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OurTube is a multimedia management website for Nova Scotia staff and students.  Your are already a member!  Just click on the link below and login with your Ednet or NSPES Email username and password.  View, share and collaborate with peers from around the province.  All content on this site is stored and managed within Nova Scotia.  This site is not open to the public.  If your parents would like to view content from the website, please login with them.


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How to Export Address Book Contacts form Ednet accounts and Import them into a new NSPES account

1.  Navigate to the Address Book in your Ednet Account, select Import/Export

2.  Use the Export Address feature to export a 'comma separated values file.'


3.  Navigate to your address book in the new NSPES Email account and choose Import/Export.

4.  Use the 'Import Address Book' feature to upload the .csv file exported to your computer in step 2.




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The following link leads to an online video series focusing on the OurCloud file repository, produced and distributed by Learning Resources & Technology Services.

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The following link leads to an overview of the OurCloud interface.

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OurCloud users can download and install a desktop client that will create a synchronised folder on their PC or Mac. Once installed, any files saved in that folder will automaitically sync with the cloud so that users can access their files from their Email, accross other devices or from the website.  Below is a link to the desktop client software and the credentials that users will be prompted for during the installation of the software.  If you are a CBVRSB teacher and would like this client installed on your classoom computer, please submit a SAP work request at your school office.

Server Address: 

Username:  Your NSPES Email Address

Password:  Your NSPES Email Account Password

On a PC, an icon will appear in the lower right toolbar that leads to your synced folder. (Right-Click on the icon to view your options):


On a Mac, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of your desktop that leads to you synced folder (Right-Click on the icon to view your options):


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Please send an Email to your principal or school secretary asking them to update the Email address on your demographics screen, located in PowerSchool Admin.

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Teachers and students are now able to create new NSPES Email accounts via the self-service links below. The migration link can be used to migrate your Ednet data to your new account. The migration process may take some time, but your data will eventually be moved over by the system. You will still have acess to both accounts. The information below outlines how to create a NSPES account, migrate data from your old account and set it to auto-forward messages to the new account.

New Features:

Modern look, Better sharing, Current release, Access from anywhere from anything, Activesync(task, calendar, email), Native clients from Android/Apple/Windows/Linux, Better portable device support, Accounts shared across boards, Actively developed





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