Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board




Ambrose White, Acting Coordinator/School Services               


Mr. White attended the annual CAPSLE conference.  The theme this year was “ The Law as an Agent of Change in Education”.  There were many interesting and informative sessions that were very practical for School Services.


School Services has completed a review of our policies.  Recommendation for new policies on Head Lice and Board Visual Identity, as well as updates of current policies were passed on to the Programs and School Services Director, Mr. Archie MacEachern, who will present them to the Education Committee and then the Board.


The school calendar for 2005-2006 was finalized and sent to all schools and appropriate school board personnel.


All requests for Primary transfers in September 2005 were dealt with and sent on to senior staff.


There was some disruption with Field Trips due to the recent job action.  Buses had to be inspected after sitting idle for several weeks.  In the two weeks following the job action, field trips were postponed until later dates.  As of May 9, the schedule is back on track.




Rick Simm, Coordinator


The “Information Technology Team”, consisting of Liz Mahoney, Reg Johnson, Peter MacKinnon and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of technology initiatives.  The IT-Team April report follows:


Assistive Technology/PD (Liz Mahoney)


This month has been dedicated to completing outstanding Assistive Technology assessments and training necessary as a result.  Assessments were completed at St. Anne’s Elementary, St. Mary’s Elementary, St. Joseph’s North Sydney, and Holy Angels High.


Follow up visits were made at John Bernard Croak, Jubilee, and St. Joseph’s Sydney Mines.


Liz also had working sessions planned in Halifax on the Assistive Technology Guide.


Some of the textbooks that have been entered into Kurzweil software are now available on our website and are being tested by Rankin Memorial.  The scanning of textbooks is continuing.







IEIE-8 (Peter MacKinnon)


Funding for 2005-2006 has been announced. The focus for this year will be grade 8. We will be adding an additional 190 computers, the majority will finish off grade 8 with the remainder going to grade 9. We are planning to provide approximately 500 FTE professional development days. We are currently working on a detailed plan for Halifax. When the plan is approved, it will be posted to the web site. Peter plans on visiting all grade 8 classrooms to assess what infrastructure will be needed


Data Management


It appears the province will provide money to activate their data management plan for an SIS (Student Information System). Until we hear from them as to a definite timeframe, we plan to run Outcomes at Jubilee and test another system at Cusack.




Our proposal for 2005-2006 has been sent to Ottawa and we are awaiting approval. We are hoping to cost share in 18 mentoring positions.


Electronic Report Card


Conference call meetings are taking place weekly as we iron out any problems that still exist for the electronic version of the provincial report card. We plan to run the program in June at Jubilee and continue the pilot there next year.


Brookland Elementary PD Plan


The software professional development has been postponed to next year.


Technology PD (Reg Johnston)


Classroom Support


A great deal of time has been spent visiting schools and identifying areas of support for professional development. I have been impressed with the number of teachers utilizing the teaching strategies that were provided at workshops throughout the year. Requests for additional support with Writer’s Companion, PowerPoint and Photoshop Elements will be addressed.


Online Course Delivery


A provincial meeting of the Online Course committee was held in Halifax on April 28. Each Board representative was asked to interview students in their region who are enrolled in online courses to discern their attitudes toward their courses. We were then asked to present these findings at the meeting. I was able to interview eight of our eleven students still enrolled in courses (two students have withdrawn) and am very pleased to report that all of them have enthusiastically endorsed this method of taking courses. In fact, all of them stated that they would recommend it to their friends. All of these students were enjoying considerable success as well. We had the third highest rate of enrollment (behind the two host Boards) in the province.


A special meeting will be held in Halifax on May 19 to discuss course options for next year, a communication’s protocol as well as a procedure to acquire textbooks. Guidance counselors from each of the small provincial high schools, as well as Board Program Directors are being invited as well.


School Web Sites  


All schools (P-12) now have web sites. I am currently working with schools that require upgrading. I have been more than pleased with the level of cooperation that I have received from the administrators and teachers with whom I have worked and look forward to providing any further assistance as the need arises.





John Astephen, Coordinator

David Brennick, Coordinator


Student Services Coordinators’ Meeting


Provincial Student Services Coordinators met May 11 and 12, 2005, at Liverpool, Nova Scotia. The Department of Education’s priorities and in-service planning in Student Services Division for 2005-2006 were outlined and discussed.


