Slobodan Milosevic
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-Born August 29,1941 in Pozarevac, Yugoslavia.
-Both of his parents committed suicide
-His father was a defrocked priest (kicked out of priesthood)
-Attended the university of Belgrade.  It was at this time where he got married
-A large portion of the politicians and journalists were pursing him for making the Dayton peace Accord possible.
    Which ended the siege of Bosnia in 1995
-As one writer said "it's the fear of those who fear you."  3 and it doesn't take a genius to use this fear in the way Milesevic did.
-On April 24,1987 Milosevic spoke before a crowd of Kosovo Serbs who were being brutalized by most albanian police.
    He told them "No one shall ever beat you again."
-Milosevic became head of the Yugoslav Communist party and the republics of Croatia and Slovenia declared themselves independent.  A short war between the reduced Yugoslavia and Croatia followed with the Croats achieving victory after a bloody fight with protests of atrocities coming from both sides.
-When faced with a real opposition Milosevic has always folded.
-In 1996 large numbers of protesters took to the streets to protest an earlier foray into electoral fraud, this time in non presidential elections, and he was forced into a compromise, turning over, among others, the position of Mayor of Belgrade to the Opposition.  Many members of the "United Opposition" who turned against him after the country was bombed by Nato and economic sanctions left the country in a shambles, were some of his most important allies on the Right and their rhetoric was even more extreme than his own.
-The ineptness of Milosevic's handling of the Kosovo situation in the late 1990's showed that he was anything but the "mad genius" he was portrayed as in the West.  It was in many ways the lack of will shown by Europe and the United States during the Bosnia crisis that allowed this man of rather average intelligence to manipulate the peace process.  When faced with daily bombings and dwindling popularity over Kosovo, Milosevic once again tried to wrap himself in the role of peace-maker but this time not even the once credulous Clinton Administration was buying it.
-The tragedies that followed in Milosevic's wake are not his sole responsibility.  The simple truth is that Slobodan Milosevic probably never committed a murder with his own hands: there were plenty of people around who were willing to do his killing for him.  Let's hope that his successors honour all the victims of his Presidency and not just those who share their national identity or there will be more crises and more hatred in the very heart of Europe in the years to come.
-In April 2001, Milosevic was found and arrested for his role in Kosovo conflict.

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