Pol Pot
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1925- born in the Kompong Thom Province of Cambodia.
Named Soloth Sar
1949- Went to Paris to study radio technology. he neglected his studies and became involved in radical student organizations.
1953- returned to Cambodia.  A year later  Cambodia won full independence from the French.
       -working as a teacher to support himself, he secretly worked in the radical underground to form an opposition to the monarchy of King Sihanouk.
1960- along with other Cambodian Communists he formed the Cambodian Communist Party Group. King Sihanouk later dubbed his group the "Khmer Rouge", or "Red Cambodians".
1967- The Khamer Rouge began its military campaign against the Cambodian government
1977- after the U.S. with drawled their forces from Vietnam the Khmer Rouge attacked and invaded the Cambodian capital of Phom Penh bringing the country under its control.
1975-79 - the Khmer Rouge governed as a ruthless and bloody government. Nearly 2 million Cambodians were killed during the 4 year experiment in peasant communism. Many died from starvation and disease during the Khmer Rouge Government's attempt to collectivize agricultural production. More were killed by direct methods.
1979-  there was a Vietnam invasion. The Vietnamese army deposed Pol Pot's government and established a puppet government in its place. The Khmer Rouge fled to Thailand establishing military bases with the permission of the Thai Government.
1979-96 The Khmer Rouge fought against Cambodian Governments.
1991- Peace agreement signed, but was not heeded.
1996- 4 thousand members left the Khmer Rouge and joined Cambodian Government.
1997- The Fall of Pol Pot. Pol Pot ordered executions of former defense minister and it resulted in a 1000 man force loyal to defense minister turning against Pol Pot. Pol Pot was captured.
1998, April 15th- Pol Pot suffered a heart attack and died before he could be brought to trial.


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