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Active Young Readers

Grades P-2


“I Like to Be Me”                                             Phoebe Rankin & Elizabeth Stanson, Nelson, M

“Making a Change”                                          Lalia Harvie Kerr & Cindy Hiseler, Pearson, P-2

“On the Lake”                                                   Liane Onish, Scholastic, J

“Mickey’s Secret”                                             Narinder Dhami, Rigby, Stage 17

“Big Mama and Grandma Ghana”                    Angela Shelf Medearis, Scholastic, StageB

“Mom’s Secret”                                                Meredith Constain, Scholastic

“One Night”                                                      Jackie Carter, Scholastic, Stage B

“The Alphabet Game”                                      Joy Cowley, Wright Group, Emergent

“Who Stole the Cookies?”                                Judith Moffatt, All Aboard Reading

“Let’s Decide”                                                  Owen Ferguson, Pearson, 1-2

“Rollercoaster”                                                 Narinder Dhami, Rigby

“Cassie’s Castle”                                              Jane Longford, Rigby

“Touch…What Do You Feel?”                         Nicholas Wood, Troll Associates, L

“Feeling Fit, That’s It!”                                     JoAnne Nelson, The Wright Group

“Friends All Around”                                       JoAnne Nelson, The Wright Group

“Play It Safe”                                                    JoAnne Nelson, The Wright Group

“Our Friend, the Earth”                                     JoAnne Nelson, The Wright Group

“It’s Up To Me”                                                JoAnne Nelson, The Wright Group

“Harry and Willy and Carrothead”                   Judith Casely, Scholastic, L

“What Kind of Babbysitter Is This?”                Delores Johnson, Scholastic, L

“At the Cottage”                                               Jennifer Watson, Scholastic, L

“Toby and the Accident”                                  Annette Smith, Nelson, L

“The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy”                     Jane Thayer, Scholastic, L

“Teach, US, Amelia Bedelia”                           Peggy Parish, Scholastic, L

“Little Red Riding Hood”                                 Jenny Giles, Nelson, L

“Picking Apples and Pumpkins”                       Amy and Richard Hutchings, Scholastic

“Five Days to Go”                                            Wendy Graham, Rigby,

“The Singing Giant”                                         Margaret Ryan, Rigby, F-G

“We Like Fruit”                                                Millen Lee, Scholastic, G

“The Right Match”                                           Lalia Harecourt and Ricki Wortzman, Gage C

“Many Masks”                                                  Ann Perron, Gage, D

“Gold! Gold! Gold!”                                         Lalia Harcourt & Ricki Wortzman, Gage B

“Litter”    Jenny Feely,                                      Scholastic, K

“Fire! Fire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire”              Bill Martin Jr., Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, K

“TV Time-out”                                                 Susan Blackaby, The Wright Group, K

“The Surprise Party”                                         Annabelle Prager, Random House, J

“Jamaica’s Find”                                               Juanita Havill, Scholastic, K

“The Schoolyard Mystery”                               Elizabeth Levy, Scholastic, K

“The Best Teacher in the World”                      Bernice Chardiet & Grace Maccrone, Scholastic G

“Cat Whispers”                                                 Julia Donaldson, Rigby, G

“Vote For Me”                                                  Elizabeth Dahl, Scholastic, J

“Touch the Earth”                                             Jane Baskwill, Book Shop, J

“Jonathan Buys a Present”                                Annette Smith, Nelson, I

“Bobbie’s New Coat”                                       Monica Hughes, Scholastic, I

“Ten, Nine, Eight”                                            Molly Bang, Scholastic, I

“The Mystery of the Missing Tooth”              William H. Hooks, Bank Street

“Willie’s Wonderful Pet”                                  Mel Cebulash, Scholastic, I

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”                                Sarah Josepha Hale, Scholastic, I

“Will Power”                                                    Jillian Powell, Rigby, I

“The Green Dragons”                                       Sonny Mulheron, Nelson, I

“I’m Busy”                                                       Ron Benson, et al., Prentice Hall (Collections), I

“With a Friend”                                                Ron Benson, et al., Prentice Hall (Collections), I

“Tic-Tac-Toe”                                                  Judith Bauer Stmper, Scholastic, I

“A Dog Called Bear”                                        Annette Smith, PM Storybooks, I

“Morning, Noon, and Night”                            Sharon Taberski, Book Shop, J

“The Last One Picked”                                     Jenny Feely, Scholastic, H

“This is My Street”                                           Felix James, School Publishing, H

“What’s Cooking?”                                           Shelley Harwayne, Book Shop, H

“Feast For 10”                                                   Catherine Falwell, Scholastic, F



 Grades 3-4


“Instrument Families”                                       Sharon Parsons, Nelson

“Amazing Hands”                                             Jude Tolar, Rigby, 13

“Boundless Grace”                                            Mary Hoffman, Scholastic

“Edge of Disaster”                                            John Parker, Scholastic

“How Much Is That Guinea Pig in The Window?”  JoAnne Rocklin, Scholastic

“In Front of the Whole School”                        Michael Wagner

“On the Wild Side”                                           Sandy Roydhouse, Pearson

