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Over the past month you have been learning about the accomplishments of people of African descent.  It is now time for you to nominate someone to be on the

Trailblazer Honor Roll.

Your Honor Roll nominee should be the first African Nova Scotian/African Canadian to break the color barrier in a field previously not open to people of color. You can choose a Trailblazer or someone from your own community, such as the first African Canadian teacher, police officer, municipal councilor, etc.

Your nomination should be in the format of a letter explaining why your candidate should be on the trailblazer honor roll, remember to support your ideas, why you think that individual should be nominated.

Deadline for submissions:


All entries will be submitted to your teacher or

Lynn Crawford, RCH

Central Office

Prizes will be awarded at each grade level

Remember you are trying to persuade your audience that your nominee should be on the

Trailblazer Honor Roll.


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