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Archie MacEachern, Director of Programs & Student Services

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Ambrose White, Acting Coordinator














Annette Currie, Coordinator


Fine Arts (Cathy MacNeil)


This month sees the arrival of the East Coast Music Awards in Sydney.  Many of our schools will be entertained by ECMA showcase artists through the Soundwaves Program, a new initiative of the awards.  The senior high instrumental program will receive the proceeds from the ECMA Celebrity Hockey Game to be held at the Coxheath Arena on Friday, February 18,  at 2:30.  Memorial High Band will be one of the pep bands performing at the game.


Artwork from students of visual art teachers Nancy McLean, Avril Delaney, Elizabeth Lalonde, and Kim Ferguson will be featured at the upcoming Education Forum, Department of Education, in Truro.  Their designs will be place mats for the dinner on Friday, February 18th.


Grade six students in the New Waterford Band Program, under the direction of Stephen Muise, performed during the opening of Family Violence Prevention Week at UCCB, Great Hall, on February 11th.  Stephen Muise also had the jazz band from Breton Education Centre performing many times during the recent Coal Bowl Tournament.


January through to March is a time of preparation of new musical material for students in anticipation of performances in many festival, productions and community presentations. Visual Art teachers continue to display student works throughout schools in our Board area.




Three projects from Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will be showcased as a part of the Provincial Historica Display on Friday, February 21, at Citadel Hill, Halifax. The students and projects are: “Maple Sugar Products” by Hal English & Chris Keefe, Mountainview (currently grade six at Mountainview); “Survivors” by Melodie Elliot & Morgan McKinnon, Dr. T. L Sullivan (currently grade ten at Memorial High School); “Le syrup d’erable” by Steven MacKenzie, Malcolm Munroe Junior High School (currently grade ten at Riverview High School).


The Historica Fair Committee is currently planning for the Board’s Sixth Annual Historica Fair scheduled to take place at the University College of Cape Breton, May 12 & 13, 2005.  The Historica Fair is a celebration of Canada’s heritage in the form of student projects/presentations both live and static.  Students from grades four to nine, using the medium of their choice, tell stories and share information about Canadian heroes, legends, achievements, milestones, etc.


Our Fair has expanded over the past five years, and as teachers see the correlation between social studies curriculum, literacy, and the Historica Fair, we expect that it will expand even more.  We have been able to access more space at UCCB and therefore will be able to accept more entries this year.  Schools celebrate culture and heritage around the year with some classes highlighting people, places and events as an integral part of the weekly program plan.


To date, we have received an intent to participate from twenty-one schools and have requests for 101 projects to be submitted for judging and presentation.  This is exciting news for us.  We are anticipating another great celebration of living history on May 12 & 13, 2005.




The new Health curriculum is being implemented from grades four to six.  On April 22, a regional committee working with Mary Lou Andrea, Physical Education Facilitator, and Coordinator Annette Currie will facilitate workshops for teachers of grade four.


Strategies for Healthy Living will focus on nutrition, the role of exercise, safety, protecting the body against danger and disease, and personal care and self image.  Each session will target specific outcomes for grade four.


Language Arts / Literacy (Brenda MacIsaac)


Public Speaking Event


Public speaking liaison teachers met for a second time to finalize plans for the Board's annual Public Speaking event scheduled for April 4, 5, 6 & April 11, 12, 13 & 14.  Teachers are now working with students as they construct and practice their speeches.  All participants and topic titles must be submitted to the chairpersons by March 9th.


Professional Development


Teachers new to grades 3 -6 attended a workshop at the Staff Development Centre on January 26 which gave them an overview of the ElA program at the upper elementary level, as well as a vision of what the learning environment should look, sound, and feel like.  The second day of the workshop was held at Ashby School in the model classroom. Donna Robson facilitated this session and modeled the different components of a balanced reading program for the teachers with students from Ashby School.


