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Homework Policy

 An hour and half for home study, usually in a designated quiet area, should be a part of a student’s daily routine, regardless of whether specific assignments have been given.  Junior high students should realize that homework is not just written assignments, but that studying is an integral part of homework. 




  • reinforces the present day’s lesson.
  • prepares for the next day’s lesson.
  • reinforces acquired skills and develops study habits.
  • helps develop a sense of responsibility.
  • prepares students to face the demands presented through life.
  • teaches students independent learning.


The conscientious completion of assignments is a critical aspect of student success. Homework is used to reinforce what has been taught in class and to provide important feedback to teachers regarding student comprehension and progress. The refusal to complete homework assignments greatly increases the likelihood of failure to achieve the outcomes required by the Department of Education in all subjects, at all grade levels. In many cases, students will repeat grades because they did not receive the benefits of having done homework.

We realize and accept that junior high school students may, from time to time, come to school with homework not done. However, we cannot accept repeated, defiant refusal to accept responsibility for assignments which are to be done at home. There will be very clear consequences, which are designed to encourage students to become engaged in their education through completing their homework and coming to school prepared.




In the case of absenteeism, students are paired up with another student to ensure homework assignments and classwork are obtained.  It is the responsibility of the student when he/she is absent to contact his/her “Homework Buddy.”  Junior high students must learn to be independent and to do their own work.  Learning to be responsible is part of the growing process. Please note, homework is posted on the school website.

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