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Vocational programs at Memorial High can be entered at a grade 10 or 11 level and run for 2 to 3 year periods. You can also enter as a 1-year which will entitle you to complete the program, whether it is a 2 or 3-year program, in one year.

While in the program you can go on work experience depending on the person and the program you enter. You could also be required to wear safety equipment or a uniform as needed. Theory work as well as hands on will be required. Your theory work will come from text books. You may be required to pay for text books, uniforms, and/or safety equipment, depending on the program.

General Description

The carpenter designs layouts and after selecting the appropriate lumber and other material, prepares them for use according to prescribed measurements. Traditionally, the carpenter has been a worker in wood. The modern - day carpenter also works with many new materials. Almost every phase of building requires the skill of a carpenter. A carpenter sometimes completes all phases of the trade, from the foundation to the finish trim, the trade is becoming less seasonal as new methods
of construction and materials become available. Carpenters must be able to work with numbers, including fractions, decimals and calculate areas using accurate measurements. Vocational 10 Construction  is an introductory component of the carpentry trade. Generic information on safety, tools and attitudes along with basic practical skills make up the Voc 10 program.

Pre-employment apprentices have the opportunity to successfully complete the following course-based outcomes:

General Description

This is a three-year apprenticeship program designed to prepare students for employment in the field of cooking. A portion of each student's time will be spent in learning the basic theory of professional food preparation and extensive practical work. An entrepreneurial aspect of the program consists of theory on small business enterprise and customer service.

Students will have the opportunity to obtain credit for the following apprenticeship units:

  • Health and Safety
  • Basic cooking principles
  • Vegetable and starch cookery
  • Baking and desserts
  • Egg and breakfast cookery

Dining Room Services
General Description

This course in Dining Room Services is designed to prepare students for employment in the food services industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries in today's society. Some topics covered include: sanitation, types of services, beverage service, customer relation and safety. Regular restaurant service in the staff dining room will comprise a large segment of the time allotted for the year, along with training and experience in the use of equipment, utensils, and entrepreneurial skills. Students will also receive training in a Food Safety Program, WHMIS, First Aid and a technology credit.

General Description

The objective of the Electrical Construction Program is to prepare students for entry level employment in the electrical trade. This course meets requirements set forth by the Atlantic Canada Apprenticeship Training Standards. Through this program, which combines theory with hands-on practical exercises, students will develop the ability to perform basic electrical tasks. Students are encouraged to seek apprenticeship upon completion of this program as a means of furthering their skills toward journeyperson level in the electrical trade.

Vocational 10 Construction will allow the electrical students to become familiar with tools in the electrical and construction industry, and learn safety on and off the job site.


Graphic Design - Print Media Technology
General Description

This is a 3 year program aimed at developing the student's aptitudes, skills and understanding in the field of printing. Emphasis is placed on the offset and computer design / multimedia process taking the student through the various work areas necessary to produce commercial work acceptable to the industry standards. The printing field is the largest employer in the North America and is continuing to grow at more than 5% per year.

Heavy Duty Equipment Repair
General Description

This three year course covers subjects such as running gear, suspension systems, hydraulic brakes, manual steering, engine operation, cooling systems, lubricants, electricity, lighting circuits, batteries, shop safety, welding. You will also study gasoline and diesel fuel systems.

There is an introductory component of the Heavy Duty Mechanics Program,   Vocational 10 Mechanics, that can be considered at the grade 10 level. This portion includes your tool usage and identifications as well as a strong background of safety and awareness in the shop.

Information Technology
General Description

In today's world you must be prepared to adapt to changing technology or be left behind. The aim of this course is to prepare high school students to enter the workforce in the fast growing field of computer related occupations. This course also provides a strong foundation to support future academic pursuits.

Students are exposed to a variety of technical theory and practical skills which will help them choose a career path. Current technology is used by students in a "learn-by-doing" environment to reinforce learning and application of the concepts covered.

Marketing Inventory Control
General Description

This is a three year program. This will include marketing concepts, as well as computer enhanced inventory control. It will also include purchasing, pricing, and invoicing of goods, transportation and freight rate calculation. The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) will also be introduced.

