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Mustangs Rule!!
Mustangs are noted for their stamina, endurance and sensible personalities. One true sign of a mustang is bright eyes showing clear intelligence. Mustang ponies are courageous and independent.
African Heritage Month Activities

-The Grade 1 and 2 classes had Brian Borden (student support worker)
speak with the students about African Heritage.
-All classes read and discussed several books pertaining to African
heritage and equality
-The grade 2/3 created postage stamps that would best represent Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.  Students also wrote down the meaning of their
-All classes had discussions about racism and discrimination.
-The grade 4 class had discussions about African Americans/Canadian
firsts such as Bessie Coleman who challenged racism to become the first
African American woman to become a pilot.
-Students explored Traditional African musical instruments.
-All classes were told Viola Desmond's story and discussed it.
-Grade 5 and 6 students explored the stories of numerous African
Canadians and African Nova Americans and discussed what impact they had.

-Phyllis Marsh-Jarvis came in to work with students from grade primary through 6.

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No School for Students
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Parent-Teacher Meetings
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