37. Water Wheel Model
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2 litre pop bottle (empty) -- coat hanger wire - 12-15 cm long - straight -- empty film container -- tin can (tomato can) -- masking tape -- string -- aerosol can cap -- copper wire
1) Cut 4 slits in the film container, 1 cm long at equal distances between them. From a tin can cut 4 blades for the water wheel. 
2) Push the smaller end into the slits. 
3) Make a hole with a nail in the exact center of the lid and the bottom of the film container. 
4) Push the coat hanger wire through the holes to make an axle for the wheel. 
5) Cut off the top of the pop bottle and make two holes at the opposite ends, about 4 cm from the top. These holes accept the axle - coat hanger wire.
6) Wind a short piece of wire around the end of the axle just outside the bottle so that it will not move out. 
7) Make a spool out of the longer end of the axle using two pieces of cardboard glued on it. 
8) Tie a string about a metre long to the spool and hang a "bucket", the cap of the aerosol can. 
9) Pour a stream of water on the blades of the wheel and the wheel turns. 
10) The string winds itself onto the spool and the "bucket" is lifted up.
Diagram of Experiment 37

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