main entrance when entering the school.

Parents are welcome at all times; we ask, however, that you do not proceed to or interrupt a teacher’s class and that you adhere to the School Board policy regarding the non-use of electronic devices and more specifically, smartphone usage. The office can arrange that you see a teacher when the need arises. Appointments are preferred.


There is a policy with regard to transportation of students on busses that schools are asked to follow, this has to do with principals authorizing transfers on a day to day basis.  An example is: a child going to a friend’s house for some purpose. The practice of providing a note to the bus driver is no longer permitted.  Transfers of a temporary nature are covered by Policy OST 417, which states:

“Permission may be granted by the Coordinator of Transportation upon request of the Principal.”

Our board provides a home to home service only; however, if there are permanent arrangements made with regard to babysitting on specific days , we require a form to be filled out with both addresses to be given to administration to be forwarded to the Coordinator of Transportation for consideration. This information would then be filed in the office and all bus drivers made aware of the arrangements. Your child’s home room teacher will send a form home on request.

In the case of an emergency that happens during the day, the principal must contact the Coordinator of Transportation for permission before a student can change buses for that day only. The name and address of the student is required, as well as the address of where the student will go for the day.

Soccer Field & Walking Track Information

Our sports field will be available for use on May 26, 2014.  We encourage the community to use our field but its use is limited.  We would ask the public to schedule its use for after school hours by contacting Dave Parkinson at 295-1788 or Orlynn Somerville at 295-2530.  Please note that our field is not to be used for golf.  The track is available but please respect our "No dog policy".

Bullying: The Definition

A repeated pattern of intentional, hurtful behaviours (physical, verbal, psychological) used by one or more individuals who exercise power to intimidate, threaten harm, and/or victimize another person/victim who is perceived as relatively weaker; bullying behaviours can be direct and open, or indirect and subtle, this includes the use of e-mail or internet to harass and/or intimidate others.

*A one-time incident does not qualify as a repeated pattern of bullying behaviour and should be documented by the specific behaviour itself, such as physical violence or verbal abuse, for example, and not as bullying.

JUSTICE-Cyberbullying Investigation Unit Begins Helping Youth, Families

Youth and family members can now call the country's first cyberbullying investigative unit for help. The unit's investigators started September 30, and will begin taking calls and investigating complaints immediately.

Nova Scotians can call 242-6900 in Halifax Regional Municipality or toll-free at 855-702-8324 to talk to an investigator. A new website CyberSCAN Nova Scotia, will have information to help people determine if they are being cyberbullied and outline available options.

"Creating this unit was part of the province's response to the tragic death of a young Nova Scotian," said Judith Ferguson, deputy minister of Justice. "This unit, and the other steps we're taking, including advocating for changes to the Criminal Code, will make a difference for others who are being cyberbullied. Now they have somewhere to turn for help."

Five investigators will look into all cyberbullying complaints, helping victims resolve situations through informal, or legal means. The goal is to try to resolve complaints by helping the cyberbully understand the impact and consequences of their behaviour. Investigators can also apply for a cyberbullying prevention order, where the court could order a person to stop cyber communication, or confiscate the technology used for cyberbullying. And finally, a case could be referred to police, if criminal charges appear warranted.

Chris Abraham, a Grade 12 student at Halifax West and student advisor to the Halifax Regional School Board said he hopes his fellow students take advantage of the CyberSCAN unit.

"I think CyberSCAN is a great idea. I think it will help people feel safer."

The CyberSCAN unit is governed by the Cyber-safety Act, passed in teh spring to ensure all Nova Scotians have a place to turn when they experience, or are aware of, cyberbullying. For more information about the act, visit

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has policy regarding communication devices. This policy is currently in effect at Baddeck Academy and first took effect in January 2012.
Please take your time to review the policy by clicking here.
(***Note: Adobe Reader is required to view this file.)
Attendance/Engagement Policy
Click here to view the attendance/engagement policy for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. (Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the document.)