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Grade Primary

Learning Outcomes Framework                  GRADE PRIMARY             Visual Arts - P-6

(N.S. Department of Education, April 2004)


GCO 1:          

Students will explore and manipulate a range of materials, demonstrating an ability to express themselves.

Students will be expected to:

1.1.1    demonstrate that personal feelings, ideas, and understandings can be expressed through


1.2.1         use a range of materials and processes

1.3.1         use one or more of the visual elements and principles of art and design in art-making

GCO 2:

Students will use a range of independent and collaborative art-making strategies.

Students will be expected to:

2.1.1         work individually and with others in art-making

GCO 3:

Students will examine a broad range of artworks through time and cultures.

Students will be expected to:

3.1.1         recognize that there are a variety of art forms

3.2.1         recognize art as an expression of culture

3.3.1         recognize that people create art for a variety of reasons

3.4.1         identify various forms of technology used to make art

GCO 4:

Students will interact with sensitivity to and respect for their own artwork and that of others.

Students will be expected to:

4.1.1         show respect for their own work and that of others

4.2.1         share and talk about their art

4.3.1         use their senses to discover similarities and differences in art

GCO 5:

Students will bring personal meaning to artwork and communicate their discoveries.

Students will be expected to:

5.1.1         discover art as a way of expressing ideas

5.2.1         explore language that is used to talk about art

5.3.1         explore artwork from a variety of cultural/historical contexts

GCO 6:

Students will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of art as a lifelong process.

Students will be expected to:

6.1.1         explore the natural and built environment

6.2.1         identify different types of media

6.3.1         explore art and artists within their community

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