Literacy Newsletter


The second Literacy Newsletter will be distributed to all schools at the end of February. This is a forum for sharing literacy initiatives which are taking place in schools across the Board. The focus this time will be on cross-curricular literacy events/projects.


April 22 - Staff Development Day


The Writers in Action Team and the Active Readers Team met to begin making plans for the April 22 Board-wide Professional Development Day.  Grades P-3 teachers will attend writing workshops.  Grade 6 teachers will receive in-servicing on visual and media literacy - two areas identified on the Elementary Literacy Assessment as areas of weakness.






The grade three-core resource has been distributed to all elementary schools in the Board.  This included a one-day in-service for all grade 3 teachers at the end of January.


Plans are to implement the grade 4 core resource in mathematics early in the next fiscal year, early May is a possibility.


P-9 schools continue to offer the math professional development sessions at monthly staff meetings and plan to have sessions during the school based professional development on parent teacher day. 


Since the workshop with new teachers in December, the request for mentoring has increased greatly.  The mentors met on February 10 to discuss the use of manipulatives in the classroom environment and go over some of the finer points of using manipulatives. 


The math workshop for resource teachers has been scheduled for February 24, 25, and 28. Genevieve Richardson, Cathy Viva, Sharon McCready, and Math Facilitator, Ron MacLean, have been preparing the sessions for the workshop.


Friends Forever XIV


It’s that time of year again!  Friends Forever XIV will be published in time for our Evening of Recognition of Young Writers (P-6) scheduled for June, 2005.   As in previous years, we invite each school to submit samples of student writing which have been brought to a final stage and are ready to be published.  Because each student published will receive a personal copy of Friends Forever XIV, we are limited in the number of writings we can accept.  We invite teachers in larger schools (10 or more classes) to submit up to a maximum of ten, and one selection per class in a smaller P-6 school (1 - 9 classes).  If, as in the past, students from our most distant schools were unable to attend the public celebration, we would still like to acknowledge their writing in the publications of Friends Forever XIV and recognize them in absentia.  If a class chooses to submit a collaborative writing, a copy of Friends Forever XIV will be presented to a representative from that class.



Program Services 7-12


David Crane, Co-ordinator


Breakfast for Learning Program (Debbie Madore)











Nova Scotia International Student Program


§         The English Second Language classes with Millie George continue to do well. Millie has been meeting with our eight new students to evaluate their needs.


§         Planning for the February Orientation and the winter activities is complete.  We will have a ski day on Friday, February 21st.  A pizza supper and social for all students will follow.  We are also planning a step-dancing lesson to show the students some of our Cape Breton culture. The eight new students will spend the night at the Days Inn in Sydney.


§         This was a busy month with preparations for student arrivals and departures. All of our new students have arrived and are settling into their respective homes and schools. We have welcomed eight new students from several different countries including: Mexico, Colombia, Korea, Germany and Brazil. We have a total of 47 students attending our schools for second semester. All of our departures are also complete. Students who have completed their time with us: Thiago, Melina, Caroline, Nathalia (all from Brazil), Max & Frederike (from Germany), and Manaho from Japan.


§         It was also a busy month for family visits!  Many of our students had family visits.  Most recently, Hiroki, a student from Japan, attending Breton Education Centre had his extended family come to New Waterford for a visit before traveling to other parts of Canada.



English Second Language (ESL)


Millie George, English Second Language Teacher, had meetings with the principals at St. Mary’s/St. Joseph, Memorial High, Sydney River Elementary, Malcolm Munroe, St. Anne’s Elementary, Glace Bay High, Greenfield Elementary, Breton Education Center, and Shipyard Elementary to discuss the ESL program.  There are a total of 37 English Second Language students in 12 schools included in the program at this point.


On Monday, December 20, 2004, the ESL schedule was started and at this time Ms. George met with each student and prepared an individual program.  This program will increase each week as each student begins to progress.


