Creation New Email Account/ Reset Password:

NEEDEDEmployee ID (400 number)Birthdate.

NOTE:  The Self-Service site is used to create your new account and to reset your password in the future.  Remember the security question and response used during the creation of the account. You will have to answer this correctly to reset your own password in the future.

Example: USERNAME(Same as Ednet Username)@nspes.ca 

SELF-SERVICE URL (Create Account / Reset Password): https://selfservice.nspes.ca/cgi-bin/staffaccount.pl

WEBMAIL URLhttps://nspes.ca

Username:  USERNAME@nspes.ca

Password:  NSPES Email PASSWORD


Migrate your old email data to the new system once you have created your new nspes e-mail account above (Note: It may take some time for the system to migrate your Ednet data to the new NSPES account): 

DATA MIGRATION URL:  https://selfservice.nspes.ca/cgi-bin/migrate.pl

NOTE:  If you wish to have your old Email forwarded to your new, make sure to check the box on the migration screen:


EXPORTIN/IMPORTING CONTACT LISTS: http://www.cbv.ns.ca/iei/modules/news/article.php?storyid=69


OurCloud File Storage

OurCloud URL: https://ourcloud.nspes.ca

OurCloud Desktop Synchronisation (Manage your cloud files from your desktop)






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