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What is the New Waterford Coal Bowl Classics?
Are there any Educational & Social Implications?
What Expenses will our Team Be Responible for?
Where are the Players Housed & Who Provides the Meals?
How Many Days in the Tournament?
How Many Teams Take Part & What Kind of Draw is Used?
Comments from Parents & Coaches

The New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic is a national invitational boy's high school basketball tournament. Planning for the tournament was initiated by individuals from the school and community with a special interest in sports and more particularly, basketball.

The Coal Bowl Classic is held at Breton Education Centre, New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Breton Education Centre ia a junior-senior high school which opened in 1970 with a student populati on in excess of 2200. The current population of the school is approximately 1200 students.

The Town of New Waterford is a coal-mining community with the approximate population of 7695 situated twelve miles from the City of Sydney and from the town of Glace Bay.

Basketball has had a long tradition in the town and that tradition was exemplified and recognized during induction ceremonies of the N.S Sports Hall of Fame in 1981. At that time, four basketball teams were inducted into the Hall of Fame, three of which were from the Town of New Waterford. Those teams were:

  • St. Agnes Juvenile Team - 1932 - Canadian Title
  • Strands Intermediate Team - 1946-47-48 - Canadian Titles
  • Central School Juvenile Team - 1961 - Canadian Title
  • Acadia University - 1971 - Canadian Title - was the fourth team inducted.

The Strands Intermediate Team was honored during the Coal Bowl '82 Banquet and the St. Agnes Juvenile Team was honored in 1983. The Central Juvenile Team was honored during Coal Bowl '84.

Of course, New Waterford, first and foremost, is a mining town. Coal mining and basketball have been a significant part of the town's history. It seems appropriate that this close association should be reflected in our planning and preparation for this major tournament which has fast become a prestigious Canadian tournament.


Related Tournament Activities

The tournament is planned so that participating students will not only compete on the basketball court, but will participate in school-sponsored educational, social and cultural activities as well. The Board of Directors place great importance on the related activities of the tournament week.

Team members will participate in scheduled tours relating to the mining industry. In addition, the tournament week will include the Coal Bowl Dance, Coal Bowl Concert, Banquet and Socials.

A major facilitating factor is that all team members will be billeted within one wing of the school and hot meals will be provided for them on a daily basis by the school cafeteria.

The objectives of the New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic are to recognize the close historical association between coal mining and basketball, and provide special educational, social, cultural, and athletic experiences for visiting teams, students and staff of Breton Education Centre.



On Monday at 7:00 pm the tournament is officially opened. This ceremony takes about 35 minutes and it preceeds the first game of the evening.


The Banquet begins at 7:30 PM on Thursday, and continues for approximately two hours. This event takes place at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Plummer Avenue.


An inpressive tournament closing is held following the final game on Saturday, at approximately 4:30 pm and this usually lasts about 45 minutes.

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