The ESL program was well received at all the schools.  Glace Bay High school did not need ESL help at this time, as Jorge Reyes Campos was receiving resource help.  However, Ms. George will be going to Glace Bay High on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, to meet with the new student from Brazil.


Shipyard has the greatest number of students and Ms. George has been able to work with these students as a group.  She has an individual program for each student and is very pleased with the progress. The students range from grades primary to grade three.


Active / Healthy Living Committee


Ms. Andrea, Committee Chair, presented the movie “Supersize Me” to the secondary principals. Also, work is on going on food policies in the schools and healthy fundraising ideas.


Active, Healthy Lifestyle Week - The theme for this week, May 6th -14th is Get in the Game and Try Something New.  Five schools will be performing the musical Get In the Game throughout the Cape Breton area.


Principals= Meetings - Ms. Andrea made presentations to all principals regarding active healthy living.


Science / Technology Fair


This year, the Regional Science/Technology Fair will be held on March 30th, at Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High Library.  Five to seven schools are expected to participate, including approximately 35 projects.  Three winners of the Regional Competition will attend the Canada Wide Science Fair, in Vancouver, May 14th-22nd.


Professional Development


All semestered schools will participate in a full-day Professional Development Day, March 4th.  This is a content area endeavor, held in various centers across the region.


Physical / Health Education


§                     Active School Communities - Cusack Complex and Brookland Elementary are combining efforts to create a New After School Activity Program that is accessible and appealing to as many students as possible.  All students are encouraged to take part.  The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for our students to be active in a safe and supportive environment.  Prizes will be awarded to students for the participation in the program.  Students from the Cusack Complex and Brookland may attend either gym to participate in the After School Activity Program.


§                     Quality Physical Education Program Advisory Committee-This national committee will meet in Calgary, March 3rd to March 6th.  Visits to two local schools, that provide daily physical education, will be on the agenda as well as a meeting with Dianne Binder to speak on the Olympic Youth Development.


§                     Sexual Health Network- The next meeting is February 15th at Planned Parenthood.


§                     Active Cape Breton Communities Committee - The committee met on February 1st at the Civic Centre in Sydney. Brianne Lynch was introduced as the new coordinator.  It was decided a Regional Forum would be held in May to highlight what is happening and to brainstorm with various government and non-government agencies on how to engage youth to be active. Our next meeting will be on March 10th.


§                     Centre for Leadership Development Committee - Work is being done to try to finalize the April conference. The next meeting is February 14th at the Northside Staff Development Centre.  On Thursday, February 17th, a panel discussion entitled AGetting Youth Back On Track - A Path To Success@ will take place at the Membertou Convention Centre.  Participates include Wes Stubbert, Cape Breton Regional Municipality; Gordon MacDonald, Parent; Mike Abraham, Constable, Cape Breton Regional Municipality Police Department.


§                     Tobacco Reduction Strategy Committee - Mary Lou Andrea, Physical / Health Education Facilitator, attended a meeting on Monday, January 31st.  The Canadian Health Survey is a new series of health surveys being conducted by Statistics Canada.  One of the series examines Nova Scotians= smoking behaviors and associated factors.  Some of the highlights were:  23% of Nova Scotians aged 12 and over smoke; and District Health Authority 8 (Sydney Area) reports high rates of second hand smoke exposure in both public and private vehicles.


§                     School Visits - Ms. Andrea made visits to Sydney River Elementary, Cusack Complex, Harbourside, St. Agnes, Mount Carmel, Bridgeport, Seton, MacLennan, Brookland and St. Joseph (S.M).


§                     March 4th Professional Development - Vonnie King will be doing a full day inservice on Body Wisdom - Your Inner Teacher for all Physical Education, PAL/CALM, and Family Studies teachers at the high school level. This inservice will take place at Holy Angels High School.


§                     April 22nd Inservice - Plans are underway regarding this inservice day for grade 4 Health teachers and P-9 Physical Education teachers.


