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Grade One

Learning Outcomes Framework          GRADE ONE                                    Music - P-6

(N.S. Department of Education, April 2004)


GCO 1:  Students will be expected to explore, challenge, develop, and express ideas, using the skills, language, techniques, and processes of the arts.  Students will be expected to:

1.1.1    demonstrate an awareness of rhythmic/melodic concepts, patterns in music, and timbre

1.2.1           explore and use rhythm, dynamics, and pitch to communicate thoughts, experiences, and feelings

1.2.2     explore a range of ways of expressing thoughts, experiences, and feelings through music, with  emphasis on materials

1.2.3           contribute to activities that explore creative use of sound sources

1.3.1           record simple rhythmic and melodic patterns, using adapted notation

GCO 2:  Students will be expected to create and/or present, collaboratively and independently, expressive products in the arts for a range of audiences and purposes.  Students will be expected to:

2.1.1           sing alone and with others, with emphasis on pitch and production

2.1.2           improvise answers to given rhythmic and melodic phrases

2.2.1           combine music and movement in their music making

2.3.1           explore songs about friends and play

GCO 3:

Students will be expected to demonstrate critical awareness of and value for the role of the arts in creating and reflecting culture.  Students will be expected to:

3.1.1           explore and describe music they encounter in school and the purposes it serves in school life

3.3.1           explore songs and games of Atlantic Canada

GCO 4:  Students will be expected to respect the contributions to the arts of individuals and cultural groups in local and global contexts, and value the arts as a record of human experience and expression.  Students will be expected to:

4.1.1           discuss music and musicians of various cultures

4.2.1           explore instruments from a variety of cultures

GCO 5:  Students will be expected to examine the relationship among the arts, societies, and environments.  Students will be expected to:

5.1.1           use music to describe personal experience

5.1.2           explore cultural influences on the music of their community

5.2.1     use music and role play to interpret their world, use music and movement to describe personal experience

GCO 6:  Students will be expected to apply critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to reflect on and respond to their own and others’ expressive works.  Students will be expected to:

6.1.1     respond through movement to simple melodies, with emphasis on high/low, same/different, beat/rhythm and in tune singing

6.2.1           describe same/different, long/short

6.3.1           explore possibilities and make choices during the music making process

GCO 7:  Students will be expected to understand the role of technologies in creating and responding to expressive works.  Students will be expected to:

7.1.1     demonstrate an awareness that classroom instruments can produce a variety of sounds such as high/low, long/short

7.1.2     explore, using classroom instruments, possibilities for music making to express moods and feelings

GCO 8:  Students will be expected to analyze the relationship between artistic intent and the expressive work.  Students will be expected to:

8.1.1           explore reasons for making music in school and community

8.2.1           share ideas and feelings with others during their music making

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