Glace Bay is a community with a rich and long history.  The
growth and development of the town is linked to the coal
industry.  At its peak, the town had the world's largest
underground coal mining operation with a number of active
mines scattered in different areas of the town.  Record of
people inhabiting the town and the region around it go back as
far as the 1720's when the French mined coal in the Port
Morien area for fuel at the Fortress of Louisbourg

This web site is intended to provide a brief history on certain
aspects of the town and is certainly not a thorough study of
the town's rich history.  The Grade 8D class of Morrison
Junior High is responsible for the research and development
of this page with the assistance of Mr. McKinlay, grade 8
Social Studies Teacher.  We would like to acknowledge the
assistance of Mr. Howard MacKinnon of the Glace Bay
Historical Society, the staff of the Glace Bay Heritage
Museum, the Technical Department of the Cape Breton-
Victoria Regional School Board
, and Mr. Spencer, principal
of Morrison Junior High School.