§                     Healthy Eating For Community Partners for Cape Breton District Health Authority - Ms. Andrea attended a meeting on January 27th at the Public Health Offices. Guest speaker was Jim Rutten, Community Shared Agricultural Project, The Lake Ainslie Development Association.  Jim Rutten discussed using local food production to strengthen community ties and build community health. This was done by providing affordable, fresh, local and nutritionally complete food and food products to community costumers.  Also, on the agenda was a community scan of nutrition and healthy eating programs.  Next meeting is March 4th.


§                     Cape Breton Fiddlers Marathon Youth Run - Information on the run was presented to the principals with more information to follow at the April 22nd inservice for P-9 Physical Education teachers.


§                     Cape Breton Press Club- On January 26th Ms. Andrea and Cathy MacNeil, Fine Arts Facilitator, attended a Media session.  The session gave tips on dealing with the media.



Mathematics (Ron MacLean)


§                     P-9 schools continue to offer the math Professional Development sessions at monthly staff meetings and plan to have sessions during the school-based professional development on parent teacher day. 


§                     Since the workshop with new teachers in December, the request for mentoring has increased greatly.  The mentors met on February 10th to discuss the use of manipulatives in the classroom environment and to go over some of the finer points of using manipulatives. 


§                     The math workshop for resource teachers has been scheduled for February 24, 25, and 28.  Genevieve Richardson, Cathy Viva, Sharon McCready, and Ron MacLean, Mathematics Facilitator, have been preparing the sessions for the workshop.


§                     The math consultants from the province along with some teachers from across the province will meet on February 16th and 17th to examine and select a new core resource for grade nine mathematics.


§                     The next round of the high school math league is scheduled for Saturday, February 19th at UCCB.  UCCB has been very accommodating supplying nutritional snacks for the students participating.  Mr. MacLean expects that we will have about 15 teams of students from various high schools at the event.


§                     On Feb 22 there will be a workshop for math leaders from the junior high schools. 


§                     Mr. MacLean will meet with teachers from the Adult High School to discuss the math options available to students and to talk about the new grade ten essentials course.


§                     Planning for the high school math workshop is well underway and will be finalized on Feb 11th.


§                     The next planning session for the math essentials team is March 2 and 3.  Brenda Meery from Glace Bay high is our Board Member on this provincial team.


Literacy (Brenda MacIsaac)


§                     Professional Development - Grade Seven English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies teachers have attended the following workshops facilitated by Brenda MacIsaac:


1. Integrating literacy and technology into the curriculum (February 2nd and 3rd);

            2. Literacy Across the Curriculum (January 18, 19; February 4).


§                     PD sessions focus on: curriculum outcomes; multi-literacies; unique features of adolescent literacy learners; the literacy learning environment; explicit teaching and modeling of literacy strategies across the curriculum. More intensive professional development is planned for grade seven English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies teachers over the next two months.


§                     Secondary Lead Team (Grades 7-12) - To help the transitioning process from junior to senior high school, department heads and lead teachers from all junior and senior high schools met for a second time this year on February 7th. The process of coordinating the writing curriculum from grades 7-12 is one of the undertakings that will begin at the next meeting in April.


§                     Literacy Newsletter - The second Literacy Newsletter will be distributed to all schools the end of February. This is a forum for sharing literacy initiatives, which are taking place in schools across the Board. The focus this time will be on cross-curricular literacy events/projects.


§                     Semestered Schools’ Staff Development Day (March 4th) - Barry Wilson and Susan Martin-O'Brien, Literacy Consultants from the Department of Education, will facilitate a session with high school English teachers on the movement of the Active Readers initiative into high school. As well, at the request of lead teachers, a workshop on Comprehension Strategies for struggling readers will be offered.