“Sugar Cakes Cyril”                                          Phillis Gershator, Book Shop

“Cultural Clothes”                                             Leomard Karauna, The Wright Group

“Turn on a Faucet”                                            Brian Birchall, National Geographic

“African Safari”                                                Jason Edwards, Discovery

“Mountain Gorillas in Danger”                         Rita Ritchie, Houghton Mifflin

“The Olympics and the Mini Olympics”          Rachel Mack, The Wright Group

“Keeping Fit”                                                    Peter Winkler, National Geographic

“Kids in the Circus”                                          Fay Robinson, The Wright Group

“ An Old Friend”                                              Linda Johns, The Wright Group

“The Case of the Missing Snacks”                    Myka-Lynne Sokoloff, The Wright Group

“Our American Flag”                                        Susan McCloskey, The Wright Group

“Fun with Fingerprints”                                    Myka-Lynne Sokoloff, The Wright Group

“Fluffy’s Trip”                                                  Sharon Fear, The Wright Group

“Noise”   Joy Cowley,                                      The Wright Group

“Nowhere and Nothing”                                   Joy Cowley, The Wright Group

“Great Americans in Civil Rights”                   Pat Rediger, Crabtree

“Great Canadians”                                            Elizabeth MacLeod, Kids Can Press

“Cornrows”                                                       Camille Yarbrough, Paperstar

“Sports Reports”                                               Paul Romanuk, Scholastic

“Donovan Bailey-Sports Sprinter”                    Chelsea Donaldson, Pearson

“AT the Root of It”                                           Robert Newell, Pearson


Grades 5-6


“What is a Living Thing?”                                Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“The Orphan Boy”                                            Tololwa M. Mollel, Oxford Press University

“The Africans”                                                    Jen Green, Crabtree

“Out Time”                                                       Robert Ffrench, Black Star Books

“Out of the Past, Into the Future”                      Robert Ffrench, Pride Communications

“Yolanda’s Genius”                                          Carol Fenner, Scholastic,

“Maniac Magee”                                                     Jerry Spinelli, Scholastic

“Philip Hall Likes Me”                                     Bette Greene, Scholastic

“Miles’ Song”                                                   Alice McGill, Scholastic

“The Fight For Right”                                       Elizabeth Massie, Steck-Vaughn

“At Her Majesty’s Request”                             Walter Dean Myers, Scholastic

“Sounder”                                                         William H. Armstrong, Scholastic

“The Home Run Kings”                                    Clare and Frank Gault, Scholastic

“Sports Technology”                                        Geoff Thompson, M

“Sound”                                                            Crabtree

“Motion”                                                           Crabtree

“Sports”  Bobbie Kalman,                                Crabtree

“School on Stilts”                                             Sandy Roydhouse, Pearson

“The Greatest Player”                                       Sandy Roydhouse, Pearson

“Freedom Crossing”                                         Margaret Goff Clark, Scholastic

“Maizon at Blue Hill”                                       Jacqueline Woodson, A Yearling Book

“I’m Going to Be a Police Officer”                   Edith Kunhardt, Scholastic

“Musical Instruments From A-Z”                     Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“Rivers and Lakes”                                           Neil Morris, Crabtree

“Magnets”                                                         Crabtree

“The Space Shuttle”                                          Jacqueline Langille & Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“Sports Matters”                                               Rigby

“Treats and Eats”                                              Inquization, Pearson

“Join the Club”                                                 Inquizative, Pearson

“People and Places”                                          Crabtree

“Food”    Fiona MacDonald,                             Crabtree

“Tides of Change”                                            Inquizative, Pearson

“People of the Pacific Rim”                              Inquizative, Pearson

“I’m a Wimp!”                                                  Jack Gabolinsey, Rigby/ Mainsails

“Making Healthy Choices”                               Carolyn Newton, National Geographic

“Everest”                                                          Jim Howes, PM Library, Level 30

“Sports Hall of Fame”                                       Lorraine Jean Hopping, Book Shop

“Germ Warfare”                                               John Parsons, Nelson

“Resources and Conservation”                          Michael Chinery, Crabtree

“Figure Skating”                                               Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree

“Hurricanes and Tornadoes”                             Neil Morris, Crabtree

“Golf in Action”                                               Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“Heat”                                                               Crabtree

“Rescue Missions                                             Power Magazines, Nelson

“Mountain Sports”                                            Power Magazines, Nelson

“Olympics”                                                       Power Magazine, Nelson

“Canada”                                                          Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“When the World Was Young-Five Folk Songs        Houghton Mifflin

“Community Helpers from A-Z                        Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree

“Homes”                                                           Fiona MacDonald, Crabtree

“Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”                      Mildred D. Taylor, Scholastic

“I Have a Dream”                                             Margaret Davidson, Scholastic

“Circle of Gold”                                               Candy Dawson Boyd, Scholastic

“Underground to Canada”                                Barbara Smucker, Puffin

“Willow and Twig”                                           Jean Little

“Steal Away Home”                                         Jane Kristof, Camelot


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