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Jacqueline Poirier



                                                    Jacqueline Poirier
Danielle Aucoin 


The Coal Bowl Classic is the most prestigious high school boys basketball tournament in Canada and it annually offers its 165 participants a unique opportunity to participate in numerous educational, social, cultural and athletic events. Additionally, the tournament offers our 400 student, staff and community volunteers the invaluable opportunity to stage a first class national event and also for everyone to meet, mingle and play host to our many guests from across the country.

This year's tournament will mark our 37th anniversary and it is scheduled to take place from February 4 - February 9, 2019 inclusive. All previous tournaments have been sold-out and resounding successes, and we expect the same for this one.


The feedback over the years has been extremely positive and we offer the following as a few examples:


“Words just can't describe it. I can think of nothing to compare with the experience anywhere. It's the biggest treat you can give a kid. Basketball-wise, hospitality-wise and organizational-wise, there's just nothing like it. It just doesn't get any better. We were treated like kings; the people were great, the hospitality was great. It's a lot more than just winning some basketball games. I'd go every year."
  Coach Bruce Black
Frontenae Secondary
Kingston, Ont.
Congratulations to your Board of Directors for running the finest basketball tournament in Canada.
  Coach Peter Corby
Kennebecasis Valley High School
Rothesay, New Brunswick


I have never experienced the kind of hospitality that was shown to us by the staff and students of Breton Education Centre and the community of New Waterford.
  Coach Dale Wilde
Thom Collegiate Institute
Regina, Saskatchewan
How do you follow an act like the Coal Bowl Classic. The Town of New Waterford pulled out all stops and made this the best tournament I've ever attended. This includes the Olympics and the Canada Games
  Frank Baldwin
Development Co-ordinator
Basketball Nova Scotia
"What a trip! The more I think about it, the more I realize how super Coal Bowl was. It is by far the most efficiently and superbly run tournament I have ever attended."

  Paul Eberhardt, Coach
Magee Secondary School
Vancouver, British Columbia

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