Priorities included:


·         Autism Training

·         Implementation of Transition Planning Document

·         PEBS/Code of Conduct Follow-up Workshops

·         Student Record Policy

·         Program Planning Guide for Parents

·         Release and Implementation of Assistive Technology Guide

·         IPP Template

·         School Psychology Guidelines


Coordinators received a copy of the Transition Planning Guide which is also available on the Department of Education website. Many of the other guides and documents will be available in the fall. Coordinators discussed professional development initiatives to support implementation of the new documents as well as plans for a proposed Autism Training Workshop in August 2005.




Teacher Assistant Pre-service Training Program


The Cape Breton Business College registered 25 candidates in their Teacher Assistant Program. Central Office administrators from Human Resources and Student Services met several times with Business College personnel to tailor the program to meet our needs. Charles Sheppard and John Astephen had an opportunity to meet the participants of the program on Monday May 16th, prior to the start of their practicum on May 17th. A brief presentation covering job description and expectations of teacher assistants was followed by a question and answer period. This initiative provided us with an opportunity to address the philosophy of “only as special as necessary” and the importance of assisting students to develop independence.


Speech Department


This year, the Speech Department developed a children’s placemat as their “May is Speech and Hearing Month” project. The placemat features various children’s activities such as a word search, scrambled words, coloring, drawing, and tongue twisters. Five hundred placemats were printed at Memorial High School and are being used in the four Jasper’s restaurants in Sydney and Glace Bay. The placemats will be given to children who visit Jasper’s during the month of May and are meant to be an activity for them to complete while they are dining in the restaurant.


A few of the speech pathologists will be attending a workshop in Dartmouth at the end of May on the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This system of communication is for students who are nonverbal, have limited verbal skills, or poor speech intelligibility.  PECS is a useful system for nonverbal students with Autism and is widely used in our Board.


Bras d’Or Elementary Learning Disabilities Program Achieve PDAF Award


Lynn McInnis, LD teacher, and Celesta Gerow, Principal of Bras d’Or Elementary, were very fortunate to have received a PDAF Award. This grant will allow the purchase of a class set of Alpha Smart computers. The Alpha Smart computers not only help students with fine motor difficulties, but also work wonders to encourage story-writing skills. The students are eager to work on their stories at home and then bring them back for editing and printing. A class set of Alpha Smarts would also allow students to work together using many of the new techniques they are learning through the “LIPS” and “Seeing Stars” programs.


Lynn says, “We are always trying to encourage our students to work as hard as they can to achieve their goals. Helping to raise levels of self-esteem is so important.”


The Alpha Smart computer is also a wonderful tool in the area of homework. Students are eager to use the Alpha Smart to write spellings, sentences, even speeches! It will certainly help these L.D. students with their transition from elementary to junior high school. Note taking in junior high is very difficult for these students, so if they are accustomed to keyboarding and using the Alpha Smart, it allows them more time to focus on learning other new skills being taught. They already have some Alpha Smart computers in the junior high. The Alpha Smart computers would be used from year to year allowing numerous students to benefit from this project.





Meetings are ongoing with representatives from Employability Partnership to explore a transition coordinator position to meet the transition needs of individual with disabilities who graduate from our schools.


At a recent meeting of Guidance Counsellors, Kathy Coleman shared that a regional IODE chapter will be contributing $2,000 toward the purchase of anti-bullying resources.  This follows a presentation she recently made to the group.


Eight Guidance Counsellors from across our Board recently completed a two-day training session on suicide prevention at Cape Breton University. A repeat session to also be sponsored by the Community Action on Suicide Prevention will occur in the fall enabling an additional eight counselors to participate.


School Advisory Councils


Formal signing arrangements will be planned for six school communities following approval of their Letters of Agreement by the Board.


Six school communities - Bras d’Or Elementary, Breton Education Centre, Dr. T.L. Sullivan, MacLennan Junior High and Shipyard Elementary, will be engaged in the accreditation process over the next five years. This process is consistent with provincial initiatives designed to enhance student achievement through school improvement.





