Qadhafi Muammer Muhammed
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        Noted Consequences: . He also outlawed alcoholic beverages and gambling, in accordance with his own strict Islamic principles.
 Qaddafi also began a series of persistent but unsuccessful attempts to unify Libya with
 other Arab countries. He was adamantly opposed to negotiations with Israel and became
 a leader of the so-called rejectionist front of Arab nations in this regard. He also earned a
 reputation for military adventurism; his government was implicated in several abortive
 coup attempts in Egypt and The Sudan, and Libyan forces persistently intervened in the
 long-running civil war in neighboring Chad.

September: Expulsion of Palestinian refugees from Libya. This was
   an attempt from Qadhafi to address the political problems coming from
   the unresolved Palestinian claims on lands annexed with the
   establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. It was also a protest to
   the peace process that had started 2 years earlier.