Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board


Archie MacEachern, Director



Annette Currie, Coordinator


Language Arts


Elementary English Language Arts liaison teachers took part in a one-day workshop on March 10th &11th. The co-teaching approach was modeled by Brenda MacIsaac and Donna Robson as they facilitated a number of learning activities around the Speaking and Listening Strand. The art of storytelling was one of the topics for the day and Murdena Marshall, a former professor at UCCB and a Mi'kmaq elder, was the guest storyteller. Liaison teachers returned to their schools with many new activities and ideas to share with the teachers in their schools.


Carl Anderson facilitated Write Traits Workshops for grades 6 and 7 teachers, as well as for resource teachers from our Board over a five-day period from March 29 to April 2. (In an attempt to ease the transition from grades 6 to 7, teachers from these grade levels are being in-serviced together as much as is feasible.) The grade 6 teachers have received Write Trait Kits from the Department of Education. Carl's in-service concentrates on introducing teachers to the six traits - voice, organization, ideas, conventions, word choice,

and sentence structure, and shows teachers how they can help their students improve their writing skills by addressing these traits. The workshop was very well received by all participants.


Brenda MacIsaac and Peter MacKinnon facilitated a three-day curriculum planning session. Twenty grade 4 teachers worked in teams of three or four to produce a mini curriculum unit which integrated literacy and technology activities into health, science, and social studies units; specifically, Pioneers, Explorers, Sound, Habitats, and Friendship. It was a terrific learning experience and one which the teachers involved highly recommend

is undertaken more often in the future.


The Department of Education has called for the names of teachers for the Board's Active Readers Team and its Writers in Action Team for 2004/2005.  Presently, the process of constructing these teams for the next school year is underway.



Fine Arts


On March 31-April 2nd, four choirs and twenty-one bands from elementary, junior and senior high schools in the Board participated in the Cape Breton Regional Musicfest held at the Savoy Theatre. The adjudicators at this event were Jim Forde, Greg Irvine and Maggie Helms for band; Rosemary McGhee and Paula Jane Francis for choral. In addition to verbal and taped adjudications of each performance, the performing groups were also given a workshop with the adjudicators.  This makes for an excellent performance and learning experience for these fine instrumentalists. Barb Stetter, Glace Bay High, with the assistance of her senior band students, presented an extremely well-organized event. This month many choirs and music classes will also be participants in the Kiwanis Music Festival as well as attending various Bandfests in and outside of the province.


Instrumental teacher, Noelle Wadden, has had her article AIntegrating the Arts in the Instrumental Program@ published in Canadian Winds (Canadian Band Assoc.).


On April 5, a meeting of instrumental teachers took place at Sherwood Park. The current statistics for band participation, as well as recruitment strategies and identifying standards, were discussed.


The 27th Annual Public Speaking Event begins on Monday, April 19, and runs until Wednesday, April 28, at Memorial High Lecture Theatre. Many of the adjudicators this year are from UCCB Communication Department and have graciously agreed to share their expertise in this area.



Library Services


Teachers= Resource Centre has been extremely busy with teachers visiting the Centre while being in-serviced at Staff Development Centre.  The Science Place kits are the most popular item.  With Mr. Peter MacKinnon giving the elementary schools their LCD projector, the technology equipment has slowed down in circulation.


$                   Books fully processed for the month of March for schools and TRC:  501


$                   Books partially processed for March for schools and TRC:  327 paperbacks


$                   Statistics for circulated items:

Reading Boxes 34

Museum Kits   23

Videos 45

Science Place kits 31

Technology Equipment 12

Books 23

Other 15











David Crane, Co-ordinator


Professional Development


On April 23, 2004, semestered schools will hold a Professional Development session and a Parent-Teacher session.  This is a site-based activity.  Some Junior High Schools are using the family of schools model to deliver their professional development.


Breakfast Program - Nutrition for Learning


There are 36 schools involved in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board Breakfast for Learning Program.  Glace Bay Elementary and Coxheath Elementary are seeking volunteers to establish their Breakfast Programs.  The Co-ordinator of the Breakfast Program, Debbie Madore, continues to fund-raise for this initiative.


Literacy (Brenda MacIsaac)


There are on-going plans to assist teachers in developing a Literacy Support Plan for those students who did not meet the outcomes in reading and writing.  Transition workshops are planned for May.  This will include grade six and seven teachers and the resource teacher.


The Regional Grade Nine Active Reader Team has been reconfigured.


There are plans to develop and pilot English 10 Plus and Advanced English 11 in our area.