David Crane, Co-ordinator


Breakfast for Learning Program


q       The Province has announced $750,000 for province-wide Breakfast for Learning program for grades P-6.  Our Board has not been notified of the amount we will receive.  Depending on the funding, in addition to our golf tournament and our school adoption program, we may be able to expand to include all schools. Presently there are 21 “sites” that do not have a breakfast program.


q       Ms. Debbie Madore, Breakfast for Learning Co-ordinator, continues to meet monthly in Halifax with the Provincial committee who are establishing a nutrition policy framework for Nova Scotia schools. The majority of the work has been done. Presently they are working on language. The draft is being presented at the three Principals’ meetings that are being held in the month of May in Halifax.


q       Gillis Tim-Br Mart has adopted Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School with a donation of $3500. They will make 10 installments of $350. A picture will be in the Cape Breton Post with Tim Br Mart and Glace Bay Kinsmen (who adopted Glace Bay Elementary in February).


q       Glace Bay Elementary is starting their breakfast program May 17. It will be a muffin and milk program, which will run three days per week until the end of June. Seaview Manor in Glace Bay will be making the muffins and delivering them to the school.


q       Public Health has a community partners group chaired by Mary Daly, Public Health Nutritionist. Ms. Madore is a part of this group, which is working to make our community at large a healthier place. The group includes members from the Cape Breton Regional Health Authority, Cape Breton University, Food Banks, Cancer Society, and Nova Scotia Community College, Marconi Campus. Through Population Health they are hoping to make some positive changes.


q       Ms. Madore has met with Ideal foods regarding the nutrition initiatives in the school. She is hoping to find healthier food items for the schools to sell in the canteen nest year.


q       Ms. Madore has visited several schools to assess needs for a breakfast program for next year. Three refrigerators have been purchased for Glace Bay Elementary, Coxheath, and Ball’s Creek. Space is an issue for many schools such as Mira Road, Robin Foote and Marion Bridge.


q       Ms. Madore has been meeting with the Principal and Vice-Principal at Brookland Elementary to have a cafeteria set up for next year.


q       Ms. Madore attended the Population Health Day, May 12. The theme this year was “Building Healthier Communities”. It is a good chance to bring together people from health, education and the community.


q       Plans for the Golf Tournament are going well. So far, there will be 19 teams of four participating.  There were 17 last year.  Ms. Madore’s goal is to have 20 teams this year in total.


q       McDonald’s McHappy Day, scheduled for May 18 will be sending part of the proceeds to Breakfast for Learning.  Ms. Madore did contact the company several months ago for a donation, and they chose to donate to our program through this annual event.  They spoke directly with Mr. Davis, Superintendent of Schools, regarding this project.



Nova Scotia International Student Program


q       Daniel Krei and Andre Berk of Germany were featured in a second article in the Cape Breton Post this week for their involvement in Midget AA hockey.


q       Mariline (Brazil), Ale (Mexico), and Leyla (Germany) all won awards in the provincial Dance Competition this month. They traveled to Halifax for the event.


q       Many of our students continue to contribute to their schools as members of various sport teams.  Christian and Izzy (Germany) and Shana (Brazil) are all members of the Sydney Academy Rugby team while Hanna (Germany), Gil & Jung Ho (Korea), Nico & Brian (Taiwan) are all members of the Badminton team. Mariline (Brazil) & Abril (Mexico) each took part in recent cheerleading competitions.


q       Kimiko (Japan) traveled to Halifax with the Drama group from Breton Education Centre.


q       Margarita (Mexico), Susie & Jane (Korea) traveled to Ottawa with the Sherwood Park Band.


q       Many of our students made the honour role at their respective schools.  Just to name a few: Rosa (Korea), Leyla (Germany), Nagisa, Aki and Yoko (Japan), Sammy (Mexico).


q       Look for a story that will be featured in the New Waterford Community Press.  They will be interviewing the nine students at Breton Education Centre this Friday.


q       The homestay coordinators and schools are busy planning their individual events: Paula Pace & Sydney Academy, Ron Shaw & Riverview, and Dorothy Kaiser and her students (Memorial High, Sherwood Park, Holy Angels) will all go to Louisbourg this month, while Millie George & Breton Education Centre will go to the Miner’s Museum.


q       Plans are also underway for the group activity in June – a trip to Baddeck.  We will spend a day sailing, visiting the Bell Museum, hiking and shopping.


q       Thanks to the suggestion of Mr. Ed Davis, and the efforts of David Crane, the Nova Scotia International Student Program has offered a scholarship to a student affected by the Tsunami.  The recipient, Thirawat Konkaew from Phuket, Thailand, will attend Riverview in the fall.  The Ambassador presented him with his scholarship on May 10th.        


