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African Heritage Bingo

The only African Heritage Church is located in


Black history month was started by


He became a senator and was from Whitney Pier


She was the first black nursing supervisor


What famous black activist visited the UNIA hall and Menelik Hall


The black community of New Waterford settle there to work in


First Black Municipal councilor in Sydney


He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and is from Cape Breton


Name where three black communities are located in Cape Breton


Who was the first black Municipal Police Officer East of Montreal


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A Sydney black resident who received the Order of Canada





The center located in Cherrybrook which has a lot of Nova Scotian black history


How many black communities are in Nova Scotia


Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia


First black teacher in Glace Bay


Name two black communities on the mainland of Nova Scotia


First black supervisor in the Cape Breton Coal Mines


What is the largest black community in Nova Scotia


Name a Caribbean island where majority of the black settlement of Whitney Pier came from


The UNIA hall is located in


She has been compared to Rosa Parks although her incident occurred first


What is a proper term for referring to black people of  Canada


Create and answer a African Nova Scotian Fact



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