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Wall of Recognition




Wall of Recognition

Ray J MacLellan and Crew Productions

2015 « Shining Star » Recipient


To mark the 25th Anniversary of Coal Bowl in 2006, the Coal Bowl Board of Directors established a «Wall of Recognition» to honor those who, over the years, have made an outstanding contribution to the New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic.

This «Wall» is located in the gymnasia entrance and is designed to house the prestigious « Shining Star Awards », one of which has been awarded each year, beginning with Coal Bowl 2006. The following are the recipients to date:

  • 2006 Saint Anthony Daniel Council 3209 Knights of Columbus
  • 2007 New Waterford Credit Union
  • 2008 Nova Scotia Power Inc
  • 2009 Gerard Ferguson and Manulife Financial
  • 2010 Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board
  • 2011 New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic Volunteers
  • 2012 Lorraine Sheppard
  • 2013 Lloyd MacLeod and CBRM East Division Parks and Grounds New Waterford
  • 2014 New Waterford Coal Bowl Classic Referees

Coal Bowl 2015 marks the 34th Anniversary of this outstanding, one of a kind, national event.  Since the tournaments inception, Ray J. MacLellan and his Crew Productions have been a very important and integral part of the Coal Bowl Classic.  Ray J.'s tremendous commitment and expertise has taken the Coal Bowl Classic into a very technically savvy, international event.  Ray J.‘s desire to promote all things Cape Breton along with Breton Education Centre and the Coal Bowl Classic has allowed our tournament reach the success and coverage  that we are so proud of today.

The Coal Bowl Board of Directors would like to recognize and applaud Ray J. MacLellan for his past and continuous commitment as our technical, film-video and media production expert.   Coal Bowl's tremendous success through all of its 34 year history has made this community extremely proud and the community is deeply grateful for Ray J.'s and the Crew Production's invaluable contribution to this success.

The Coal Bowl Board of Directors are extremely pleased and proud to recognize the exceptional contribution of Ray J. MacLellan and Crew Productions to the outstanding success of all 34 New Waterford Coal Bowl Classics. The Board of Directors congratulates and honors Ray J. MacLellan and Crew Productions through the presentation of the very special and prestigious «Shining Star Award».

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