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ATTENDANCE:  Daily attendance at school is required of all students.  Parents/Guardians are requested to notify the school if your child will be absent.  Our phone number is 564-4587.

ILLNESS:  Students who become ill during the day will report to the office as soon as possible.  They must not remain in a washroom or attempt to go home without checking with the office first.  No student should leave school without permission from the office and before the secretary contacts the home.  In case of illness, students must report to the office and a call home will be made by the secretary.

LATE: All students are expected to be punctual and arrive prepared for class each morning and for all classes throughout the day.  If students are late arriving at school, they are to report to the office before proceeding to class.  School begins at 8:45 with the playing of our national anthem.

LEAVING SCHOOL GROUNDS: Students who are not bussed to school may go home for lunch if they so wish.  However, like all other students they must obtain permission to leave at any other time.  Students who are normally conveyed by bus are not permitted to leave the school grounds without the permission of the school administration.

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Middle School