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Board Game Contest

Board Game Contest

Design an interesting board game about African Nova Scotian history and win a beautiful prize.


1. Your game must contain clear instruction and rules. The object of the game and how to become a winner must be included.

2. Students may work in pairs, but no more than 2.

3. Your name(s), school and grade must be displayed on your game.

4. Use facts, quotes, famous people, achievements, etc.

Students are encouraged to create your own board game format, but may also use a board game format familiar to you (examples:. trivia pursuit, cranium, monopoly, etc)

Deadline for submissions is March 20, 2008

All entries must be submitted to Lynn Crawford, RCH Cenrtal Office.

Please pack games in a box or submit in a labeled bag.

Prizes will be awarded for each grade level

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