Coal mining in nova scotia

Welcome to my website...I'm Archie the Pit Rat. Down below is my cousin Angus. As you can see, Angus is ready to take us on a tour of a coal mine! We will help you explore the mines of Nova Scotia and discover interesting facts about animals in the mines, how coal is made and we will even look at children who worked in the mines!

Coal mining has been part of life in Nova Scotia for over 500 years! Have you ever been down in a coal mine? It is dark, damp and dirty...a rat's dream! Rats love living in coal mines and miners often make friends with a special rat. I hope have fun learning about mining and be sure to put on your hard hat before going underground!









I worked at Lingan Mine in Cape Breton. Mining is hard work but I have made many friends in the mines. Today on the website you can read some stories and see how coal is mined.

We will be exploring the coal mines of Nova Scotia but first you should visit my friends the dinosaurs ...let's see how coal was created!

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Coal miners down in a Cape Breton mine.


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