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Director's Report - April 2008



APRIL, 2008


Beth MacIsaac

Director of Human Resource Services




The CAPSULE Conference takes place in Halifax on April 20, 21, and 22.  The objective of this conference is to bring together educational stakeholders to explore ways to become better educational leaders within the existing legal structure.  The theme for this years conference is:  Educational Leadership Today and Tomorrow:  The Law as Friend and Foe.



Preparation for staffing for the 2008-2009 school year has begun.  Staffing profiles for all schools are being prepared to assist the principals in their job postings for the voluntary transfer lists.



Integration Committee meetings continue monthly in Halifax.  This month’s discussion centered around major projects that are facing the CCC, payroll services, and the boards – the planned payroll adjustment date (a.k.a. – 5-year bump); concerns about Johnson Interface, and enhancement within Plant Maintenance Module.

The HR Working Group meetings continue monthly.  Board representatives from payroll join human resources staff from all boards to discuss concerns and issues.  Issues that cannot be solved at this level are escalated to the integration committee for discussion.



1.         Principals in Focus

The principals in focus forum took place in Halifax on April 10 & 11, 2008.  The session was opened by the Premium of Nova Scotia and was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education, Dennis Cochrane.  The final session on Friday was attended by the Education Minister, Karen Casey.


2.         Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Consortium

a)         On April 16 & 17, 2008, NSELC will be holding Module 11 (Leadership in      Human Resources) in Halifax.  This will be the first two days of a four-day module.  The remaining 2 days will be held sometime in May 2008. The session is being held for the HR directors and coordinators from across the province.

b)         On April 30, 2008, NSELC will be hosting a one-day professional development session in Halifax with Dr. Robert Marzanno.


3.         Professional Development Fund Committee (PDFC)

The next session of the PDFC will be held on April 30, 2008.


4.         Substitute Placement System

The final contract negotiations are being completed with Frontline Technologies, and plans are progressing for the new on-line substitute placement system for the province.  Cape Breton-Victoria should be arranging for training and in servicing so that we will be up and running September 2008.


5.         Staffing, 2008-2009

NSTU staffing plans for the coming school year are nearing completion and will be brought forward to the Board in early May.  The staffing plan will include a review of other services provided to the schools such as secretarial and administrative services.



Return to Work Program:

Return to Work is both an outcome and a process, achieved through a collaboration that involves the injured worker, employer, health care provider(s) and a union representative.

- Meetings have been held with WCB case managers, principals or supervisors, to develop “Return to Work” plans for injured workers who are ready to return to their previous position or to transitional duties.

- Continued management of accident report files (WCB) for non-teaching injured workers.


Priority Employer Program

Meetings with the Occupational Health and Safety JOSH committee and Sharon Johnston to continue verification of the Checklist/survey results with the OH&S Policy and Program have been held. The action plan to work towards a safe and healthy workplace will be developed from the results of this work.


Attendance Management:

- Management of employee absences/attendance data and reports (all codes) generated for both NSTU and CUPE – monthly

- “Teacher Absences – Sick Days” report

-“Non-Teaching employees Absences – Sick Days” report

-“Retired Teachers in Substitute Positions” report completed monthly

- Continued work on Attendance Management policy


Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy/Strategy research – preliminary study of the current literature and legal cases


Cape Breton Community Partnership on Drug Abuse: (Education and Prevention Working Group.)

The mandate of this committee is to review and identify factors that lead to drug abuse and misuse and to recommend appropriate interventions and education initiatives within the Cape Breton community. I have been invited to participate as a representative of the CBVRSB on the Education and Prevention Working Group. The next meeting of this working group is May 2, 2008.


SHARON JOHNSTON                                 

Occupational Health & Safety

(1)        Training

In last months report, I focused on the Health and Safety Training provided to our school-based support staff.  This month I=d like to bring you up to date on training provided since February to the members of our  Operations Department - maintenance/tradespersons.

a)        Fall Protection and Scaffolding Training

On February 29th, thirteen (13) members of the Operations Department attending Fall Protection Training.  Under the Fall Protection Regulations, staff members cannot climb over 3 meters without this training.

b)        First Aid Training- CPR

On March 10th, thirteen (13) members of the Operations Department attended First Aid and CPR training at Malcolm Munroe Junior High.

c)        WHMIS - Train the Trainer

Four (4) members of the Operations Department attended a WHMIS - Train the Trainer course.  This will allow members of the Department to do in-house training.

d)        Asbestos Awareness Training

On April 3, 2008, day long Asbestos Awareness Training took place at Malcolm Munroe Jr. High for about a dozen staff members.  The course, put on by All Tech Environmental services, provided information on the types of asbestos, likelihood of where it is to be found, ARegulations@ governing asbestos as well as how to carry out a AType 1" clean up -Aglove bag work procedure@.


(2)        Regulations regarding the Prevention of Violence in the Workplace

The violence prevention plans developed to match the completed risk assessments continue to be >tweaked= and will be presented and reviewed with Principals on May 6 & 7th.


(3)        Miscellaneous

Various issues dealing with air quality, ergonomics and pensions as they may arise.

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