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How do I set up term storage bins so that they become available to teachers in their grade books? (Final Grade Setup)
Requested and Answered by Instructional Support [macneb5] on January 8, 2013 1:32 pm (13037 reads)
In order to have a successful start to your school year your final Grade Setup must be completed on the administrative side of PowerSchool. Teachers will not be able to set up their gradebook without it.

• Make sure you are in you new school year (indicated at the top right of your start page)
• Start Page/School/Final Grade Setup
• Click “New”
• Name: the name is the reporting/storage bin for the grades in your school (T1,T2,T3, Q1,S1,Q3,Y1,E1,F1) Start Sequentially (ie. T1 for a P-6 or 7-9 school, then T2)
• Starting Date: Enter the start date for the term
• Ending Date: Enter the end date for the term
• Suppress Letter Grade Display: this varies from school to school
• Suppress Percent Display: this varies from school to school
• Submit and click “New” to enter the next term.
• Be sure to complete all terms for Year long, Trimester, Semester and Quarters
• Be sure not to overlap dates or to leave gaps between dates between terms.
• Schools can roll back the year to see how their Final Grade Setup was done in the previous year by going to the top right of the screen changing the year back to the previous year and then look at the Final Grade Set Up as outlined above.

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