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Code of Conduct

The Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High Code of Conduct

In order to establish and maintain a reasonable level of discipline within the school, it is essential that all participants in the educational process have a clear understanding of the school’s Code of Conduct.  The parameters of acceptable and unacceptable behavior and their consequences must be clearly delineated.

The following are some appropriate behaviors which will encourage the development of a positive learning environment:
  • Those behaviors which increase the potential for the student to achieve positive results in school.  These include preparedness, use of effective learning skills, and the implementation of productive work habits.
  • Behaviors which promote good will and harmony among members of the school community.  These include tolerance, respect, acceptance, and fairness.
  • Behaviors which increase the potential for the student to be an active contributing member of society.  These include involvement in civic and social opportunities and events, as well as involvement in extra and co-curricular activities.

Such appropriate behavior will be recognized and commended in various ways and at various levels including the classroom, the school, and the home.  Commendation may range from verbal to formal through such venues as the school newspaper, the administration newsletter, school announcements, and whatever other means are deemed appropriate.

When dealing with matters of discipline, the school administration and all teachers shall deal with students in a fair, equitable, and reasonable manner.  The approach to discipline within our school shall be flexible to the point that extenuating circumstances shall be considered and decisions shall not be strictly bound by a predetermined set of rules.  The degree of severity of the offence shall determine the consequences for the action.

The majority of minor student misbehavior will be handled by the classroom teacher.  Documentation of discipline problems is essential and shall be recorded by the classroom teacher.  However, when a teacher is confronted with repeated disciplinary problems within the classroom, such matters are to be referred to the school administration.  As well, all major incidents of misbehavior will be dealt with by the administration and will be recorded.

When dealing with students on matters of discipline, teachers and the school administration may employ one or more of the following strategies.

  • discussion with the student.
  • referral to the Guidance Department
  • contact with the home
  • cafeteria duty
  • suspension from school
  • restitution where appropriate
  • loss of privilege to participate in school functions

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