Winners : 2009 Coal Bowl Winners
Posted by admin on 2009/2/10 9:10:00 (1105 reads)

For the first time in 28 years the Breton Education Center Bears were able to close the deal and keep the gold medal in New Waterford. The so called “Coal Bowl Curse” has been lifted by this exceptional group of young men and their coaches. Coach Darnell Young had previously announced he would be “retiring” from the head coaching position at the end of the 2008-2009 season after 5 years with the team. This will most likely be the highlight of his AAA coaching career, so far. Coach Young attributed the win to hard work, talent, and support from the school, the crowd and the zoo crew.

The opportunity to seal the first championship for the hometown boys was hard fought in the Friday semi-final cross over game where the Bears met the Frontenac Falcons. The Falcons are coached by Coal Bowl veterans Suche James and Bruce Black with combined experience of 10 Coal Bowl Classic tournaments between them; they came to win and brought a strong team. They were trying to win their second Coal Bowl have previously won in 1987 against the Bears in a walk away final. However in 2009 in an electric double overtime game the Bears pulled out the win and dashed the Falcons hopes for a repeat. This game will not soon be forgotten by anyone in attendance or watching at home both teams played with courage and conviction knowing that they had what it took to be 2009 champions.

The final against Colonel Gray was not to be overshadowed by the previous night’s games. Colonel Gray, coached by former Coal Bowl player Chris Huggan, had won their semi-final by a single basket at the buzzer. It had also been emotionally charged game with the hometown crowd cheering for the PEI team almost as loudly as they would their own Bears but the fan support did not carry over into the final. The Bears had an uphill battle for most of their final game but went into the 4th quarter leading and came out on top. Congratulations to the 2009 Coal Bowl Classic champions the Breton Education Center Bears!

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