The Historical Society can be found in the Park Centre at Colliery Lands Park. 

Colliery Lands Park Centre
P.O. Box 243
New Waterford, NS B1H 1N4
Tel: (902) 862-1116

The New Waterford & District Historical Society was formed in February 1991 after Frank Robertson, a local author, submitted a letter to the local newspaper challenging New Waterford to form a historical association.  Ted Boutilier accepted this challenge.  He, along with Alan Morrison, called a meeting that was attended by 14 interested citizens.  It was decided to organize a historical society that would cover New Waterford and the surrounding area. 

The mandate of the Historical Society is to research, preserve, and promote the cultural heritage of New Waterford and District.  The first home of the society was Breton Education Centre.  In 1993 the permanent residence of the small museum became the Historical Centre at the Colliery Lands Park. 

Much of the material used on the following pages have been taken from Ted Boutilier's work.  Links followed by an asterisk* contain essays by Mr. Boutilier.

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