q       Four of our students are preparing for their graduation.  Yoko (Japan), Becky & Nico (Taiwan) and Lucy (Korea) are all graduating in June. Lucy was awarded a $4000.00 scholarship to St. Francis Xavier University.  Nico & Yoko will go back to their home countries to attend university while Becky will attend St. Mary’s.


q       Many of our other students are making plans to attend the prom, grand march, and safe grad activities in their respective schools.    


q       We are busy preparing for the September intake.  We currently have 25 new student applications, while 11 of our current students are planning to return.


q       We are actively looking for new homes!       


q       David Crane, Director of the Nova Scotia International Program for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, spent two weeks in Brazil recruiting students for the program.                    


Science / Technology Fair


Ms. True Burke, Junior High Science Leader, and Suzanne Aucoin, Malcolm Munroe, attended the Canada-wide Science Fair, the week of May 16th, 2005.  Three winning students from the region were also sponsored by the Board to attend and compete in this nation-wide event.  The winning students are:  Nicole Campbell, Malcolm Munroe; Sheralynn Deveaux, Riverview High; and Maria Paruch, MacLennan Jr. High.


Education Week 2005


Two Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board teachers were nominated for and received Education Week 2005 Awards at a special awards ceremony, at Pier 21, in Halifax, on April 18th, 2005.  The Regional Education Week Committee selected Victor Hanham, Vice-Principal, George D. Lewis School, to represent the Cape Breton District Local NSTU, and Theresa MacKay, teacher, Boularderie Elementary School, to represent the Northside-Victoria Local NSTU.


Physical / Health Education (Mary Lou Andrea)


q       Sexual Health Network- The group is continuing to meet to discuss plans for the upcoming inservice on September 30th.


q       Active Healthy Living Committee- This committee will meet on May 31.   The agenda will include plans for creating a Quality School Health program in our Board.


q       Active Cape Breton Communities- This group met in Baddeck on April 28 to discuss plans for a regional forum on physical activity for youth.  The forum will take place May 26 at the Gaelic College. Key Note speaker is Dr. Phil Campagna who will address the group on the upcoming PACY 2 Project, which will begin in the fall. Other presenters for the day are Joan Weeks on accessing the media, Colin Gillis on High Five, and Jan McCabe on Bone Health. Robin Foote Elementary will perform the Musical Get in the Game.


q       May - Active, Healthy Lifestyle Month - At a P-6 Principals’ Meeting it was decided to extend the week to a month due to the job action. Schools would highlight active healthy lifestyles for the month of May.  This would allow the music teachers more time to prepare for the Get In the Game Musical, which will be performed at various locations throughout the Board. Here is the plot for the sports musical:


q       The quest for the cast of characters that make up Get in the Game is one of self-discovery and realization.  Each character is trying to find the champion that lies within each one of us.  By exploring many of the sports that some may seem as “alternative sports” (bowling, golf, skate boarding, etc.) as opposed to more “traditional, scholastic sports” (basketball, football, baseball), the players reveal that there are many different ways to shine in athletics, as in the world in general.  Finding the champion inside of you is often just a matter of being an active participant in the world; exploring, studying, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but always trying.  Get in the Game encourages its participants and audiences to try new things, and consider new possibilities, knowing that the champion will reveal itself when you open yourself up to a whole world of possibilities in sports, as in life.







May 11, 2005

12:45 & 7:00 p.m.


Coxheath Elem.

May 14, 2005

12:30 p.m.


Population Health Day, Membertou

May 18, 2005

7:00 p.m.


Mountainview Elem.

May 19, 2005

10:45 a.m./7:00 p.m.

Sydney River Elem.

Sydney River Elem.

May 20, 2005

1:30 p.m.


Shipyard Elem.

May 25, 2005

9:45 a.m.

Sydney River Elem.

St. Joseph, SM

May 25, 2005

1:00 p.m.


Cusack Elem.

May 25, 2005

7:00 p.m.

Robin Foote

Robin Foote

May 26, 2005

11:30 a.m.

Robin Foote

Gaelic College

Active Cape Breton Communities Conference

May 26, 2005

9:45 a.m.


Tompkins Elem.

May 26, 2005

11:00 a.m.


Glace Bay Elem

May 27, 2005

10:45 a.m.


