Welcome to Riverview, one of the largest high schools in Cape Breton. We are located in Coxheath, just outside of Sydney in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. We are a part of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. If you're not familiar with our school, you can check out our location on a map.

Riverview Rural High School is attended by approximately 900 students in grades 10 -12. Offering French Immersion Certificate, Advance Certificate Program, university preparatory, honours level courses, business and high school graduation courses, there is something available for everyone.   In an effort to provide more information to parents, our school communication plan is available for your viewing.

Take a look at our course offerings in our course of studies booklet 11/12.  Through our academic and activity programs, we try to meet the needs of our students, so that each can reach his/her potential, awaken new interests and enjoy a full life of learning, working, and playing.

Payments for certain school related activities will soon be available online. Go to https://cbv.schoolcashonline.com/ for more information. School Cash Online

Daily announcements can be viewed here.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the Riverview High School Scholarship Fund can find out more info here.

Notice to Parents:  The CBVRSB is offering a new Automated Communication System for parents using the Powerschool Student/Parent Portal to facilitate this new system.  Parents should verify their demographic information is accurate.  Information sheets will be available at Riverview Parent Teacher session for Parents to verify correct phone/cell numbers and email address.  This new Auto Dialer system can leave SMS text messages, emails or voice messages depending on Parent preference.  You can also phone the school to update your information if you are unable to attend parent teacher.

Information on the Focus on Information Technology program is available here.

Students are encouraged to use the school buses for transportation to and from the school each day.   This is due to the closure of the Sydney River bridge and the increased traffic that will result in the area of the school.

Please check the Guidance page for upcoming university events.

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board continues to meet its community consultation commitments as it gathers input needed to better decide on the future of facilities within its jurisdiction.  Read the Looking Inward document for full details.

Details on the County Rink parking lot cleanup are available here. Students should not be on the Coxheath Fire Hall property. Click here for full message.

Click here to view announcements from Guidance.  Applications for the O2 Program are available here

Power Teacher is available here. Attendance information is available in the Student-Parent Portal. If you need a username & password, please contact Riverview @ 564-5411.

For transcript information click here.

Please support Riverview by participating in Boston Pizza's Operation Education. Click here for details.