§                     Staff Development Day (April 22nd) - The Writers in Action Team and the Active Readers Team met to begin making plans for the April 22nd Board-wide Professional Development Day.  Grade 7-9 English Language Arts teachers will attend sessions on a new Department of Education resource, Classroom-based Assessment, to help teachers assess comprehension skills of middle schoolers. Maria Carty, from the Department of Education, will in-service lead team teachers on May 23 at the Staff Development Centre.


Education Week


This year’s Education Week Theme is:  “History:  Look in Your Own Backyard! / Histoire:  Partout autour de nous!”.  The Education Week Committee met on February 11th and selected two candidates to honour at this year’s Teacher’s Award Ceremony, Monday, April 18th (one nominee from NSTU Northside Local, and one from NSTU Cape Breton District Local).


Canadian History 11


A very successful workshop on February 9th, conducted by Bruce Fisher, Social Studies Consultant, Department of Education, was held at the Northside Staff Development Centre. This Focus Group activity centered around Canadian History 11 outcomes.  This was a Department of Education initiative, conducted in all Boards in the province, to finalize the Canadian History 11 curriculum guides.


Newspapers In Education


An information session on Newspapers In Education will be held on February 15, at Sydney Academy.  This year, Newspapers In Education will be incorporated in Education Week.  Various activities will be explained to teachers attending this meeting.



David Brennick, Co-ordinator of Student Services


French Second Language


§                     French Consultants from across the province offering Extended Core French will meet again on February 24-25, in Halifax.  The committee’s goal is to explore the strength and challenges of Extended Core French and to begin development of curriculum guides to support the junior high Extended Core French programs.




§                     A French Café was held at Riverside Elementary School on February 10/05 to celebrate the successes of the students involved in the grade six Intensive Core French pilot.  In attendance were students from the grade six Intensive Core French class from Harbourside Elementary School.  The students presented skits, poems, songs, dances, and games.  The students enjoyed lunch together and had the opportunity to share their experiences while in the Intensive Core French programme.


§                     The annual French Public Speaking contest (Concours d’art oratoire) will take place on March 22nd (Core / Extended Core) and March 23rd (Immersion) at Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High School, Library, at 7:00p.m.


§                     Elementary Core French teachers (grades 4-6) met at Greenfield Elementary School on February 3/05.  The teachers had the opportunity to discuss current issues in French Second Language and to complete a needs assessment survey.  An inservice will take place on April 22nd for the elementary Core French teachers.  Facilitator for the day will be Nancy MacLeod, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.


§                     The senior high professional development day for French teachers (10-12) will take place on March 4/05 at Holy Angels High School.  This will be a teacher directed inservice.  Presenters include Amanda O’Regan (Breton Education Centre), Hélène Crane (Glace Bay High), and Celeste Foisy (Riverside).


§                     Laurie MacIntosh, French Second Language Consultant, is currently carrying out a needs assessment survey to explore the professional development needs and concerns of our Board’s French teachers.


§                     The francophone artist, singer/composer, Gilles Lapierre, will be performing a concert at the Savoy Theatre on March 8/05 for Immersion students and students from the francophone school.  Gilles Lapierre is a singer from les Îles de la Madeleine who has just released his third compact disk.





John Astephen, Coordinator

David Brennick, Coordinator


Professional Development Initiatives


The Lead Team to support the Implementation of Supporting Student Success: Resource Programming and Services participated in a working session on Thursday, February 3, 2005, at the Staff Development Centre. A professional development module to assist teachers in developing IPPs and writing effective and measurable outcomes will be ready to share with school staff in the spring of 2005.


The Co-teaching team working with Don Glover, Special Education Consultant with the Student Services Division of the Department of Education, met again on Tuesday, February 15, 2005. The team has developed a script and has identified sites at elementary, junior high and high school levels for video clips. Filming is scheduled to begin in late April with completion of the video targeted for the fall of 2005. Plans for the video release were also discussed. The targeted timing for the release is the fall of 2005.