Seton Elem


q       School visits by Mary Lou Andrea, Physical / Health Education Facilitator - Sydney River Elementary, Mira Road, Mountainview, Coxhealth, J.B. Croak, Greenfield, Harbourside, and Mount Carmel.


q       P-6 Principals Meeting April 27 /7-9 Principals Meeting April 28 - Active, Healthy Lifestyles week was discussed and it was concluded that we would make it for the month of May. The junior high track meet was discussed and it will take place as usual. The date is for June 3rd with the rain date being June 7th.


q       CAHPERD National Conference Regina May 4 -7 – Paula MacRae, Seton Elementary and Ms. Andrea attended this conference.  The keynote speaker was Catrina Lemay Doan, Olympic gold medal winner in speed skating.  She spoke on believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams.  Paula was presented with her provincial Physical Education teacher of the year at conference.  Ms. MacRae and Ms. Andrea attended many sessions that can be used to enhance our physical education program.


q       17th Annual Track and Field Event- This event will take place on June 3rd at the Archibald Ave. field.   Twelve teams will take part in the event.


q       Staffing- Mary Lou is presently working on plans for the itinerant staffing.


q       Population Health Day 2005 “Building Healthier Communities May 14th Barbara Anderson, Manager of Health Enhancement for Public Health in the Annapolis Valley opened the conference. She spoke on the Annapolis Valley Health Project – Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice. The project received international attention on the effectiveness of school programs in preventing childhood obesity.  Another highlight of the day was the lunch time presentation of Get in the Game by Delynn Reid’s choir from Mountainview.  She and her students did a fabulous job and received a standing ovation. Hats off to the students from Mountainview who represented our School Board so well.


q       Seton Elementary Health Fair- Mary Lou was a presenter at their fair highlighting active, healthy lifestyles.  Her presentation was on pedometers. There were 13 sessions all dealing with active, healthy living. It was well received by all who attended.



q       Sharon Boudreau has just returned from a study leave in Alberta.   Mr. MacLean will meet with her to discuss aspects of what she has learned from her leave.


q       Resource materials have arrived at the Northside Staff Development Centre for distribution to schools within the region. Mr. MacLean will sort through these materials and arrange to get them to schools and teachers.


q       Teachers can now register for the MSI Mathematics Summer Institute on line at .  This is a joint effort by Keith Jordan, Strait Board, Lisa Lunney, MK schools, and Mr. MacLean.  John Van De Walle will give the keynote address and then present to smaller groups of teachers.  This is an excellent learning opportunity for elementary and middle school math teachers.


q       Saint Mary’s University and Cape Breton University have partnered to offer the Certificate in Mathematics program for teachers in this area.  Mr. MacLean is currently looking into a similar type program for elementary and middle school teachers.


q       Currently Mr. MacLean is reviewing the new grade nine core mathematics resource as sections become available.  Peggy MacIntyre, Rankin, will also be reviewing the new resource.


q       Information has been sent to the junior high schools on the requirements for the new grade 10 Essentials math course. 


q       Mr. MacLean will be in Halifax to assist with the writing of the report on the Mathematics Assessment written by grade 8 students in the spring of 2004.




q       Department of Education:  Writers in Action 7, Implementation Workshop – May 18-20, 2005; Active Readers 7-9 – May 31-June 1, 2005.


q       Kimberlins:  The 2004 edition of Kimberlins has been released.  Kimberlins is an anthology of Nova Scotia student writing published by the Association of English Teachers of Nova Scotia (ATENS).  Teachers submit their students’ poetry for possible submission.  It is notable that twenty pieces published, poetry and short stories, were composed by students of Sherwood Park Education Centre.


q       Literacy Web-site:  By the end of June, there will be a number of new links on the Board’s Literacy Web-site.  Presently, there is a website for all professional development power points.  In June, this will have expanded to poetry, visual literacy, cool websites, what’s new, and professional development sessions website links.



