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What do I do if a student's registration date is greater than the leaving date?
Requested and Answered by Instructional Support [macneb5] on January 7, 2013 1:32 pm (13104 reads)

If you get this error while running the edit checker the problem probably be traced back to the dates of transfers. Transfers need to happen in sequence (ie. a child cannot leave a school before they arrive). The dates must line up and cannot overlap. I child cannot enter and then leave the school on the same day unless they are classified as a "No Show". In this case the entry and exit dates wold be set prior to the start of the school year typically August 31st.

All of the date alignments can be viewed and changed by:

-Searching for the student (sometimes they are inactive and you will need to use the / to find them.
-Under the section called Enrollment on the left, select "Transfer Info".
-Verify the dates to ensure there are no dates out of sequence or overlapping
-to make a change to a date click on the the blue entry date. There you will be able to modify the dates correctly.

alt text

Video Tutorial

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