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Welcome to Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, located in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, Canada..............Welcome to Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, located in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Important Reminders and Notices

Report cards will be distributed at dismissal on Tuesday, November 25th.

Parent-teacher meetings have been scheduled for Thursday, November 27th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Friday, November 28th from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.  As usual, English program teachers will be located in the gymnasium and French Immersion teachers will be located in the cafeteria.


Malcolm Munroe school clothing is now available to order! Please see the link in the main menu, found on the left, for an infographic of styles and prices.


When school is cancelled, all activities at the school are cancelled as well.

Students Leaving for Sporting Events

If your son or daughter is leaving the school with someone other than his or her parent (s) we require your written permission.  A brief note including the name of the student, the date on which he or she is leaving the building, the name of the person with whom the student is traveling and your signature is all that is required. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

Malcolm Munroe Memos

Click here for the Fall 2014 edition of the Malcolm Munroe Memos Newsletter.


Please continue to watch this space for important memos and information regarding the Malcolm Munroe school community.

Looking Inward: Family of Schools Public Meetings

Looking Inward

Riverview Family of Schools

Student Accommodation Study Committee


Dear Parents/Guardians:

For the past six months, the Student Accommodation Study Group for the Riverview Family of Schools has been assessing the five (5) proposals the School Board placed before the Study Group for consideration. The Study Group is now ready to present its assessment of the proposals to the public.

The purpose of the meeting is twofold:

  • For the Study Group to present their draft report;
  • To provide an opportunity for parents and members of the public to add their input on the proposals.

No decisions on any of the proposals under review have been made by the Board. This is not a school review process.

The meeting for the Riverview Family of Schools will be held on Wednesday, November 26, 2014, at 7:00 pm at Riverview High School.


Parents, guardians, educational partners and interested citizens are invited to give input in response to the proposals for each Family of Schools generated from the Looking Inward process. A brief presentation from the study committee will precede the public input. Documents regarding the proposals can be found on the Boards website - under the Looking Inward Tab.

FAMILY OF SCHOOL        LOCATION OF MEETING                    DATE                     TIME

Victoria South                     Baddeck Academy             November 16, 2014            7:00 PM

New Waterford                    Breton Education C.           November 19, 2014            7:00 PM

Northside                             Memorial High                    November 23, 2014            7:00 PM

Riverview                             Riverview                            November 26, 2014            7:00 PM

Victoria North                      Cabot                                   November 27, 2014            5:30 PM

Glace Bay                            Glace Bay High                   November 30, 2014            7:00 PM

Sydney                                 Sydney Academy               December 1, 2014              7:00 PM


Scented Products

We have both students and staff members at Malcolm Munroe with serious medical concerns related to the chemicals found in a wide variety of scented products including perfumes, deodorants, hairsprays, and laundry products.  Contact with even trace amounts of these chemicals results in very serious and prolonged medical issues.  We ask your help in keeping the school as scent free as possible. 

Coming Events
Contact Information

125 Kenwood Drive

Sydney River, NS     

B1S 1T8

phone: (902) 564-4587

fax: (902) 564-1666

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