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Grade Six


Students will be expected to:

6.1.1    explore the concept of culture and demonstrate an understanding of its role in their lives

6.1.2    identify, locate, and map the major cultural regions of the world

6.1.3    analyze the importance of cross-cultural understanding

6.1.4    identify and explain factors that are creating a more global culture around the world

6.2.1    compare climate and vegetation in different types of physical regions of the world

6.2.2    assess the relationship between culture and the environment in a selected cultural region

6.2.3    compare the use of resources and sustainability practices between Canada and a selected country

6.3.1    examine how traditions relate to culture in a selected cultural region 

6.3.2    describe how government relates to culture in a selected country

6.3.3    explain how economic systems relate to cultures

6.4.1    analyze how the arts reflect beliefs and values in a selected cultural region

6.4.2    examine the importance of language, literature, and theatre arts as expressions of culture in a selected cultural region 

6.4.3    analyze the extent to which sports and games are expressions of culture in a selected cultural region 

6.5.1    analyze the effects of the distribution of wealth around the world

6.5.2    examine selected examples of human rights issues around the world

6.5.3    take age-appropriate actions to demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities as global citizens

6.6.1    illustrate an understanding of how cultures from around the world have contributed in the development of Canada's multicultural mosaic


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