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Grade Two

Learning Outcomes Framework              GRADE TWO                             Visual Arts - P-6

(N.S. Department of Education, April 2004)


GCO 1:

Students will explore and manipulate a range of materials, demonstrating an ability to express themselves.

Students will be expected to:

1.1.1    express through art-making personal feelings, ideas, and understandings

1.2.1         use various materials and processes exploring possibilities and limitations

1.3.1         use a combination of the visual elements and principles of art and design in art-making

GCO 2:

Students will use a range of independent and collaborative art-making strategies.

Students will be expected to:

2.1.1         work individually and with others in the creative art-making process

GCO 3:

Students will examine a broad range of artworks through time and cultures.

Students will be expected to:

3.1.1         demonstrate an awareness of a broad variety of art forms

3.2.1         demonstrate an appreciation of art in world cultures

3.3.1         describe a variety of reasons for which people create art

3.4.1         explore images using technology

GCO 4:

Students will interact with sensitivity to and respect for their own artwork and that of others.

Students will be expected to:

4.1.1         celebrate with pride and respect their own work and that of others

4.2.1         share thoughts and ideas about artworks

4.3.1         recognize that there are many ways of perceiving and knowing

GCO 5:

Students will bring personal meaning to artwork and communicate their discoveries.

Students will be expected to:

5.1.1         recognize art as a way of expressing ideas and points of view

5.2.1         ask questions about and respond to art in various ways

5.3.1         develop an awareness of cultural/historical influences on artworks and the lives of artists

GCO 6:

Students will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of art as a lifelong process.

Students will be expected to

6.1.1         demonstrate sensitivity towards the natural and built environment

6.2.1         investigate the role of the media

6.3.1         investigate art and artists within their community

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