Final preparations for a Math in-service for resource teachers, grades P-12, are complete. Approximately 80 resource teachers will attend one of these sessions on February 24, 25 and 28. Resource personnel for the workshops include Ron MacLean, Math Facilitator; Genevieve Richardson, Resource teacher at Greenfield Elementary; and, Kathy Viva, LD teacher and Vice-Principal at Dr. T.L. Sullivan Jr. High.


Official Opening of Assistive Technology Centre, St. Joseph’s School, Sydney Mines


The Official Opening of the Assistive Technology Centre at St. Joseph’s Elementary School was held on Wednesday, February 2, 2005. The Assistive Technology Centre was developed through a partnership involving St. Joseph’s Elementary School, the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, the Rotary Club of North Sydney and the C@P Society of Cape Breton County. During the opening ceremonies, Archie MacEachern, Director of Programs & Student Services, extended congratulations to the staff and administration of St. Joseph’s Elementary for their insight and leadership in this initiative that will provide enhanced assistive technology support for students and adults in the Sydney Mines area. He also thanked the Rotary Club and the C@P Society for their generous support of this project.  Rick Simm, Coordinator of Programs, Instructional Support and Board Member, Charlie Keagan, were also in attendance.




Following a meeting on January 26th with junior and senior high guidance counselors at Memorial High School, planning is underway for an April gathering of those who provide services to children and youth and guidance personnel. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of service delivery to students at the junior/senior high level.


Junior high guidance counselors visited Memorial High School on February 16th to learn about vocational program offerings at Memorial High School Program changes were shared by Fred Martell along with visitations to various shops.


Gatekeeper Training (Early Suicide Prevention Program) will be provided for eight guidance counselors in May. This is an outgrowth of the work of the Community Action on Suicide group.


School Advisory Chairs


An information meeting was held on February 8th at Sydney Academy for School Advisory Chairs and other school representatives. Planning is underway for a larger interactive event to be held in the spring. School Advisory Chairs have been extended an invitation to attend the Education Partners Forum being held in Truro on February 18th and 19th. It is expected that those in attendance from our region will be brought together following this event.




Preliminary reports on the Grade Six literacy assessment have been delivered to schools. On a regional basis, there has been an improvement in writing skills and no statistical difference in the reading results.


On March 4th, the Board’s Math Leadership team will meet with secondary schools guidance counselors to provide an overview of math curriculum for sharing and discussion of mathematics curriculum. It is part of improving student results.




Rick Simm, Coordinator 

Matters of technology integration are the responsibility of the “Information Technology Team”, consisting of Liz Mahoney, Reg Johnston, Peter MacKinnon and Rick Simm.  The IT-Team report for February follows:


IEIE Facilitator (Peter Mac Kinnon)


IEIE-7 Project


The additional computers (194) have arrived and are currently being imaged. These new machines will be used to complete the grade 7 rollout giving all grade 7 classes in the Board four new computers. The remaining computers will be put in grade 8 or 9 classes that have the necessary infrastructure. This will allow us, depending on the IEIE allocation for 2005-2006, to complete junior high classrooms.


Follow-up workshops on teaching strategies were held for all grade 7 teachers Feb.1-4.  These workshops were facilitated by Reg Johnston, Brenda MacIsaac and Nancy Chisholm. Reg has established a lead team of 20 grade seven teachers to work in four different subject areas to build lessons that all grade 7 teachers can use. These workshops will take place from February 17-22.



Many of the nineteen participating schools have finished or are close to finishing their mentorship. The model developed that had the mentor focus on three to five teachers in a school from all reports has been very successful. We hope to bring all mentors together for a day of reflection and planning for the future.


Brookland Elementary

We are following through on the professional development plan for Brookland.  All PD is being done on site using teachers at the school as facilitators. We plan to work with some of the new software ordered in December as soon as it arrives.


Data Management

Jim McNeil spent considerable time updating the central module at the SDC. We will be meeting in the near future to discuss alternate ways of gathering data to a central location. The current method is cumbersome and extremely time consuming.


