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Grade One




Students will be expected to:


1.1.1   demonstrate an understanding of the importance of interactions between people

1.1.2    demonstrate an understanding of the similarity and diversity of social and cultural groups

1.1.3    demonstrate an understanding that people within groups have rights and responsibilities

1.2.1    recognize that environments have natural and constructed features (local, national, and global)

1.2.2    describe how people depend upon and interact with different natural environments

1.2.3    take age-appropriate action to practise responsible behaviour in caring for the environment

1.3.1    demonstrate an understanding that signs, symbols, direction, and scale are used to represent landmarks and locations

1.3.2    demonstrate an understanding that the way people live in their community evolves over time

1.3.3    demonstrate an understanding that Aboriginal peoples’ relationship with place has changed over time

1.3.4    explain how interactions between communities (local, national, and global) have changed over time

1.4.1    recognize that all people have needs and wants

1.4.2    demonstrate an understanding of the factors that influence how needs and wants are met

1.4.3    demonstrate an understanding of how communities depend on each other for the exchange of goods and services 


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