A team has been established to review and recommend new resources for Keyboarding 10, 11, and 12.


Grade 7 Social Studies and English Language Arts teachers, as well as a few

students in the Bachelor of Education Program at UCCB, attended a workshop at

the Northside Staff Development Centre (March 2, 3, and 22). The workshop

was co-facilitated by Brenda Mac Isaac and Reg Johnson. Participants were

engaged in literacy activities using non-fiction text and which comprised a

technology component.


Carl Anderson facilitated Write Traits Workshops for grades 6 and 7 teachers, as

well as for resource teachers from our Board over a five-day period from March

29 to April 2. (In an attempt to ease the transition from grades 6 to 7,

teachers from these grade levels are being in-serviced together as much as is

feasible.) The grade 6 teachers have received Write Trait Kits from the

Department of Education. Carl's in-service concentrates on introducing teachers

to the six traits - voice, organization, ideas, conventions, word choice, and

sentence structure, and shows teachers how they can help their students improve

their writing skills by addressing these traits. The workshop was very well

received by all participants.


The Department of Education has called for the names of teachers for the Board's

Active Readers Team and its Writers in Action Team for 2004/2005. Presently,

the process of constructing these teams for the next school year is underway.


Nova Scotia International Student Program


A three year projection for the Nova Scotia International Student Program has been completed.  The numbers are as follows:

$                   50 students

$                   55 students

$                   60 students


Healthy Human Sexuality


Two teachers from our region attended a Sexuality Workshop organized by the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living.  These teachers will assist Janet Bickerton in delivering a workshop for our PAL/CALM teachers.


Memorial Vocational Review Committee  


A meeting of the committee was held on April 7th, 2004.  Mr. Chuck Drohan expects the interim report to be ready on April 16, 2004.  The committee will review the report and give it to the Director of Programs and Student Services.


Science / Technology Fair


A Science and Technology Fair was held at Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High.  Reg Johnson and True Burke assisted in this endeavor.  True, Reg, and two students will attend the Canada Wide Science Fair in Newfoundland in May.


Mathematics (Ron MacLean)


Successful workshops were held the first week of March with the grade seven and eight teachers of mathematics.


Workshops were held at the North Star Inn for all resource teachers and LD teachers from grades P-9 during the last three days of March.  Resource teachers were given a copy of Jogn Van de Walle=s book on Teaching Mathematics Developmentally in the Elementary and Middle grades.  This is an excellent resource on teaching mathematics.



The mentorship program in mathematics is continuing with teachers taking advantage of opportunity to receive Professional Development in Mathematics.  Ron MacLean, Mathematics Consultant, met with Barb Costello, Principal, Cabot Junior/Senior High, to discuss mentoring at her school.  Teachers at Cabot are looking forward to this opportunity.


Mr. MacLean will meet with Keith Jordan, Strait Regional School Board, on Wednesday, April 14th, to discuss the AIMS summer program for math teachers.


Mr. MacLean will be attending the NCSM and NCTM conferences in Philadelphia during the week of April 18-23.


A workshop is planned for grade nine math teachers on April 26 to review and build strategies for effective process-based exams.


Workshops will be held April 28-30 on the use of the curriculum guides in high school mathematics and the development of the on-line provincial question bank for high school math courses.  These workshops will be sponsored by the Department of Education and held in Baddeck.


Three high school Math League events were held during the school year in our district with great success.  These events were held at UCCB on Saturday mornings with 12-16 teams of high school students participating in each.  Glace Bay was the overall winner of the regional events.  Five teams will go to Halifax to compete in the provincial event on May 15, based on their standing in the playoff round held April 3.


Physical Education (Mary Lou Andrea)


Education Week- Sent out some science integrated activities to all staff.


Sexual Health Network - Ms. Mary Lou Andrea, Physical Education Consultant, attended a meeting on April 6 to discuss plans for an inservice for PDR/CALM teachers.  The inservice will take place at the Coast Guard College on May19 .


CLD Conference -Ms. Andrea is making plans for a presentation at the upcoming conference on April 23.


Staffing Requirements- Ms. Andrea is working on staffing requirements and schedules for next year.


April 23 Professional Development Day -There will be an inservice for all P-9 physical education teachers on Friday, April 23 at Robin Foote Elementary.  Some of the topics on the agenda will include work with pedometers, Active Healthy Lifestyle Week and the Junior High Track and Field event.