French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh)


q       Over 140 students from grades five through twelve competed in Canadian Parents for French Nova Scotia’s Annual French Public Speaking Contest at Mount St. Vincent University on April 30, 2005.  Several students from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board were among medal recipients, including:

o        7/8 Extended Core French:  Nicole MacDougall, Breton Education Centre (silver);

o        9/10 Late French Immersion:  Brandon Fry, Sydney Mines Junior High (gold);  Sheralynne Deveaux, Riverview Rural High (silver);

o        11/12 Late French Immersion:  Lori-Anne Deveaux, Riverview Rural High (silver).


q       Leadership Team members of Lecteurs Actifs 9e (Active Readers 9), Suzanne Aucoin and Alisha Roach, attended a two-day training workshop in Halifax on May 2-3, 2005.  An inservice for grade nine French Immersion teachers will be held in early September to continue implementation of Active Readers 9 – Immersion.


q       The Extended Core French Committee met on April 28-29, 2005, in Halifax and will meet again on May 19-20.  The committee, which includes Laurie MacIntosh, French Consultant, is developing a new curriculum guide for grade seven Extended Core French, linking grade seven French Language Arts and the new grade seven Social Studies Program.


q       On Saturday, June 4th, 2005, grade eight Late French Immersion students will gather at Shipyard Elementary School to participate in “Face aux Questions”, an event similar to “Reach for the Top”.  This competition is scheduled to coincide with the elementary event, “The Wonderful World of Words”.


q       Alysha Roach will represent the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board at a two-day workshop in Halifax on May 26-27, 2005.  Alysha is a member of the provincial piloting team for the classroom assessment resource focusing on French language skills of grade nine French Immersion students.


q       Plans are underway for a third pilot site for grade six Intensive Core French.  A teacher training session will take place this summer in Montréal.  Laurie MacIntosh traveled to Mulgrave to present a workshop to Elementary Principals of the Strait Regional School Board, which will be offering Extended Core French for the first time.


Model Legislature


The annual Model Legislature will be held May 27-29, 2005.  This year’s representatives include:  Ginny Sampson, teacher, Sydney Academy; Shirley Sampson, parent; and students:  Cranton Phillips (Baddeck Academy), Victoria Neville (Holy Angels), Blair MacDonald (Sydney Academy), Matthew Denney (Memorial Composite High), Janis Sampson (Glace Bay High), Shawn Organ (Riverview Rural High), and Dana MacSween (Breton Education Centre).


Interchange on Canadian Studies


The annual Interchange on Canadian Studies will take place this year in Medicine Hat, Alberta, May 14-21, 2005.  This year one representative was chosen from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.  Vanessa Johnson, a student at Breton Education Centre, was chosen by Brian Spencer and David Crane to take part in this year’s event.


Drug Awareness Committee


The Substance Policy for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board is being completed and will be presented at the next meeting of the Drug Awareness Committee.





Annette Currie, Coordinator


Historica Heritage Fair


Historica Fairs begin as hands-on, independent research projects.  Taking on the role of historian, interpreter, storyteller or live performer, students learn and teach others about Canadian heroes, legends, milestones in their community, or family achievements.  Over the past year, 4,202 students presented a cultural/heritage project in their respective schools.  From that number, 152 were selected to be presented at Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board=s Sixth Annual Heritage Fair on Thursday, May 12, at Cape Breton University.


Judging occurred between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m., when a team of ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life met with students as they explained their research and a particular piece of culture or heritage.  Each project was judged twice. 

Public viewing occurred between 4:30 and 6:15 p.m.  Visitors were able to celebrate living history with our students who impressed their guests will their knowledge, research, enthusiasm, and different modes of presentations.


Following the judging of projects, presenters were led into the Canada Games Complex  by the Fifes and Drums of Louisbourg, who opened the evening=s ceremonies.  Margaret MacPherson, a grade three student from Cornwallis School, captivated the audience with her rendition of >O Canada=.  Choral selections performed by Cusack Elementary Choir under the direction of Donalda Westcott, Holy Angels Choir under the direction of Rosemary McGhee, and later a combined selection by Cusack/Holy Angels Choir provided a blend of Cape Breton and Canadian culture.  Victoria McNeil, a participant in National Historica Fair 2004, spoke directly to the presenters about her experience at the National level.


