6. Like Poles Repel
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2 magnets -- 2 steel nails -- Thread
1) Make two magnets with two steel nails and suspend one of them. 
2) Take the other magnet near the end of the suspended magnet.
3) Does it attract or repel? Try the other end of the nail . 
4) Does it attract or repel? 
5) Mark the ends of the nails which repel each other. 
6) Suspend the second magnetized nail also and note if the marked ends which repelled each other point to the same direction. 
7) North and North poles will repel each other and North and South Poles will attract each other. What effect will a South Pole have on a South Pole?
Diagram of Experiment 6
      • Unlike Poles of Magnets Attract Each Other
      • Like Poles Repel
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