Active Healthy Lifestyles Week, May 7 -14 - Ms. Andrea is working on a package to be sent out to all schools on activities and lessons that could be done throughout that week. She made a presentation to the elementary principals on this topic and will be making the same presentation to the secondary principals at their next meeting.


Women In Leadership Workshop - Ms. Andrea attended this workshop at CEC, in Truro on March 31st.


Physical Education and Technology Workshop - On March 25/26 Ms. Andrea participated in an active healthy living integration workshop facilitated by Betty Farrell.  Also, in attendance was Lisa Richards, Jubilee, and Roy Dawson, Boularderie.  This session looked at effective ways classroom teachers and itinerant teachers can become more involved in integrating their curricula through co-teaching projects.  We also used the program I-MOVIE to create a Apublish ready@ video.


French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh)


$                   The 2004 Annual French Public Speaking Contest proved very successful.  This event, sponsored by the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and Canadian Parents for French witnessed 27 students participate in our local competition on March 24 and 25.  The sixteen local winners will now go on to compete at the provincial concours in Halifax on May 1, 2004.

$                   The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board maintains an on-going relationship with the local chapter of Canadian Parents for French, a group of individuals interested in and supportive of French Second Language Programs.  The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, in partnership with Canadian Parents for French will present several French concerts by the children=s group, Razzmatazz.  Grade 4, 5, & 6 students from Sydney River Elementary, Coxheath Elementary, Cusack, Shipyard, Brookland, Greenfield, and Harbourside will attend performances by Razzmatazz on April 27, 2004.

$                   Laurie MacIntosh represented the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board at the Canadian Parents for French, AFrench Second Language Stakeholders Meeting@, on March 29, 2004, in Halifax.  This consultation meeting discussed issues, identified needs and developed recommendations appropriate to Nova Scotia for realizing the goals of the federal governments AAction Plan for Official Languages@.

$                   Teachers of local French Second Language Pilots were invited to attend workshops in Halifax on April 1 and 6.  We currently have five teachers piloting materials in French at the Junior and Senior High levels.

$                   Laurie MacIntosh will attend meetings in Halifax on April 21 and 22 as part of a provincial committee organized to develop an assessment tool for grade nine French Immersion (French Language Arts teachers and students.)

$                   Upcoming initiatives for French Second Language:

$                   Inservice, April 29/04:          Grade 7, 8, 9, Late French Immersion / Extended Core French teachers (Lecteurs actifs)

$                   Inservice, May 6, 7/04:         Facilitators, Senior High Core French Leadership Team.  (Inservice conducted for teachers of Strait Regional School Board.

$                   Inservice, May 13/04:            AStratégies de lecture@, Facilitator: Susan MacDonald.  French Immersion teachers (7-12).

$                   Inservice, May 14/04:            Junior High (Gr. 8) Core / Extended Core teachers.  Facilitator: Amanda O=Regan.

$                   Inservice, May 28/04:            Elementary Core French teachers (Grades 4, 5, 6).  Facilitators: Monica Refuse, Prince Edward Island Department of Education, and Elementary Core French Leadership Team).

$                   May 20/04:                             Dr. Joan Netten and Dr. Claude Germain will visit our Board to discuss Intensive Core French with Board Members and Senior Administration.





Kevin MacNeil, Coordinator

John Astephen, Coordinator


Assistive Technology


A series of co-writer workshops were held between January and April at various schools throughout the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.  Co-writer software is available in all our schools as an important resource to support students with writing difficulties.  Forty teachers and 21 teacher assistants completed the six-hour program.  All sessions were held from 3:30 B 5:30 at various school sites.


As noted in the Co-ordinator of Technology report, we are honored that Liz Mahoney and Suzanne Brown from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board are two of a selected group of twenty participants to attend a leaders in Assistive Technology Summit meeting beginning April 13, 2004, outside of Chicago, Illinois.




Guidance staff have continued to support the AGood Vibrations@ program using music as a vehicle for helping students understand the Peaceful Schools teaching objectives:


From March 1-11, a series of  AGood Vibrations@ presentations were given to seven elementary schools within the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.  The following schools received the presentation: (1) combined presentation to St. Mary=s and St. Joseph=s (North Sydney) Elementary; (2) Greenfield Elementary; (3) Shipyard Elementary; (4) St. Anne=s Elementary; (5) George D. Lewis (all grades); and (6) Robin Foote Elementary.


Respect for Individual differences; (1) the recognition and consequence of, jealousy/envy in creating student conflicts; (2) identifying the various forms of bullying; (3) strategies for dealing with bullying; (4) working cooperatively with others; (5) developing a positive self-esteem; (6) saying no to alcohol/drug use; (7) caring about the welfare of others; and (8) having good clean fun means not hurting yourself or others.


