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The CBVRCE has asked us to inform our school community members that the trestle is private property and to warn our school community members that painting the trestle is vandalism and they may be charged with mischief. There could be civil liabilities for those who facilitate the activity in any way such as by purchasing paint or driving them to the activity.  Most importantly,  please remind them of the danger they are putting themselves and others in by engaging in this activity.


Student Fee and Lockers - Online Only


Student fee and locker fee can be paid through school cash online - cbv.schoolcashonline.com Please bring your paid receipt to your homeroom teacher to obtain a locker. No cash accepted in September. Thank you for your cooperation!


New Provincial Student Attendance Policy

The provincial government has introduced a new Student Attendance and Engagement policy which will come into effect on October 1, 2017.  Please see the memo from our Superintendent for more information on the policy.  You can view the full policy here.


Exam Exemptions
Students have a chance to be exempt from one exam per semester if they meet certain criteria. Please review the Exam Exemption for full details.


Please support Riverview by participating in Boston Pizza's Operation Education.


News Archive - 2017-2018

Skilled Trades

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has announced that Riverview will open a Skilled Trade Program in September of 2019.  This commitment of a new skilled trades center will provide students two options:  1. Construction trades or 2. Transportation trades.  Students need to be aware that you can't participate in these new programs without first taking Skill Trades 10, which the school currently offers.  Students in Grades 10,11, or 12 may select this course for the 2018-2019 school year.


 Final Report on Inclusive Education 

The Commission on Inclusive Education has released its final report. It is available through their website or view it here.


Letter from Superintendent to Parents

Parents Should read the following letter from the Superintendent regarding the dissolution of the elected school boards.


Correspondence from Superintendent to Parents/Guardians

Please read the following memo  from the Superintendent regarding legislative changes to administration and governance of the education system in the Education Reform Act.


The 2016-2017 Yearbooks have arrived.  

They can be picked up in B23 (Art Room)


Relationships - Resiliency

A recommendation from Dr. Stan Kutcher in Late Spring 2017 led to a committee consisting of parents, the Nova Scotia  Health Authority, Cape Breton Victoria Regional School board, Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia and the Cape Breton Regional Police Service. The committee will create a series of information sheets called “Relationships - What Really Matters”. The sheets will be distributed by partners to parents and other community members. This information sheet talks about resiliency  


 Bullying - What you need to know

If you have concerns that your child may be experiencing bullying or may be bullying others, please see the memo on what you need to know.   


 Lyme Disease Awareness  

Please read the following information from the Nova Scotia Health Authority on Lyme Disease Awareness


School Fees
Notice to parents: you can now pay for school fees and activities online. Go to  https://cbv.schoolcashonline.com/ to register.  


School Notifications
Notice to Parents: The CBVRSB is offering a new Automated Communication System for parents using the Powerschool Student/Parent Portal to facilitate this new system. Parents should verify their demographic information is accurate. Information sheets will be available at Riverview Parent Teacher session for Parents to verify correct phone/cell numbers and email address. This new Auto Dialer system can leave SMS text messages, emails or voice messages depending on Parent preference. You can also phone the school to update your information if you are unable to attend parent teacher.

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Daily Announcements


Monday, September 24, 2018

Day E


Happy Birthday to Andrew McCarron, Adam MacNeil, James Whalen.

Food Drive

There will be a food drive all this week.  Canned goods and other non-perishable food items may be brought in to your homeroom class for the less fortunate.  The class that succeeds in donating the most wins a pizza party.  Those of you who do not have a homeroom class can still bring items to the office to contribute to a good cause.

Scent Sensitive Zone

Students are reminded that we are in a scent sensitive zone.  Please refrain from using or wearing scents while in the building.

Aboriginal Trades Fair

Any First Nations student in Grades 9-12 interested in attending the Aboriginal Trades Fair  apply through www.kinu.ca  Expenses will be covered excluding transportation.  Deadline Oct. 5th.  Check with the main office for more information.

Picture Orders

Last call for picture orders

Key Leadership Camp

If there are any students interested in the Key Leader Camp in Scotia Glen please see Mr. Murchison in guidance for an application.  The camp this year is from October 12th – 14th.  All expenses and transportation are covered for successful applicants.  This is for ages 14-18.

Debate Club

There will be a meeting today at lunchtime in Room C20 for anyone interested in joining the debate club.

Cross Country Runners

There will be a brief meeting at lunch in Room D33 to get forms for this week’s race.


Cast list in up on the bulletin board outside the main office.  There will be a meeting in the Music Room for the full cast tomorrow at lunch.

Lunchtime Coffeehouse

There will be a lunchtime coffeehouse in the music room on Thursday, September 27th.  There is a signup sheet for performers in the office.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Admission is by donation.

Redman Hockey

Students interested in trying out for the Riverview Boys Hockey Team should sign the sheet in the main office by the end of the day today.  Please do not come during class time.  The list will be there at break and during lunch hour.

Night of the Living Dead

The Boardmore Theatre is looking for people of all ages to play zombies and zombie hunters in the background of their upcoming production of Night of the Living Dead, October 23rd – 28th.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please see Kevin Munroe or contact James Thompson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25th. 

Orange Shirt Day

RHS will be observing Orange Shirt Day this Friday, September 28th to promote awareness about the Residential School System and its impact on Indigenous communities for more than a century in Canada.  We hope to see you in orange.

Mi’kmaq Heritage Month

There will be a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25th at lunch in Room D20 for anyone who is interested in organizing an event for Mi’kmaq Heritage Month.







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