Adolf Hitler
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*Hitler was born in Braunan am Inn, Austria, on April 20,1889
* Was born to a Civil Servant Alois Hitler and his cousin/wife Klara
* He was a slow learner and did poorly in school as a result of his authoritarian father
* He was freed when his father died in his mid-sixties and he was only 14yrs and his mother died when he was only 18yrs
* Lived in Vienna between 1909 and 1913
* Tried to enter the Academy for Art in Vienna and was rejected once and failed the second time
* Then moved to Munich (Germany) in 1913 and was there when WW1 broke out in1914
* Hitler tried for the army but failed the fitness examnation
* But then volenteered in a Bavarian Regiment an was assigned as a message runner but also saw combat on the front line
* Was wounded in a gas attack
 * He recieved the Iron Cross 2nd Class for Bravery Twice and a not commissioned rank of Corporal
* After the War he was a spy for military authorities on the radical politicial parties which were considered a threat to German
*One group was the German Workers Party and Hitler was soon attending meeting and found a member,drawn by Party doctrine of mysticism and Anti-Semetism
*He soon became a speaker of the party in 1919
* Then renamed the party the National Socalist German Workers Party (NSDAP/NAZI)
* Then declaried himself Fuhrer of the party one year later
* He later called it the Nazi Party
*The nazis tried to seize power by the force in Nov 1923(called the Beer Hall Putsch) and failed
* Hitler was convicted of high treason and sentenced to prision for a year
* Mein Kampf was published in July of 1925. It was written while Hitler was serving time in prison at Fortress of Landsberg am Lech.
* He hoped that the release of the book would destroy the legendary fabrications which the "Jewish Press" have circulated about him.
* Hitler thought it was time to bring about change to germany and believed that this book would help influence the ideals of the german people.
This book scared the Jewish Community because of the ideals that Hitler had expressed in the book
*What scared them was the fact that Germany was so desperate for answers to its problems that this book could have the power to influence others and see Jews in the same way that Hitler did.
* He anncounced to achieve power legally
* He began to gain considerable support in Germany
* He ran for president in 1931 and failed
* was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Von Hindenburg on Jan 30,1933
* Over the next 6 yrs Hitler under took measures to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles and its obligations
* promised to restore Germany to its once great Glory
*Hitler had pathological hositle towards Jewes, Slava, Gypsies, homosexuals, and all other categories of people he deemed unfit to exist in his envisioned thousand-year reich
* Hitler then founded a personal body guard named the SS(Storm Troopers) and became his secrert army
* He then implemented measures designed to eliminate the Jews from German life
* Hitler passed the Enabling Act which made the Chancellor dictator of Germany and gave him even more power than the President
* Hitler's form of Government was called The Third Reich
* he had a firm " legal" basis on which to goveren as he pleased after the President had signed it
* In 1933 the government had outlawed freedom of the press, all labour unions, and all political parties except the Nazies
* The Gestapo(secret state police) hunted down its enemies and opponents of the government and some were jailed and
shot on suspicions alone
* By the time Hindenburg died in August 1934 Hitler had ruled Germany completely
* He assumed the title fuhrer und Reichskanzler ( leader and reich chancellor)
* Hitler had abolished the Presidental Office and merged it with his own to become the Chancellor of Germany
* he then violated theTreaty of Versailles by sending troops to Rheinland
* In 1938 hitler successfully negoited the union of Austria with Germany
* In 1938 he sent his troops to take over all of Czecholslovakia and narrowly averted a war with the Western Powers
* He ordered the invasion of Poland in 1939, then England & France declared war on Germany
* In 1940 Germany occupied Denmark, Norway, and the Low Countries, and then launched a major offensive against France
* Paris then fell and france surrendered, and greatly considered invading Great Britian
* Hitler assisted the Italians and took over Yugoslavia and Greece, later that year in invaded the Soviet Union
* Hitler had ordered a program of mass exermination of Jews that started in 1942 ( The Final Solution)
* The German army faltered outside of Moscow and began to retreat in 1942
* In 1943 the Germans had lost several major battles that occured at Kursk, Kharkov, and Stalingrad
* By 1944 Western powers had invaded France, and German was retreating on both fronts and had been utterly wiped out in the African Campains.
* As of 1945 Hitler was a frail and shaken man who had truely lost touch with reality
*As Russians closed on Berlin in April of 1945, Hitler had put a gun in his mouth and killed himself
* Just a day earlier he had married his mistress Eva Braun in a bomb shelter

* Hitler can be truly called the most evil man in all of history,and he must never be forgotten so that his actions will never repeated


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