Twenty-three projects were recognized with an Award of Excellence.  Level of research, interview presentation, the project itself, and a written summary factored in the judges= recommendation.  Superintendent Ed Davis, Board Chair Darlene Morrison, and Regional Education Officer Jim Burton presented Awards of Excellence for the following projects (in alphabetical order):









Grade 4


Brandon Hines

Cusack Complex


Nova Scotia Coal Miners (Project #4)


Grade 4


Amber Lovell & Erin LeBlanc

St. Joseph School, Sydney Mines


Pioneer Homes (Project #29)


Grade 4


Abbey Carew & Logan Carew

Robin Foote School


The Church That Sailed (Project #80)


Grade 4/5


Rebecca MacKeigan

Riverside School


The Morgan Horse (Project #39)


Grade 5


Connor Bray & Rita Snow

Brookland School


Cape Breton Fiddle (Project #74)


Grade 5


Emily Rosta

Donkin/Gowrie Complex


Mi=kmaq Culture (Project #13)


Grade 5


Class Project Presented by Cameron Hollahan & Taylor MacLeod

Brookland School


Our Heritage Quilt (Project #62)


Grade 6


Taylor Smith & Kaitlyn Navarole



History Behind Reserve Mines

(Project # 42)


Grade 6


Shelbi MacDonald

Shipyard School


Louisbourg (Project #51)


Grade 6


Leanne MacAskill & Jessica Hines

Brookland School


Mi=kmaq Culture (Project #61)









Awards of Excellence at the junior high level were presented to the following:









Grade 7


Katie Jones

Donkin/Gowrie Complex


Canadian Dancing (Project #320)


Grade 7


Danielle Jackson, Erin McKenna

& Kelsey Orrell

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High


La danse écossaise (Project #205)


Grade 7


Matthew Latimer

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High


Les Tsunamies au Canada (Project #201)


Grade 8


Baillie Ferguson & Megan Littler

Donkin/Gowrie Complex


Haunted Canada: Ghosts & Spirits

(Project #321)


Grade 8


Chantelle MacMullin

Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High


Le théâtre royal (Project # 227)


Grade 8


Amy MacDonald

Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High


Louis Riel (Project # 224)


Grade 8


Anita MacDonald

Rankin Memorial School


Little Narrows (Project # 306)


Grade 8


Rachel Wadden & Danielle Bates

Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High


Mining (Project #310)


Grade 9


Adam Brown & Ryan Muldoon

Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High


Canada: D Day (Project # 225)


Grade 9


Mary Southwell

Morrison Jr. High


Leaving the Emerald Isle

(Project #300)


Grade 9


Jenna Laurendeau & Carrie MacDonald

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High


L=école Malcolm Munroe (Project #217)


Grade 9


Gary Hood

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High


Les chemins de fer du Cap Breton (Project #222)


Grade 9


Taylor Rushbrook-Dickey, Tiffany Wilcox, Michelle MacDonald, Trudi MacPherson & Kristen MacDonald

Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High


Le théâtre Savoy (Project #216)



The following projects were selected for the National Historica Fair to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in July, 2005:





Project Title




Grade Level




Grades 4/5


Nova Scotia Coal Mines


Brandon Hines






Grades 6/7


Mi=kmaq History


Jessica Hines & Leanne MacAskill






Grades 8/9


Canada D Day


Adam Brown & Ryan Muldoon




Whitney Pier Memorial Jr.


*The students whose name is underlined will represent the project at the National level.


The following projects were selected as alternates in each section should person named above be unable to accept the invitation to the National Fair:





Project Title




Grade Level




Grades 4/5


The Morgan Horse


Rebecca MacKeigan






Grades 6/7




Shelbi MacDonald






Grades 8/9


Leaving the Emerald Isle


Mary Southwell




Morrison Jr. High


Projects/Students named as alternates will be invited to showcase their projects at the annual Nova Scotia Historica Fair, scheduled to take place mid-February, 2006.  Details to be announced in the fall.


Special recognition from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board Heritage Fair Committee was presented by Board Chair Darlene Morrison, and went to the following students:


$                    Laura Bryden, Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High School, for her memorable account of a soldier=s life (Project #228)



$                    Paul Breski, Shipyard School, for his in-depth study of the Bluenose (Project #50)


$                    Margaret Neville, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High, for her profile of her grandfather (Project #213)


$                    Devan Pierre and Kathleen Steel, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High, for capturing their audience=s attention with their unique study of Maud Lewis (Project # 204)


$                    Gary Hood, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Jr. High, for his exemplary presentation in French language (Project #222)


$                    Marc Paon, Mountainview School, for his knowledge of a community milestone - the S & L Railway (Project #23)


$                    Bretton Pierre and Shawnee Shepherd, George D. Lewis School, for their originality in presenting Our Family Chair Heritage (Project #316)


The names of schools who met the Early Bird Registration Deadline were entered in the Early Bird Entry Draw.  The draw named Riverside School as the winner.  A special presentation was made to Principal Campbell MacDonald and students.