Approximately 1800 elementary students were in attendance for this round of AGood Vibrations@ messages.  Thus far, when the 2002 B 2003 year is included, this presentation has been given to 18 schools.  This means that close to 4500 students have benefitted from the messages associated with the program.




A series of workshops focusing on Math Strategies and Math materials were held for resource teachers throughout the regional Board.  The in-services were held on March 25th, 26th, and 29th, 2004.  The workshop facilitator was Ron MacLean, Math Consultant for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.  Workshop participants found the sessions very helpful.  In particular, resource teachers commented on the use of manipulatives and different strategies.  Participants enjoyed the many demonstrations and examples shared by the facilitator.  Additional math workshops are planned in the future.


Elementary Literacy Assessment


Feedback received from Elementary principals regarding meetings with parents and the development of student support plans has been positive.  Principals and teachers have expressed their appreciation of the support of Central Office in providing time to work on support plans and time to meet with parents.  A half-day professional development session is planned for junior high school principals, resource teachers, and guidance teachers.  The agenda will include providing junior high school program planning team members with an overview of the Literacy Assessment, an understanding of Student Support Plans and preparation for transition meetings with elementary staff.  Procedures for more formalized feedback from elementary schools is planned for early May.





Rick Simm, Coordinator


At a recent meeting of the Board Technology Committee, we were pleased to receive very positive feedback on the technology support being received by our schools.  The Board Network Administrator, Robert Palmer, was asked to pass along these comments to his staff.  Robert indicated that technology planning for the new Brookland Elementary School is going very well.


The new Datamanager, Jim McNeil, has done considerable work on the CBVRSB website.  Directors and Coordinators are preparing content for updates to each section of the website.


The AInformation Technology Team@, consisting of Liz Mahoney, Reg Johnson, Peter MacKinnon and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of technology initiatives.  The IT-Team report follows:


Assistive Technology (Liz Mahoney)


Two members of our Assistive Technology Team (Liz Mahoney and Suzanne Brown of Riverside Elementary, have been invited by the Bridges Company and the Don Johnston Company to an Assistive Technology Leaders Summit in Volo, Illinois. They will be two of only twenty participants. It will be an intensive learning and sharing experience offered to a select group of individuals who play a leadership role in ensuring the effective use of technology for literacy in a variety of educational settings.  The Bridges Company will incur all expenses for this training.


Forty teachers have just completed a six-hour course on CoWriter in after school sessions conducted around the Board by Liz Mahoney.


As of March 31, we placed approximately $60,000 of software and hardware in our schools this school year (2003-2004) for the use of our special needs students.



IEI Extension (Peter MacKinnon)


We have completed all workshops connected with Grade 4 IEIE. The last workshop saw a group of 20 grade 4 teachers develop curriculum units that all grade four=s will be able to use. These units will be sent to all elementary schools within two weeks. We hope to use this unit development as the template for future workshops.


A draft report on this year=s IEIE has been done and will be posted on the Board=s web site on the IEIE page by the end of April. Next year=s plan is being worked on and should be ready by the end of May.


Mentorship (YEI)


The final report for this year has been sent to Ottawa as well as a request for next years funding. A report on this year=s program has been completed and will be placed on the board=s web site this week.


Brookland Elementary


A committee to work on a technology plan for the new school is in place and currently working on goals and objectives.


Data Management

We are currently developing a direction for data that our board may proceed with over the next two years. There is still no word from the province on what role they will be playing.



Technology PD (Reg Johnston)


_    Meeting with high school principals in an effort to identify teachers interested in technology integration and requiring support

_    Have been working with a number of teachers in the high schools on integrating technology into their courses.

_    Conducted a follow-up Star Office workshop to teachers who missed the original workshops

_    In-school sessions with junior high teachers (Gr. 7) who attended the Star Office workshop

_    Approved the Board=s GrassRoots projects. All school proposals were completed by the deadline and funding disbursed

_    Assisted in organizing Regional Science and Technology Fair

_    Delivered LCD projectors and printers to Sydney Academy and Glace Bay High

_    Provided an LCD projector to the Science Dept. at Riverview

_    Will be attending a meeting of the Online Course Delivery Committee in Halifax on April 15

_    Will be accompanying the winners of the Regional Science and Technology Fair to Halifax (April 22-24) for the Nova Scotia Showcase