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Grade Primary



Students will be expected to:


P.1.1.   demonstrate an understanding of themselves as unique and special

P.1.2    identify needs and wants that are common to all children

P.1.3    identify and describe groups to which they belong

P.1.4    demonstrate an understanding that the need for cooperation is an important part of being a member of a group

P.2.1    demonstrate an understanding that families have historic roots

P.2.2    demonstrate an understanding of how the roles of family members change over time

P.2.3    recognize that families (local, national, and global) have varied traditions, rituals, and celebrations

P.3.1    describe some of the natural and constructed features of their community

P.3.2    use basic mapping skills to identify, locate, and name familiar places within the community

P.3.3    identify connections between their community and other communities (local, national, and global)

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