School Policies


Reporting will be by letter grades in all areas except Music and Art where individual assessment sheets are given. Passing grades should be derived from special assignments, projects, reports, unit tests and, in some cases, multi-unit tests.

If a student is considerably behind in performance, he/she will have to repeat the grade. The subjects which should be considered in such a case are Language Arts and mathematics. If a child is consistently low in other subjects, he/she will be considered by the school and a decision will be made by the teacher(s) and principal, in consultation with the appropriate support services.


Students in grades 4 - 6 are responsible for obtaining from another student any test notifications and/or assignments of written work that they have missed while absent from school or that have been lost. Teachers will not photocopy notes, etc., that have been written on the board or dictated in class. Parents/guardians should assure that each student works at home and completes all assignments.

For a student who is a member of a school team, s/he is reminded that they are not permitted to play or practice on a school team during the day of their absence from school; unless, s/he obtains special permission to do so from the Principal or Vice Principal.



Non-bus students are encouraged, particularly in foul weather, not to arrive at the school until 8:40 a.m. when teacher supervision begins. Students will not be permitted into the building until the bell rings at 8:50 a. m. In the case of inclement weather, the school will make the decision when to allow students into their classrooms.


Weather permitting, teachers are assigned recess duty outside on a rotating basis. If the weather is bad, students are supervised in their classrooms.


Students in grades one to six, who walk to school, are expected to go home for lunch. As in the case in the morning, students are encouraged, particularly in foul weather, not to arrive at the school until fifteen minutes before the bell when teacher supervision begins. Bus students will be supervised during the noon period.


All students are to remain on the school grounds at recess. Under normal circumstances only students who go home for lunch are to leave the school grounds at noon. If a bus student is permitted to go elsewhere for lunch then the student must have signed permission from the parent/guardian in order to leave the school grounds.

If a student must leave for an appointment with a doctor, dentist etc., or must arrive late for the same reasons, parents are asked to please make sure the classroom teacher is properly notified by way of a telephone call or note.

In the case of illness, the school should be notified prior to the morning or afternoon bell. Classroom teachers should have an emergency number in case contact cannot be made with the home.


The Cape Breton Victoria District School Board Policy regarding Physical Education states that students must be properly attired while attending classes. Students are expected to wear properly fitting and comfortable clothing in Physical Education classes. It is also expected that students will wear clean and dry gym shoes.


Parents are encouraged to call the Principal or Vice-Principal at the school if they have any concerns at any time throughout the year. However, we discourage parents from calling teachers or students to the phone during class time. Teachers are available before and after class hours. Important messages may be left with the Principal, Vice-principal, or School Secretary and the information will be relayed immediately to the concerned party. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Cell Phones are strictly prohibited in school. It is not acceptable to give your child a cell phone so that you can contact them via phone call and/or text message. If it is an emergency and you need to contact your son/daughter, it is imperative that you phone the school and ask to get in contact with them immediately (emergency only). If it is not an emergency then leave a message at the office and we will contact your son/daughter and pass along the message.


It is imperative that students leave all recording devices and expensive games, iPods, etc. at home. This includes but is not limited to: cell phones, DSIs, iPods, iPads, cameras, movie cameras, voice/sound recorders, etc. We strongly discourage recording devices for privacy and student security reasons.


Parents are advised that it is their decision whether or not to send their children to school on days of inclement weather.

In the event of serious weather conditions that necessitate school cancellation, a general announcement will be made over the local radio stations at 6:45 a.m. and intermittently until 8:45 p.m. If noon hour cancellation is necessary, this will be announced in the school and over the local radio stations before noon.


    Mission Statement:

Working Together Brings Success


    Vision Statement:

The administration of Glace Bay Elementary School has worked closely with teachers, parents and students to revise our present discipline policy to better reflect today's generation and to promote fairness, equity and consistency. Our objective was not to simply list rules or regulations and punishments when rules were broken and not to throw out what we already had in place. Working closely with all parties, our goal was to work towards establishing a school environment where students would be encouraged to recognize socially accepted behaviour as being necessary and to accept responsibility for their actions. We believe that when students are fully aware of the goals of the school, as well as the consequences of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, they are more likely to make decisions that are beneficial to all.


We also recognize the importance of the school working in harmony with the home so that your child's first seven years in the education system at Glace Bay Elementary School are both rewarding and pleasant. We urge parents to participate in their child's education by helping him/her develop good work habits, supervising homework, talking with your child about what goes on at school, attending parent/teacher days and becoming involved in school activities.



We, the staff of Glace Bay Elementary School, believe that the aim of our school is to provide the best educational opportunities possible to enable all our children to succeed, both personally and as citizens of this province and nation. All persons associated with this school will direct their efforts to this end.

The goals of Glace Bay Elementary School will be to permit and assist every child to acquire:

1. An understanding of himself/herself and an appreciation of his/her worth as an individual.

2. An enjoyment for school work and satisfaction in his/her achievements.

3. The desire and ability to express himself/herself creatively.

4. A mastery of the basic learning skills.

5. The knowledge, habits, and attitudes that promote personal health and cleanliness, courtesy and good manners, and a respect for person and property.