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What do I do if a student is missing Registration Information?
Requested and Answered by Instructional Support [macneb5] on January 7, 2013 1:31 pm (13084 reads)
If a student is missing registration information you typically need to go back to the Registration screen for the student and verify that all the mandatory fields are completed. However sometimes the student's Program Type could be incorrect or missing. If a single student has an incorrect or missing Program type:

• Select your student/go back to the start page/click “Special Functions”/Group Functions/Student Field Value.
• Then type …ns_program… in the first field and put the Program Type that you want**in capital E005** in the next field.
• Hit Submit. This takes you to a verification screen. Verify and then Submit again.
• ***Note: if you are doing this for a group of students you can get your selection of students and then go directly to Group Functions.***

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