Using Preferred Names in Grade Book

Posted by Instructional Support on November 8, 2013 10:20 am (1506 reads)

In order for a students preferred name to show on reports generated by PowerTeacher Grade book, the following steps must be completed.

1.  From your grade book, navigate to tools/preferences in the toolbar.  On a Mac, navigate to PowerTeacher GradeBook/preferences from the toolbar.


2.  Once in the Grade Book preferences, navigate to the 'Student' category and make sure 'Use preferred name when available' and 'Use preferred name on reports' are both checked.


3.  Now that your Grade Book preferences have been set to recognize preferred names, navigate to the 'Student Info' icon at the top of your grade book.


4. Enter the preferred names in the preferred Name column for that class and then make sure to click 'Save.'


4. Although you may have the same students enrolled in all sections, the preferred names have to be entered on the 'Student Info' screen for each section you teach. Once the preferred names have been entered for each section, any reports generated for the rest of the year will show the students preferred name.  


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