Ferdinand Marcos
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     Marcos, Ferdinand Edralin (1917-89), former president-dictator of the Philippines (1965-86).  Born in Sarrat, studied law, and while still a student was convicted of a politically motivated murder. Free on bail, he graduated with a law degree, appealed his own case, and won acquittal.  In 1947 he gave up planned studies at Harvard to serve as technical assistant to President Roxas.  In 1954 he married Imelda Romualdez.  They had three children, Maria Imelda born in 1955, Ferdinand Junior born in 1958, and Irene in 1960.
    During the  presidential elections of 1986, in which he claimed to have defeated Corazon Aquino, which provoked a popular Widespread fraud in presidential elections, that caused an uprising that forced Marcos and his wife into exile in Hawaii. He died on September 28, 1989, in Honolulu, having spent his last years fending off lawsuits seeking to reclaim the vast wealth he had accumulated while in office. His widow, who returned to the Philippines in November 1991 to contest the upcoming presidential election, also faced charges of financial impropriety.   In 1992 Marcos' body was  returned to the Philippines for burial in his hometown of Laoag City.  Later that month Imelda Marcos was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 18-24 years imprisonment.  While appealing her conviction she was elected in May 1995 to the Philippine house of representatives.