Motor Vehicle Repair
General Description

This course is designed to meet the needs of the automotive industry by providing up-to-date material and equipment for training purposes. The student will be expected to apply him/herself to the detailed theory and practical aspects of this course. The course offers the opportunity for the students to work on a variety of makes and models of automobiles found in the automotive trade. Since the need for automobiles is growing, so is the need for Automotive Technicians, so why not consider joining our automotive team here at Memorial Composite High School.  As well as the opportunities listed above the course has an introductory component, Vocational 10 Mechanics that is offered at the grade 10 level. This portion includes tool usage and identification as well as engine work, tire changing, wheel balancing and a strong background of safety and awareness in the automotive shop.

Plumbing & Heating
General Description

This is a three year program which introduces students to all aspects of the trade. This will include installation which includes piping, roughing in, cold and hot water supply, maintenance repair, blue printing, safety and related math. As well as welding, and oil burner installation.

Voc 10 Construction will allow the plumbing students to become familiar with tools in the plumbing and construction industry, and learn safety on and off the job site.

Radio Television Broadcasting
General Description

The aim of the 2-year RTV program is to deliver an overview of the exciting and challenging technical world of radio and television broadcasting. The RTV program provides training in all operational aspects of radio and television.

General Description

Young people planning careers as welders need manual dexterity, good eyesight and good eye-hand coordination. They should be able to concentrate on detailed work for long periods and must be free of any physical disabilities that would prevent them from bending, stooping or working in awkward positions. You will learn to become good problem solvers. Acquiring knowledge and hands-on skills as well as problem solving plays a big part in this two year course. Welders must be able to work with numbers, including decimals, fractions and calculate areas using accurate measurements. You’ll learn to weld metal parts and structures as well as create solutions using various welding and cutting processes, equipment and learning techniques. This course is designed to teach proper welding skills and instill good work ethics. There are unlimited opportunities for those who become thoroughly acquainted with the techniques, materials, designs, and new applications of welding processes.

The Workshop curriculum is designed to provide a viable educational opportunity for the student who has experienced difficulties completing the Junior High School program or the student who may have left school and still has the desire to continue his/her education.

In addition to the Workshop English and Math courses, the students will also be registered in regular English 10 and Math 10 credits. To complete the semestered timetable, students will be exposed to specific shop technology electives, including - Wood and Home Maintenance Technology, Dining Room Services, or OJT-on the Job Training.

English Workshop - English 10
Math Workshop - Math 10

The aim of the course is to help students improve their literacy and numeracy skills so that they will be able to participate in and be successful in a regular class environment. This will include learning to take responsibility for homework, attendance and classroom deportment. The course will address the issues of weak communication skills and focus on math, reading, writing and research in relation to individual needs. The goal will be to promote learning in all subjects through improved language and math abilities.



To complete the semestered timetable, students will be exposed to specific shop technology electives, including Wood and Home Maintenance Technology. In Maintenance Technology the student will be introduced to basic Home Technology, and an introduction to computers and how they influence our modern life style. It will also include areas such as home safety procedures for appliance repair, electrical fuses and outlets, with general welding (Oxygen-Acetylene, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Soldering) and sheet metal lay-out and development procedures. Blueprint Reading, Bench work, Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) will also be part of this segment.


In the elective segment of the workshop, Woodworking Technology uses the entrepreneurial approach in the manufacture of its products. Students will be expected to complete several different projects, each using different production techniques. Emphasis will be placed on the Quality of the product being produced and the ability to produce products at a reasonable cost.

The overall aim of the program is to expose students to the latest in Wood Technology while instilling in students the need to be able to work safely and cooperatively to achieve a common goal of solving technical problems through the use of wood and design.

The hands on practical applications also provide the building blocks for self confidence, problem solving abilities, and technical and entrepreneurial skills that will better prepare these students to enter the Vocational/Technical Training offered at Memorial or to enter the job market.

Workshop (10)

The aim of this course is to produce efficient food services personnel for employment in hotels, dining rooms, restaurants and other similar establishments. The students will have an opportunity to gain experience in the school dining room on a daily basis, preparing and serving luncheon meals. Banquet and buffet service will also comprise a portion of this course. Training and experience will be achieved in customer relations, dining room operation, the use of equipment and utensils and entrepreneurial skills. Emphasis will be placed on correct dress and deportment that must be observed by students enrolled in this course. A Foods Safety Training Program is included.



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