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Grade Two


                Students will be expected to:

N01 - say the number sequence by

                  - 1s, forward and backward, starting from any point to 200

                  - 2s, forward and backward, starting from any point to 100

                  - 5s and 10s, forward and backward, using starting points that are multiples of 5 and 10 respectively to 100

N02 - demonstrate if a number (up to 100) is even or odd

N03 - describe order or relative position using ordinal numbers (up to tenth)

N04 - represent and partition numbers to 100

N05 - compare and order numbers up to 100

N06 - estimate quantities to 100 by using referents

N07 - illustrate, concretely and pictorially, the meaning of place value for numerals to 100

N08 - demonstrate and explain the effect of adding zero to or subtracting zero from any number

N09 - demonstrate an understanding of addition (limited to 1- and 2-digit numerals) with answers to 100 and the corresponding subtraction by

                  - using personal strategies for adding and subtracting with and without the support of manipulatives

                  - creating and solving problems that involve addition and subtraction

                  - explaining and demonstrating that the order in which numbers are added does not affect the sum

                  - explaining and demonstrating that the order in which numbers are subtracted matters when finding a difference

N10 - apply mental mathematics strategies to quickly recall basic addition facts to 18 and determine related subtraction facts

PR01 - demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (three to five elements) y describing, extending, comparing, and creating patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds, and actions

PR02 - demonstrate an understanding of increasing patterns by describing, extending, and creating numerical patterns (numbers to 100) and non-numerical patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds, and actions

PR03 - demonstrate and explain the meaning of equality and inequality by using manipulatives and diagrams (0 to 100)

PR04 - record equalities and inequalities symbolically, using the equal symbol or not equal symbol

M01 - demonstrate an understanding of the calendar and the relationships among days, weeks, months, and years

M02 - relate the size of a unit of measure to the number of units (limited to non-standard units) used to measure length and mass

M03 - compare and order objects by length, height, distance around, and mass using non-standard units and make statements of comparison

M04 - measure length to the nearest non-standard unit by using multiple copies of a unit and using a single copy of a unit (iteration process)

M05 - demonstrate that changing the position of an object does not alter the measurements of its attributes

G01 - sort 2-D shapes and 3-D objects using two attributes and explain the sorting rule

G02 - recognize, name, describe, compare, and build 3-D objects, including cubes and other prisms, spheres, cones, cylinders, and pyramids

G03 - recognize, name, describe, compare and build 2-D shapes, including triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles

G04 - identify 2-D shapes as part of 3-D objects in the environment

SP01 - gather and record data about self and others to answer questions

SP02 - construct and interpret concrete graphs and pictographs to solve problems





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