Electronic Report Cards

The staff at Jubilee is currently working on the updated version of the electronic report card. We are hoping the problems encountered in November have been corrected. Bill Tennant and Jim McNeil will oversee this project.


School Visits

Visits to Brookland, Harbourside, Mira Road and Cusack to spend some time with mentor teachers, and teachers they were working with, lead me to believe technology usage is on the upswing. The mentors tell me teachers are showing more interest and asking more questions.


IT Integration (Reg Johnston)


Online Course Delivery


Two more students registered for online courses in February and one student dropped out, bringing our total enrollment to thirteen. Conversations with the principals in the three high schools involved in the project has led me to believe that our students are getting along very well.


Secondary Professional Development


In a continuing effort to support the Grade 7 IEI rollout, a second round of workshops was held from Feb. 1-4. These workshops keyed on English, Math, Social Studies and Science. Brenda MacIsaac, Literacy Facilitator, and Ron MacLean, Mathematics Consultant, assisted me in providing our Grade 7 teachers with effective teaching strategies to integrate technology into their courses. Lead teachers were identified in each subject area and will be brought together on Feb. 17, 18, 21 and 22 to develop lesson plans to be shared with their colleagues. Further workshops are being planned for March.




I have had the pleasure of working with mentors in seven schools in our Board and I have been extremely impressed with the cooperation I have received from them and their school administrators.  After visiting a number of classrooms and witnessing, firsthand, the quality of teaching strategies being employed to enhance technology integration, I could not help but be impressed.  Five schools have completed their mentorship periods and two more will be finished by the end of the month.


Canadian History 11


On February 14, all second semester Canadian History 11 teachers attended a workshop at the Staff Development Centre. The morning portion of the workshop was devoted to registering students on the Chinook site while the afternoon session was spent on sharing successful units of practice.  A follow-up session will be held on March 29 to develop the testing module found in the Chinook site.


Assistive Technology  – Liz Mahoney


During the past month, I attended to numerous Assistive Technology requests from the following schools: - Holy Angels High, Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High, St Joseph’s, Sydney Mines, Cabot High School, Tompkins Elementary and Florence Elementary. 


Professional Development needs arising from these visits are being planned over the next month.


There are still some outstanding assessments that have not been completed due to lack of software and other Assistive Technology devices.  Some have been ordered but have not yet arrived.


Community Education - Rhonda Smith


Adult High School Program


Glace Bay Adult High School –47                   Northside Adult High School – 35

Sydney Adult High School – 48                       New Waterford Adult High School – 26






Adult Evening Program


The winter session of the adult evening courses began February 7, 2005.  There are 12 evening classes being offered in this session.  There are approximately 170 participants for these classes. The classes are Introduction to Computers (2), MS Word/PowerPoint, MS Excel, Simply Accounting, Conversational French, Medical Terminology (2), Woodworking (2), Chemistry 12 and Mathematics 12.  Community Education of CBVRSB also supports a literacy class for 14 mentally challenged adults one night a week.





Charles Sheppard, Coordinator



RCH Meeting February 2005


Mr. Sheppard attended a provincial RCH Coordinators meeting at the Millbrook Community Centre, Truro, N.S.  Guest speaker, Andre Duchene, spoke on the Global Youth Conference to be held in Halifax in April 2005.


MECNS (Multicultural Education Council of Nova Scotia)


Mr. Sheppard attended the annual MECNS meeting in Halifax, N.S.  A presentation was made by Ms. Jacqui Smith, Program Coordinator, Regional Educator Program of the Black Educator Association.  Discussion ensued around multi-cultural education in the classroom.


African Heritage Month


February is African Heritage month.  Schools throughout the Board are busy with activities celebrating the history and contributions made by members of the African Canadian community.  Schools will be sending in reports documenting their activities.  Student Support workers are available for presentations and displays.