This year, Historica has introduced the RBC Foundation Award for the Celebration of Aboriginal history, heritage or culture.  Erica Stevens, a grade six student from Eskasoni,  demonstrated enthusiasm for, and reflection on, the topic of Mi=kmaq Medicine.  She accepted the award and souvenir pin from Jim Burton, Regional Education Officer.


Each year, our students are invited to design a tattoo that reflect a Canadian theme.  It might be a building, a landmark, a totem pole, a Canadian hero - whatever means something special to a student.  This year, two of our students were among those selected as winners across Canada: Avery Varnes, Seton Elementary and Jonathon Beaton, MacLennan Jr. High.


The Honourable Laurie L. LaPierre, O.C. Medal, is given to individuals who are recognized for demonstrating exceptional enthusiasm and dedication to history and heritage. This year, we will award nine medals to students who have shown the judges and committee members their willingness to share their passion for heritage, their enthusiasm for learning about history, heritage and culture, and their ability to share their research.  Students selected to receive this medal will be notified and presented with a medal, certificate, and letter of congratulations from the Honourable Laurier LaPierre, O.C.


This year=s Hudson=s Bay Company Explorer Award, in recognition of outstanding achievement in demonstrating an aspect of exploration that has influenced the history of Canada, was presented by Superintendent Ed Davis to Kevin MacDougall, grade four student from St. Joseph Elementary School, Sydney Mines.  His project, A Voyage of Great Discovery, traced John Cabot=s exploration.  Kevin=s knowledge, interest and enthusiasm for this project impressed each person who nominated him for this year=s Explorer=s Award which included a certificate, a Hudson=s Bay blanket, and the book which details the story of the blanket.


Local businesses donated monetary or prize items in support of Historica Fairs.  All participants were eligible for the draw which followed the Historica Awards.



Special thank you to Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and staff, the Heritage Fair Committee, Co-Chair Cathy MacNeil, Cape Breton University staff, judges, choirs, tour guides, teachers, administrators, parents, guardians, volunteers, local businesses and Nova Scotia Teachers Union.




Language Arts


The Department of Education has facilitated team planning sessions for Active Young Readers/Writers in Action on May 12, grades P-3, and a second session for grades 4-6 on May 13.


April was National Poetry Month and teachers are submitting activities and student poetry to be published in the June literacy newsletter. We are pleased with the number of schools that are hosting Poetry Coffee/Hot Chocolate Houses.


Two teachers from our Board, Bill Tennant and Kevin Linden, will participate in the Elementary Literacy Assessment Writing Session on May 6-7 in Port Hawkesbury. The teachers will work on a creating a bank of questions for the October 2005 Literacy Assessment. Teachers from our Board took part in this experience last year, and a significant number of assessment items they had constructed showed up on the 2004 Assessment.


Friends Forever XIII


Plans are being finalized for the 14th annual Recognition Night for Young Authors scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 9, 2005, at Centre 200.  Two hundred eighty three young authors representing every elementary school across the region will receive a personal copy of Friends Forever XIV.


Math (Ron MacLean)


Math Facilitator Ron MacLean is working on the question bank for grade three, inserting diagrams so that the questions can be posted on the Board web site allowing all teachers to have access.  He hopes to have this working similar to the provincial item bank of questions for high school.


The grade four workshops to implement the new core resource for that level will be held in September so that teachers can begin the year with the new core resource.



The Wonderful World of Words for Word Wizards


The Wonderful World of Words is a cooperative project between Cape Breton Post=s Newspaper in Education Program and the Programs Division, Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.  Twenty-six students from seventeen schools have registered to participate in this fun-filled day when teams will compete for the Word Wizard Award.  This event is scheduled to take place at Shipyard Elementary School on June 4, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Parents are invited to attend the closing ceremonies at 2:00 p.m., when awards will be presented.


Public Speaking Event


The 28th Annual Public Speaking Event is taking place at Memorial High School Lecture Theatre, Sydney Mines, on May 9 - 11 and May 16 - 18.  One hundred forty-three students representing grades four to twelve across the Board have been selected to participate.  Chairpersons of this year=s event are Mary Mac Donald, Principal of St. Mary's/St.Joseph=s Complex and Bernadette Hollohan, teacher at Shipyard School.  We would like to thank Mary for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of public speaking and for her dedication to education throughout her career.